Snake Method on a Weber Kettle Charcoal Grill

The road to becoming the local grill jockey God always starts with cooking in direct heat and cremating everything you attempt to cook. For those of you with a working brain cell or two it doesn’t take long for you to work out that you need to move the coals about to create two different […]

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Best Dutch Ovens for Outdoor Cooking

Dutch ovens, although having been around for nigh on centuries, are being seen by many as the future of outdoor cooking. It may seem strange to read that as cooking with Dutch ovens is hardly a new sight to behold across camp sites nationwide, but as our understanding of this multifunctional piece of equipment grows, […]

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Best Solar Lights for all your Outdoor Lighting needs

Outdoor lighting products are an essential tool for any shindig you are going to be hosting and the sheer variety of options available can be a little overwhelming at times. Solar lights have previously had somewhat of a bad rap when it comes to choosing your back yard illuminations, but in recent years they have […]

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