Best BBQ Rubs and Seasoning. Store-Bought and Homemade

There are several BBQ related questions asked in forums and social media groups that are bound to have people enthusiastically posting their popcorn eating memes. What is the best BBQ rubs is one such question, which will ultimately have people argue with each other until they are blue in the face. A common bone of […]

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Best Meat Tenderizer Tools

Biting into a perfectly tender piece of meat has to be one of life’s most satisfying sensations. Being such a huge advocate of carnivorism, I find it to be verging on criminal when I’m presented with a gorgeous looking piece of meat that, for all intents and purposes, has been wasted due to it being tough to eat. […]

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Best BBQ Knives

Be forewarned, the best BBQ knives come with big price tags. But a knife being expensive is no guarantee of quality. There are many “scam” knife sellers, especially for a style described as Damascus steel knives. So doing some research, such as reading this BBQ knife guide, is paramount if you don’t want to fall […]

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Grill a Whole Chicken on a Charcoal BBQ

Grilling a whole chicken or two for an outdoor party is one of the easiest ways to impress your family and friends with your cooking skills. Yes, going the route of grilling a whole chicken is more effort than the standard chicken legs that are served up at most BBQ parties but the final results […]

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