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Brian Hamilton is a BBQ grilling enthusiast and has the expertise and knowledge to have created Brian specializes in all methods of grilling and bbq equipment and is a self-proclaimed backyard Pitmaster.

Qualified at degree level he gained a BEng Degree in Engineering in the United Kingdom. Brian is a well-traveled and cultured individual and has lived and worked in several countries in Europe and has gained quite a reputation amongst peers for his skills and commitment on the grilling circuit.

Brian’s culinary experiences are reflected in his style of cooking, noticeably his non-conventional grilling methods. His East meets west infusion of flavors and select dishes from around the world are sampled in this website for your perusal.

Brian Grilling Burgers
Brian Hamilton grilling burgers on a Weber Summit gas grill

When Brian is not stood over the hot coals and smoking meats his thirst for a cocktail and outdoor lifestyle shines through in his leisurely activities such as camping and potluck picnics. Brian has a passion for outdoor living and alfresco dining shared with family and friends.