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Welcome to Go Shindig! Your one-stop shop for all your bbq grilling equipment and outdoor picnic supplies. Our primary focus is to engage with you and share our expertise & knowledge. Our regular articles will support you in a successful outdoor shindig with your family and friends. Be it the classic alfresco summer picnic, grilling meats over hot coals or a simple trendy cocktail hit us up and we will gladly answer your questions. Send us an email with your own ideas – we love hearing from our readers.

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  • Does Charcoal Go Bad

Does Charcoal Go Bad? And What If It Gets Wet?

If you love grilling as much as we do, you probably look forward to that first cookout of the season. Uncovering the grill and checking your tools, you find the trusty bag of charcoal. But [...]

  • Butcher Paper vs Foil vs Parchment Paper

Butcher Paper vs Foil vs Parchment Paper

There are a lot of BBQ tools and accessories you can buy to make your grilling and meat smoking easier. But the most versatile and cost-effective tools may already be sitting in your kitchen cabinet. [...]

  • The Brisket Stall

Brisket Stall. When to Wrap Brisket & Cooking Time

Nothing says BBQ like a pile of thinly sliced or chopped beef brisket that’s been slowly cooked for hours on your backyard smoker. I’d say that most novice pitmasters dream of smoked brisket as they [...]

  • Best Electric Smoker

Best Electric Smoker 2019 [Buyers Guide & Reviews]

Looking for one of the fastest and easiest ways to bring out the delicious flavor of smoked food? Designed with your convenience in mind, electric smokers are quick and efficient. Cooking with an electric smoker is [...]

  • Best Grill Brands

Best Grill Brands – Buying the Right BBQ

I like to brag that I have the best job in the world. It is great fun to write about outdoor cooking and entertaining, and to answer questions from novice pitmasters. One question I’m frequently [...]

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