Barbecue may not be the road to world peace, but it’s a start.

Anthony Bourdain

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We love BBQ! Maybe we’re a touch too serious about our barbecue. For your convenience, we spend time researching and experimenting with BBQ gear, recipes, and techniques for outdoor cooking, grilling, and smoking. 

We’ve been recognized as one of the top websites for smoking meat. It doesn’t matter if you cook in your backyard, a campsite, a picnic area, or down the beach, if you share our enthusiasm for BBQ nerd culture you’re in the right place.

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We provide you with a wide selection of product recommendations, including smokers, grills, thermometers, knives, and thorough guides on making the best barbecue, including anything from ribs to brisket.

Get the latest advice on how to wow others with your skills at the grill or smoker. Everything from perfect searing to airflow control has been covered.

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Picnic parties and cocktails go great with barbecues, so we’ve also covered these subjects to enhance your skill set.

BBQ Gear Reviews

Grill Press

A good grill press is the key to delicious steak at a summer barbeque.

Griddle Accessories

Best flat-top grill accessories you must have for your outdoor griddle setup.

Meat Cleaver

Use these knives to cut through hefty meat and bone with power and precision

BBQ Table

Make grilling and smoking a breeze with the best outdoor BBQ tables & prep stations.

BBQ Knives

The best grilling knives every BBQ chef should own. All pitmasters and BBQ lovers ought to own these

Camping Grill

Cooking in nature is easy with the help of these amazing camping grills.

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