How to Make a Vegas Bomb – Recipe, Variations and Tips

Vegas Bomb

If you want to get a party started then order a round of Vegas Bombs. It’s only a shot of alcohol, but as the bomb in the name suggest, it packs an almighty kick. Unlike many bomb shots where people knock them back as quickly as they can, due to them tasting disgusting, the Vegas Bomb comes with a deserve reputation of being a pleasant tasting drink. But don’t let the flavor deceive you, it’s rocket fuel, and have you dancing in no time.

How to make a Vegas Bomb Shot

Vegas Bomb Recipe

  • 15ml Crown Royal
  • 15ml Malibu
  • 10ml Peach Schnapps
  • Cranberry
  • Red Bull

Vegas Ingredients

Vegas Bomb Cocktail Equipment

  • Shot Glass
  • Standard Glass

Making a Vegas Bomb instructions

1. Pour equal parts of Crown Royal and Malibu into a shot glass
2. Fill the shot glass almost to the top with with Peach Schnapps
3. With the tiny space available add tiny amount of cranberry juice
4. Half fill your standard glass with red bull
5. Drop the shot glass in the red bull and drink in one

Vegas Bomb History

The problem with the history of drinks and especially drinks like the Vegas Bomb is that nobody is sober enough to remember things. The best guess is that the drink started in the Vegas party scene.

Numerous bomb shots sprung up about 10 years ago, and many are specific to a certain area and created by a group of friends – Normally college students. With the limited knowledge available on the Vegas Bomb this would be the best guess. If you have any more information then feel free to add it to our comments section, it’d be good to refine the history of the Vegas Bomb

Vegas Bomb Mocktail Recipe

Having an alcohol free Vegas Bomb kind of defeats the point of it. The whole point of making Vegas Bombs is to get drunk and to get drunk fast. But if you just want to join in the ritual of doing bomb shots then you can always have peach juice and a splash of cranberry in your shot glass.

Vegas Bomb Variations and Tips

There is three main variations of the Vegas Bomb, with each getting a little easier (maybe lazier) to make. The main one and hardest to make is the one outlined in this article. The next version simple removes the cranberry juice. And the easiest version is to remove the Malibu, leaving you with just Crown Royal and Schnapps.

Other variations are to use a different Canadian whisky to Crown Royal, or any other whisky for that matter.

And another popular choice is to change the peach schnapps to either one a schnapps you have available or one you prefer the taste of.

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