How to Make a Mermaid Water Cocktail Drink – Recipe, Mocktail and Variations

Last Updated May 4, 2021
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The Mermaid Water cocktail is a beautiful fruit flavored drink with two types of rum. It’s a drink that defiantly packs a powerful punch, but the lovely green color and the tropical fruity flavor will lead your taste buds to thinking Mermaid Water was just a juice and not a strong alcoholic cocktail.

Mermaid Water Cocktail

How to make a Mermaid Water Cocktail

Mermaid Water Recipe

  • 50ml Spiced Rum
  • 25ml Coconut Rum
  • 10mk Blue Curacao
  • Pineapple Juice
  • Half a Lime
  • Fruit Garnish

Mermaid Water Ingredients

Mermaid Water Cocktail Equipment

Making Mermaid Water instructions

1. Add ice to your glass
2. Pour in both your rums, using the jigger to measure
3. Add some pineapple juice until the glass is almost full
4. Now to get the green look this drink is famous for. Add a little bit of Blue Curacao. Whenever Blue Curacao is mixed with pineapple juice it turns a nice green color
5. Give the drink a little stir

Mermaid Water Mocktail Recipe

As with most non-alcoholic cocktails your best friend is Monin syrups. Their most popular syrup is the Blue Curacao syrup, often cheekily used in bars instead of Blue Curacao Liqueur – So if making a Mermaid Water mocktail you can do the same. Monin also do many other flavors, and a coconut syrup is a great one to replace the coconut rum with.

Now for the spiced rum. This isn’t easy to replace with normal ingredients around your home bar, but a company called Arkay Beverages make many great alcohol-free drinks, and a spiced rum is one such drink.

Mermaid Water Variations and Tips

As all Curacao tastes the same you can use any color to create a different looking drink but with the same great taste.

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How to Make a Mermaid Water Cocktail Drink – Recipe, Mocktail and Variations

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