10 Best Cast Iron Griddles for your BBQ Grill

Last Updated May 29, 2023
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Cast iron griddles can transform your grill from a succulent red meat maker into a highly versatile alternative to your kitchen. Choose the best cast iron griddle and delight your friends and family with breakfast al fresco, toasted sandwiches, fajitas, and deliciously seared tuna. From eggs to shrimp, if you want to cook a greater variety of food outdoors, a cast iron griddle is a must. Here’s how to find the best model.

What is a Cast Iron Griddle Used For?

Cast iron griddles are best used for any item that you would struggle to cook on a regular grill. Omelets, pancakes, toasted sandwiches, the possibilities are vast and once you pick up a griddle for your grill you may find you barely use your kitchen all summer long.

From breakfasts to fajitas, plus delicate items such as shrimp and white fish, a griddle is a must-have grill accessory to allow you to cook any food item on your BBQ that you would typically reach out for a pan to cook it in.

Best Cast Iron Griddle

If you are looking for the best cast iron griddle for your grill but aren’t sure where to start looking, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the top 10 best cast iron griddles on the market. Read on and find your ideal model right here.

Best Professional-Size Cast Iron Griddle

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Griddle With Handles

Lodge Cast Iron Griddle With Handles
The Lodge cast iron griddle product picture

This Logic Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Griddle by cast iron specialists Lodge is a popular choice for feeding a crowd thanks to its generous 20-inch by 10.5-inch dimensions.

Large enough to fit over two burners on your gas grill or any large grill or cooking surface, this unit is ready to cook straight out of the box thanks to Lodge’s pre-treated vegetable oil seasoning formula.

Reversible, use the griddle side for sandwiches, eggs, and pancakes, or flip it over to the ridged grill side for searing hamburgers, steaks, or sausages. There is even a handy slightly sloping grease gutter to drain excess fat away. Use the two large in-built loop handles to carry, turn, or hang this family-sized griddle for easy transport and storage.

Given its size and high-quality construction, as you’d expect, this is a heavy griddle weighing 13.5lbs. Made in the USA and complete with Lodge’s lifetime warranty, this is a highly durable griddle that has been manufactured to last. If you are looking for a cast iron griddle capable of feeding a crowd, this classic Lodge reversible griddle is definitely well worth the cash.

Pros – Things we liked
Reversible grill & griddle
20 by 10-1/2 inches
Slightly sloping with grease gutter
Two in-built loop handles
Lodge’s lifetime warranty
Cons – Things we didn’t like
Very heavy
Best Versatile Cast Iron Griddle

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Griddle

Lodge Cast Iron Reversible Griddle
The Lodge Reversible cast iron griddle product picture

Another excellent reversible grill and griddle from Lodge, the Double Play model is smaller than the Logic Series model, measuring 16.75 inches by 9.5 inches. This makes it lighter to carry, weighing 9.35 pounds, and a more compact size for smaller grills. Thanks to its 141.25 square inch cooking area the griddle side can accommodate up to eight eggs, ideal for family breakfasts at home or at the campsite.

Use it over any grill or at home in winter on your stove top or even in the oven, this highly versatile reversible griddle and grill makes an excellent choice for cooking all types of food, from steaks to pancakes. Just be aware that it is not really suitable for cooking large amounts of bacon as the outer lip on the griddle side is quite low. Also, while the cut out corners are good for hanging, they are not large enough to allow you to easily carry or flip it.

Seasoned with 100% vegetable oil and ready to use out of the box, if you are looking for a heavy-duty, American-made cast iron griddle, this is a great model at a good price. Highly durable and designed to last a lifetime, if you’re short on space, this 2-in-1 reversible griddle is great for searing and sautéeing, as well as baking and grilling.

Pros – Things we liked
Reversible griddle & grill
16.75 by 9.5 inches
Made in the USA
Cons – Things we didn’t like
No grease gutter
No handles
Best Cast Iron Griddle for Weber Summit Grills

Weber 7404 Cast Iron Griddle

Weber Cast Iron Griddle
The Weber 7404 cast iron griddle product picture

If you have a compatible Weber Summit Grill, the two sided Weber 7404 Cast Iron Griddle is a really useful addition.

Measuring 19.2 inches by 11.3 inches, you can replace any of your grill grates with it to serve up a wider variety of dishes. Use the flat side for fragile items like shrimp, as well as sandwiches and breakfast items. The textured side is a great choice for paninis, vegetables, and fish.

Thanks to this model’s porcelain-enamel finish, it requires no seasoning. It is also easy to clean with soapy water and is non-stick. The side grease drain prevents flare ups, although the design could be improved by having a slight gradient to stop grease from pooling so it flows towards the drain.

Before you order make sure that you double check compatibility with your Weber grill. If you have the right sized grill, the 7404 with its textured and smooth sides is a definite must-have allowing you to use your grill for even more recipes and eliminating the need for you to stretch yourself between your grill and your kitchen.

Pros – Things we liked
Fits most Weber Summit gas grills
Two sides – smooth and textured
19.2 x 11.3 inches
Porcelain-enameled finish
Side grease drain
Cons – Things we didn’t like
No slant to aid drainage
Best Cast Iron Griddle for Weber Gourmet BBQ System Grate

Weber Gourmet BBQ System Griddle

Weber Gourmet BBQ System Griddle
The Weber Gourmet cast iron griddle product picture

This circular Weber griddle can be used with any grill but it has been specifically designed for a perfect fit with the Gourmet BBQ System Hinged Cooking Grate, so if you are using this system, it makes sense to opt for this particular model. With its 12-inch diameter cooking surface, you can use it to sear and sauté, as well as cooking breakfast outdoors or preparing fajitas.

Thanks to its dual loop handles and fairly low weight of 7.5 pounds, this circular griddle is easy to carry out. Plus you can also hang it up for space-saving storage. While this Weber griddle has a non-stick porcelain enamel finish, unfortunately, it can still be a little difficult to get clean so you may want to consider seasoning it regardless.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced circular cast iron griddle with handles that can be used on any grill, this model is a good buy giving you a great sear and excellent heat retention. While there are cheaper versions on the market if you are looking for a compact branded griddle, this is the one to go for.

Pros – Things we liked
12-inch diameter cooking surface
Porcelain enamel finish
Can be used with any grill
Dual loop handles
Cons – Things we didn’t like
A little difficult to clean
Best Cast Iron Griddle for Camp Chef Systems

Camp Chef Reversible Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Griddle

Camp Chef Reversible Cast Iron Griddle
The Camp Chef cast iron griddle product picture

Designed to complement all Camp Chef 14 and 16 inch systems, this reversible griddle and grill by Camp Chef measures a good 14 by 16 inches for a total cooking area of 224 square inches. Use the griddle side for making breakfast on your grill, then switch to the grill side for BBQ style searing over the iron ridges.

Thanks to its True Seasoned Finish, your food won’t stick and this cast iron Camp Chef griddle is ready to use straight from the box. Given its size, it is rather heavy, weighing 12.5 pounds, however, the molded-on handles make it easy to grip when you’re carrying it or switching sides.

Aside from its weight, the main drawback to this model is that it does not have a drain hole. So, when the grease channel gets full you risk it overflowing onto your grill creating flare ups. However, if you’re not going to be griddling a lot of ingredients with a high fat content, this reversible griddle could work for you.

Pros – Things we liked
Reversible grill & griddle
14 by 16 inches cooking surface
Molded-on handles
Fits all Camp Chef 14” & 16” systems
Cons – Things we didn’t like
No drain hole
Best Cast Iron Griddle for Kamado Joes

Kamado Joe Half Moon Cast Iron Reversible Griddle

Kamado Joe Half Moon Cast Iron Reversible Griddle
The Kamado Joe cast iron griddle product picture

Available for both Classic and Big Joe models, the Kamado Joe Half Moon Cast Iron Reversible Griddle is a must-have accessory for any Kamado Joe owner.

Designed as part of the highly popular Divide & Conquer Flexible Cooking System, this double-sided griddle will allow you to make smash burgers on your Kamado Joe, as well as searing steaks and making breakfast.

Whether you’re using the smooth or ribbed surface, unfortunately, the central edge does not have a lip, so you may want to reposition your grill to ensure that you don’t lose any juices off that side if it’s not perfectly level. Also, you will want to season this griddle before you use it to make sure that it stays in prime condition and free from rust.

Providing excellent heat retention, this heavy-duty griddle by Kamado Joe makes a great add-on to the Divide & Conquer System, vastly extending your kettle grill’s capabilities.

Pros – Things we liked
Compatible with Kamado Joe Classic I, II, & III
Double-sided griddle
Use with the Divide & Conquer System
Excellent heat retention
Cons – Things we didn’t like
Central edge does not have a lip
Needs seasoning
Best Budget Reversible Griddle

AmazonBasics Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Griddle

Amazon Basics Cast Iron Reversible Griddle
The AmazonBasics cast iron griddle product picture

Buy from Amazon

If you’re looking for a cast iron griddle but don’t want to spend a lot, this reversible model by AmazonBasics makes a great money saving option. With one ribbed and one smooth side, this budget-priced griddle is a great addition to any grill. You can also use it in your kitchen over the winter months, at maximum oven temperature of 500 degrees F.

While this griddle comes pre-seasoned, bear in mind that it does have quite a rough finish, so you may want to spend some time adding extra layers of seasoning to get it smoother. Also, while its a nice handy size at 20 by 10.39 inches, this particular model weighs just under 11.5lbs, making it quite a bit heavier than other similar sized cast iron griddles.

Thanks to its large loop handles, this griddle is easy to hang up to store and transport, despite its weight. It also has a large grease channel located around the entire edge of the smooth griddle side to allow you to crisp up your bacon or to get a good even sear on your steaks.

Pros – Things we liked
Reversible grill & griddle
Two loop handles
Oven safe to 500 degrees F
20 by 10.39 inches
Cons – Things we didn’t like
Rough finish
Best Dishwasher-Safe Cast Iron Griddle

NutriChef Cast Iron Reversible Grill Plate

NutriChef Cast Iron Reversible Grill Plate
The NutriChef cast iron griddle product picture

Unlike standard cast iron griddles which are not dishwasher-safe or even suitable for submerging in water, the NutriChef Cast Iron Reversible Grill Plate has a special non-stick coating and is manufacturer-approved as dishwasher-safe. However, despite this special coating, there is some contradictory advice stating that you will need to season it several times before use.

The other main drawback to this model is that there is no grease catcher or drain, so you’ll struggle to cook some fatty ingredients at a high heat without them stewing in their own fat rather than crisping up. However, this reversible griddle is fairly inexpensive compared to the traditional big brand names. It has a smooth and a ribbed side, plus built-in handles making it easy to switch over and grip when carrying.

Well packaged, this griddle comes with a pair of silicone mitts to make removing it from your grill much easier when it’s not completely cooled down. Measuring 18 by 10 inches, you can get a lot cooked on this griddle, just be sure to pay close attention to the manufacturer’s care instructions to prevent corrosion and sticking.

Pros – Things we liked
18 by 10 inches
Reversible grill & griddle
Built-in handles
Includes silicone mitts
Cons – Things we didn’t like
No grease drain
Needs extra seasoning before use
Best Alternative to a Cast Iron Griddle

Camp Chef Professional Fry Griddle

Camp Chef Professional Fry Griddle
The Camp Chef Professional cast iron griddle product picture

If you have a crowd to feed and are looking for a good alternative to a cast iron griddle, this heavy-duty professional steel griddle by Camp Chef makes an excellent choice. Thanks to its built-in heat diffuser plates and steel construction you get a much more even heat distribution than cast iron versions.

With its generous cooking dimensions of 14 by 32 inches for a total cooking area of 448 square inches, this griddle can feed the entire family. Ready to cook on straight out of the box thanks to Camp Chef’s True Seasoned Finish, this model is designed to fit most Camp Chef 14-inch Cooking Systems.

Given its large dimensions, it’s not surprising that this is one of the heavier griddles on the market weighing 38lbs. It has a carry handle to make it easier to transport and set up on your grill, plus a really useful built-in grease diffuser drain and high sides to prevent splattering.

A great alternative to cast iron, if you are looking for a large griddle for use with your 14-inch Camp Chef Cook Station, this steel model is a professional-quality extra-large griddle that will allow you to feed a crowd with exceptional results on your grill.

Pros – Things we liked
Heavy-duty steel construction
Cooking dimensions: 14 by 32 inches
Heat diffuser plates
Built-in grease diffuser drain
High sides and convenient carry handle
Cons – Things we didn’t like
Very heavy – 38 lbs
Best Medium-Sized Cast Iron Griddle

Legend Cast Iron Griddle for Gas Grills

Legend Cast Iron Griddle for Gas Grills
The Legend cast iron griddle product picture

Measuring a good 20 by 10 inches, this reversible cast iron griddle and grill is suitable for use with most grills, or you could even use it on your stovetop during winter months.

Switch between the ribbed and smooth sides depending on what you are cooking, foods with high fat contents will benefit from being seared on the smooth side as it has a grease channel around the entire edge.

As this mode is fairly heavy, the easy grip handles are very useful for setting it up on your BBQ and transporting it. While this griddle is sold as “lightly pre-seasoned”, it does need extensive extra seasoning with three to five extra layers recommended by the manufacturer before use. So, it definitely isn’t suitable for cooking with straight out of the box.

Given its rough finish, you will want to make sure that you do add on all of those extra layers of seasoning, or else you’ll risk all of your food sticking to the surface. If you have time to build up several layers of seasoning before use, this cast iron griddle could work for you. Otherwise, opt for one of our other cast iron griddle recommendations.

Pros – Things we liked
20 by 10 inch griddle
Reversible with smooth and ribbed sides
Easy grip handles
Grease channel on smooth side
Cons – Things we didn’t like
Needs fully seasoning before use
Rough finish

Why Trust Us

All of our reviews are compiled with a combination of expert input, years of hands-on testing of grilling products, curating the reviews of real-life buyers in a “wisdom of the crowd” system, and of course our own expertise. All the products listed are the ones we would buy if we were looking to purchase a new cast iron griddle.

Methodology Used to Pick the Best Cast Iron Griddle

When picking the best cast-iron griddle we looked at and then rated each griddle on the following criteria. Price, total size and weight, handles, is it pre-seasoned, can you reverse it, and thickness.

Buyer’s Guide to Buying the Best Cast Iron Griddle

Not quite sure which cast iron griddle is the best model for your grill? Our buyer’s guide covers all of the essential features to help you choose the very best cast iron griddle.


Given their high durability and long lifespan, cast iron griddles are generally good value for money purchases.

Cast iron does require more maintenance than most other cookware types and when looked after properly it can last a lifetime. For these reasons alone, we would recommend spending more than the bare minimum on your cast iron griddle. If you’re going to be using it for many years to come, better to spend the extra $10 or $20 and get the one you really wanted, no?

At the lower end of the price range, you can pick up a reasonable cast iron griddle from $30. If you are looking for a large USA-made cast iron griddle, expect to pay $50 and over. For a special griddle that is designed to be compatible with a specific model of grill or proprietary cooking system, expect to pay in excess of $80.

Considering the years of use that you’ll get out of your cast iron griddle, it makes sense to pick up a decent model rather than simply going for the least expensive option. What’s more, some of the cheaper versions have substandard finishes and require a lot of time to get a good non-stick level of seasoning.

Buy from a reputable brand and pay a little more for a cast iron griddle that you can use straight out of the box.

Size & Weight – Does it fit in your Grill

If you are purchasing a cast iron griddle that is compatible with your grill, make sure that you double-check that it is the right model. If you have any doubts, reach out and contact the manufacturer to check compatibility, as there may be a better model specifically designed for your grill.

Otherwise, if you are not purchasing a specific girdle that has been created for your grill, make sure that you check your grill’s measurements and maximum load. Compare these figures with your cast iron griddle dimensions and weight to see if you will get a good fit.

There are plenty of variations in size and weight. Once you have ascertained which griddles will fit with your grill, you should consider how much cooking space you are likely to need.

For couples wanting to make the occasional breakfast on their grill or fajitas, you may find a smaller, more portable griddle to be more useful than a large family-sized model.


Handles are often an overlooked feature, however, they can make your griddle much easier to carry out to your grill. If you are looking to purchase a reversible cast iron griddle, handles will make it much easier for you to switch sides. Lastly, handles can also be useful to hang up your griddle for space-saving storage. As griddles are generally long and thin with a hard, slick coating, they are much easier to move around when they have dedicated carry handles.


Pre-seasoned cast iron griddles should be ready to use out of the box. However, this doesn’t mean that you will not have to, or want to, add extra layers of protective seasoning to your new griddle.

In fact, most cast iron griddles improve with use, so opt for a reputable brand and you may be able to skip the initial seasoning step altogether which can easily take several hours. However, re-seasoning from time to time is still an inevitable part of owning cast iron cookware


Reversible griddles have a grill side with raised bars and a smooth griddle side. Some people find them extremely useful, flipping from making breakfast on the smooth side to grilling dinner on the textured side.

Others find them less useful and tend to stick to one side, however, a reversible model can give you a lot more options. While you may spend all summer long grilling, come winter you may be glad of a reversible griddle and grill that you can use in your kitchen for grilling on your stovetop.

Enameled Or Uncoated

Enamel-coated cast iron grills are completely non-stick and very easy to clean. The enamel finish also protects the iron from rusting. On the downside, they are more expensive and the enamel can chip, allowing moisture to penetrate and corrode the unprotected cast iron.

Uncoated cast iron griddles are by far the most common. Once your uncoated griddle is protected with several layers of polymerized oil, your griddle will be smooth, non-stick, and protected from corrosion. If you have the time and inclination to season your cast iron griddle correctly, then you won’t really need a porcelain-coated model.


Thicker griddles are heavier and retain heat for longer. Some models have grease channels or in-built drainage systems, which are facilitated by extra height. Otherwise, some lower profile models without grease drainage holes can struggle to contain bacon grease even with just a handful of slices cooking.

How to Maintain your Cast Iron Griddle

A good cast iron griddle can last a lifetime with a bit of care. Here’s how to maintain your cast iron griddle to keep it in prime condition.


Once your cast iron griddle has cooled down enough to safely handle, rinse it clean with hot water. Note, you should never expose a hot cast iron griddle to cold water – doing so could cause it to crack due to the thermal shock.

If your griddle needs more of a thorough clean, you can use a small amount of mild dish soap and a brush to scrub away any stuck on food. Make sure that you do not soak your griddle, you want to give it a quick clean over, rinsing it and drying it immediately afterward. Do not leave your griddle sitting out wet.

Presuming your cast iron griddle is thoroughly seasoned, you can dry it with a cloth, or else, if you are going to be fully seasoning it or adding an extra layer of seasoning, we recommend drying it in your oven or on your stovetop over a low heat.


For seasoning in between uses with an already adequately seasoned cast iron griddle, simply wipe a small amount of flaxseed, grapeseed, or olive oil over your clean griddle and store it in a moisture-free area.

If your cast iron griddle needs fully seasoning, you’ll want to very lightly cover the entire surface on both sides in a fine layer of oil. Make sure that you choose an oil that’s high in unsaturated fats such as grapeseed oil or flaxseed. If you don’t have a particular oil recommended for seasoning cast iron at home, you can make do with olive or corn oil.

Place your lightly oiled griddle inside your oven and heat to above your oil’s smoke point. You should be safe around the 450 degrees F mark, although some oils have exceptionally high smoking points.

Leave your pan inside your hot oven for around 30 minutes. The oil should have polymerized, forming a hard, slick layer that is firmly bonded to the surface of your griddle, protecting it from corrosion.

Several layers will need to be built up to get a good non-stick cast iron griddle, so repeat the last step another three to five times.


When you’re putting away your cast iron griddle in between uses, give it a quick wipe over with some oil to protect it after cleaning. Place several paper towels around your griddle to protect it from excess moisture and any scratches from other cookware items. Make sure it is stored in a moisture-free environment.


You should regularly check your cast iron griddle’s seasoning and add an extra layer from time to time. Generally, with average use, you will build up further protective layers that will improve your griddle’s longevity and non-stick surface.

If you notice any damage to your seasoning, you may wish to polymerize another layer of seasoning. This is especially true after extensive cooking with very acidic ingredients such as tomatoes that can damage your seasoning over time.

After use, make sure that you oil your cast iron griddle to keep it in good shape while it’s not in use, especially after washing.

Top Cast Iron Griddles Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

As you explore the world of outdoor cooking and barbecuing, you’ll undoubtedly come across the versatile and reliable cast iron griddle. These cooking surfaces are designed to enhance your BBQ experience and provide a wide range of culinary possibilities. However, like any cooking tool, they may come with questions and uncertainties. In this FAQ section, we address some of the most commonly asked questions about cast iron griddles, covering everything from their benefits and usage to maintenance and cleaning tips. So, let’s dive in and get all the answers you need to make the most of your cast iron griddle on your BBQ adventures!

What is a cast iron griddle?

A cast iron griddle is a flat cooking surface made of cast iron that is specifically designed for grilling or cooking food. It typically has a smooth, non-stick surface and can be used on various heat sources, including BBQ grills, stovetops, and even campfires.

Why should I choose a cast iron griddle for BBQ cooking?

Cast iron griddles are highly regarded for their excellent heat retention and distribution properties. They provide even heat across the entire cooking surface, allowing for consistent cooking results. Additionally, cast iron griddles develop a natural non-stick surface over time when properly seasoned, making them ideal for cooking delicate foods like fish and vegetables.

Can I use a cast iron griddle on my BBQ grill?

Absolutely! Cast iron griddles are perfect for use on BBQ grills. They can be placed directly on the grill grates and are ideal for cooking breakfast items like pancakes, eggs, bacon, or even searing meats and vegetables. Just make sure your grill is large enough to accommodate the size of the griddle.

How do I season a cast iron griddle?

Seasoning is essential for cast iron maintenance. To season your cast iron griddle, start by thoroughly cleaning it with hot water and a brush, ensuring to remove any food particles. Next, dry the griddle completely and apply a thin layer of cooking oil or solid shortening to the surface. Place the griddle in an oven preheated to around 350°F (175°C) for about an hour, allowing the oil to bake into the metal. Repeat this process a few times to create a non-stick surface and enhance the griddle’s durability.

How do I clean a cast iron griddle?

Cleaning a cast iron griddle requires special attention to avoid damaging the seasoned surface. After cooking, let the griddle cool down before cleaning. Use a stiff brush or scraper to remove any food residue. Avoid using soap or detergent as it can strip away the seasoning. Rinse the griddle with hot water and dry it thoroughly. If necessary, apply a thin layer of cooking oil to the surface to prevent rusting.

Can I use metal utensils on a cast iron griddle?

Yes, you can use metal utensils on a cast iron griddle. Cast iron is highly durable and can withstand the use of metal spatulas, tongs, and other cooking tools without causing damage to the surface. However, be cautious not to scrape or chip the seasoning when cooking or cleaning with metal utensils.

How do I store a cast iron griddle?

To store a cast iron griddle, make sure it is completely dry to prevent rusting. Apply a thin layer of cooking oil to the surface to create a protective barrier. Store the griddle in a cool, dry place. If space is limited, you can stack the griddle with other cast iron cookware, but place a paper towel or cloth between each piece to avoid scratching the seasoning.

Can I use a cast iron griddle on a glass or ceramic stovetop?

It is generally not recommended to use a cast iron griddle on a glass or ceramic stovetop. Cast iron is heavy and can scratch or damage the smooth surface of these stovetops. Instead, consider using the griddle on a gas or electric stovetop or opt for a griddle specifically designed for glass or ceramic cooktops.

Are there any specific maintenance tips for cast iron griddles?

To keep your cast iron griddle in optimal condition, here are a few maintenance tips:

  • Avoid soaking your cast iron griddle in water for extended periods.
  • Never place a hot cast iron griddle in cold water as it can cause cracking.
  • Regularly re-season your griddle if the surface becomes dull or food starts sticking to it.
  • If rust develops, scrub it off with a brush or steel wool, then re-season the griddle.

Are cast iron griddles suitable for indoor and outdoor use?

Yes, cast iron griddles are versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are great for BBQ grills, stovetops, ovens, and even campfires. Their durability and excellent heat retention make them a popular choice for various cooking environments.

Remember, always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines for your specific cast iron griddle model to ensure proper care and usage.

Final Thoughts

There is no shortage of good quality cast iron griddles around. Before you purchase, make sure that your cast iron griddle is a good fit for your grill.

If you are struggling to decide between our top-rated cast iron grills, take a second look at the Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Griddle with Handles by cast iron specialists Lodge. An excellent choice for cooking for a crowd, this USA-made grill is ready to use out of the box and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Looking for a smaller model? Check out the Weber Gourmet BBQ System Griddle. If you have the Weber Gourmet System it’s an obvious choice, but this griddle can also be used with any grill. It has a good 12-inch diameter and a relatively low 7.5 lb weight for an easier setup.

Want to try out using a cast iron griddle on your grill, but aren’t really quite sure if it’s going to be what you need? The AmazonBasics Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Griddle makes a great entry-level choice. At 20 by 10.39 inches, it’s a generous size while its smooth and ribbed sides will multiply your grill recipe options.

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