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Last Updated February 18, 2022
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As the saying goes, it’s the little things that make the big differences. Whether you’ve just spent a load of cash on a big shiny new grill or are using your trusty old faithful smoker, investing in some new grill accessories is a sure-fire way to up your grilling game.

From racks for the best bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers to the best grilling apron, tools, thermometers, and meat injectors, we’ve lined up the very best of the very best grill accessories for you to choose from in one handy list.

Best Grill Accessories

Here is our top list of the most essential, best-in-class grill accessories. We’ve covered just about each and every grill accessory you could ever need or dream of owning, so whether you’re treating yourself or a loved one, here’s what you should be buying.

Best Grilling Tool Set

Weber 3 Piece Tool Set

Weber 3 Piece Tool Set

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Upgrade to the best grilling tool set with this stylish three-piece set by Weber.

Consisting of a spatula, fork, and self-locking tongs, this essential BBQ accessory pack will allow you to flip, sear, and serve with ease. Made from durable stainless steel complete with non-slip soft-grip handles, all items are comfortable and easy to hold, as well as simple to clean up thanks to their dishwasher-safe composition.

Stylish with Weber logo detailing, these grill tools are a really good looking set, complete with metal hanging loops to keep them to hand on your grill. With their 17-inch length, the tongs will keep your hands and arms safe from the heat, while the spatula’s angled neck is specially formed for an easy reach over your grill. Flip and turn your brisket or roast with ease, thanks to the sturdy grill fork with piercing tines that won’t shred.

On the downside, the spatula is not the strongest and the general metal construction could be thicker. However, this would also push up the weight and as it stands, this is a nice lightweight grilling tool set that won’t fatigue your hand and wrist when you’re tending to a fully loaded grill.

Pros – Things we liked
Stainless steel construction
No-slip soft-grip handles
Includes fork, spatula, & locking tongs
Metal hanging loops
Cons – Things we didn’t like
Metal could be thicker
Spatula is not very robust
Best Chimney Starter

Weber 7416 Rapidfire Chimney Starter

Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter

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Get grilling faster with this must-have charcoal grill accessory, the Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter. The Rapidfire eliminates the need for lighter fluid, saving you money and ensuring you don’t get that irritating, unpleasant lighter fluid flavoring on your food.

Measuring 7½ inches in diameter for 12 inches high, this model holds enough briquettes for a 22½-inch kettle grill, although there is a smaller version available if you are using a more compact charcoal grill. Made from highly durable aluminized steel, this sturdy and reliable chimney starter is sure to last you for many years – getting your coals burning in just 20-25 minutes with its specialized cone shaped grate.

A large heat shield is connected to the thermoplastic stay-cool handle to ensure your safety when using this chimney starter, plus there is also a second handle for easier pouring, enabling you to better direct the hot charcoal. Bear in mind that you do need to tip this model upside down to release the hot coals into your grill.

While this gives you much more control in our opinion, some people prefer models with a bottom release feature, although these versions can be less precise. If you are happy to tip up to dump your charcoal, this is the model for you.

Pros – Things we liked
Eliminates the need for lighter fluid
Large enough for a 22½” kettle grill
Durable aluminized steel construction
Heat shield and stay-cool thermoplastic handle
Extra handle for easy, controlled pouring
Cons – Things we didn’t like
Have to turn upside down to dump the lit charcoal
Best Grill Light

LED Concepts BBQ Grill Light

LED Concepts BBQ Grill Lights

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Looking for an aftermarket grill light? This model by LED Concepts is undoubtedly the best grill light on the market for the money. Thanks to its weather-resistant heavy-duty aluminum construction and heat-resistant design this makes an excellent light for your grill, allowing you to extend your BBQ evenings onwards after dark.

Extremely simple to attach and use, this grill light benefits from two attachment methods. Use the strong magnets in the base to securely attach your BBQ light or use the fixation clamp for an extra secure fit even when placed vertically. The 22-inch multiflex gooseneck gives you 360-degree rational control over where your light shines for multiple placement options and extra control over your grill lighting.

Thanks to its 12 energy-efficient, long-lasting LED bulbs, this grill lamp will keep your grate illuminated for plenty of BBQs. Simply insert three AA batteries into the base and you’re powered up for wireless lighting. Note that batteries are not included and while the LEDs are bright and long-lasting, they do give you a focused, fairly narrow beam.

If you have a large grill or are looking to illuminate the entirety of your cooking grate, you may want to purchase two – especially given this model’s highly affordable price.

Pros – Things we liked
Weather-resistant aluminum construction
22” multiflex gooseneck rotates 360 degrees
2 fixation methods: magnet & clamp
12 energy-efficient LED bulbs
Heat-resistant design
Cons – Things we didn’t like
Batteries are not included
Outputs a narrow beam of light
Best Grill Press

Lodge Cast-Iron Grill Press

Lodge Cast Iron Grill Press

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Famous for their high-quality cast-iron grillware products, if you need a new grill press, Lodge is the company to go to. This rectangular cast-iron grill press weighs approximately three pounds, making it easy to handle, but weighty enough to eliminate your bacon curl and to press out unwanted fat from your burgers.

As this grill press is solid cast iron, it has excellent heat retention properties, so you can also use it to speed up the grilling process when preheated. While you will need to assemble the handle with a screwdriver and wrench, this model is delivered pre-seasoned and otherwise ready to use.

The handle features a stay-cool spiral design to protect your hands when using over your hot grill or griddle. This grill press’s high-quality construction, complete with its unique hammered finish and stylish Lodge logo make it overall the very best grill press on the market.

Pros – Things we liked
Heavy-duty cast iron base
Unique hammered finish
Cool-grip spiral handle
Excellent heat retention
Cons – Things we didn’t like
Assembly required
Best Grill Table

Keter Unity XL Table & Cabinet

Keter Unity Portable Outdoor Table

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The Keter Unity XL Table and Cabinet is by far the very best grill table you’ll come across for the money.

Highly functional, sturdy, and good looking, its durable stainless steel countertop can easily support your heavy tabletop grill with its maximum weight capacity of 110 pounds. Use the spacious 54-gallon capacity cabinet below to store your propane tanks or up to five bags of charcoal or wood for a neat and tidy outdoor kitchen grill area.

Thanks to its wood-like resin construction, this weather-resistant unit is much longer lasting than actual wood. The stainless steel countertop is made from 201 grade steel, so it’s also suitable for preparing your meal, as well as being extra easy to wipe clean. There is also an additional open storage space of 24-gallons between the countertop and the cabinet, ideal for all of your go-to items.

Two wheels make it easy to move this grill table around your patio, while the two adjustable legs allow you to easily get your grill table perfectly level even if you have uneven outdoor floor tiles. While the printed assembly instructions are not very clear, there are some helpful assembly photos online at the manufacturer’s website.

Complete with two side bars, hook hangers for your grilling tools, a spice rack, plus a bottle opener, this sturdy grill table will make an excellent addition to any outdoor cooking area.

Pros – Things we liked
Highly durable resin & stainless steel construction
2 wheels & 2 adjustable legs
54-gallon storage cabinets with doors
Countertop max weight capacity: 110 lbs
Includes 2 side bars, hook hangers, spice rack & bottle opener
Cons – Things we didn’t like
Printed instructions are not very clear
Best Smoker Box

Cave Tools Grill Smoker Box

Cave Tools Grill Smoker Box

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Add extra flavor to your grilled meats with a smoker box. A must for gas grills and handy for charcoal ones, this model by Cave Tools is the best grill smoker box around. Made from thick stainless steel, it resists warping and will last for several grilling seasons.

Holes in the top ensure that your food gets a good smoky flavor, while the solid base and sides prevent your wood chips from lighting. Measuring nine inches long by three inches wide, with a height of 1½ inches, this model has been specially designed to fit between most grill’s flavorizer bars and the grate or on top of your charcoal.

Thanks to its easy-access hinged lid, it is really quick and simple to refill, with a generous capacity of over two cups of wood chips. However, if you are smoking low and slow, you will invariably need to refill several times, which can be an issue as it will take a while for each new batch of chips to smoke, although this is no fault of the product itself.

Bear in mind that this smoker box is unsuitable for electric grills. If you have a charcoal or gas grill and are looking to add a little extra smoky flavor to your meal, this is a fantastic buy – just don’t expect it to replace a dedicated smoker.

Pros – Things we liked
Thick stainless steel construction
Holds over 2 cups of wood chips
Easy-access hinged lid
Solid base & sides prevent chips from lighting
Complete with meat smoking guide, recipes, & app
Cons – Things we didn’t like
Needs frequent refills for a long smoke
Not suitable for electric grills
Best Rib Rack

Weber 6605 Original Rib Rack

Weber Original Rib Rack for Grilling

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A rib rack is an inexpensive way to effortlessly increase your grill’s capacity, so no one’s left waiting for their rack. The Weber 6605 Original Rib Rack is designed to be used with the Weber Q 200 or 2000 and larger gas grills or with any charcoal grill from 18 inches and over.

Dishwasher-safe for an easy cleanup, this rib rack is made from heavy-duty plated steel for durability and corrosion resistance. With its five-rack capacity, it securely elevates your racks off your grates, creating extra space.

While this is a good model, it is best used for medium-sized racks, mostly baby backs or St. Louis style ribs. It can be a little short for large spare ribs, although you may find that small racks fall through too easily, something which could be avoided by the addition of a central brace.

However, on the whole, this is a great buy and meets the quality and standards that you would expect from market leaders Weber.

Pros – Things we liked
Heavy-duty plated steel construction
Holds five racks
Elevates your racks off the grates
Fits Weber Q200/2000 & larger gas grills or 18” plus charcoal grills
Cons – Things we didn’t like
A little short for large spare ribs
No central bracing
Best Grilling Skewers

OXO Good Grip Grilling Skewers

Oxo Good Grips Grilling Skewers

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The best grilling skewers are reusable, durable, and easy to use. This set of six by OXO are the very best on the market, thanks to their user-friendly design and easy cleaning. With their durable stainless-steel construction, these grill skewers are dishwasher-safe and suitable for use over any hot grill.

While they can be a little tricky to load up, despite their pointed ends, the flat design ensures that you don’t get any rolling for evenly cooked through food that stays on your grill. The wide handles make it easy to grab these skewers with your grill tongs, plus once cooled, the thumb-sized divot makes for easier sliding to serve.

Measuring 13.5 inches long, you can get a good amount of food on each skewer, so you’ll have enough to grill for six main courses. At 1.5 inches wide, make sure that your food is substantial enough to fit on these anti-roll grill skewers.

Unfortunately, there is no storage bag provided with these skewers; however, as the handles neatly nest for easy storage, this isn’t too much of an issue.

Pros – Things we liked
Stainless steel construction
Flat design to prevent rolling
Nesting handles
Easy to grip with tongs
Cons – Things we didn’t like
A little tough to load
No storage bag
Best Beer Can Chicken Rack

Cook’s Choice Sittin’ Chicken Ceramic Steamer

Ceramic Steamer Beer Can Roaster

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Looking for a healthier way to grill beer can chicken? While the risks from the aluminum of beer cans may be pretty low, the ink on the outside of your beer can is not food grade as it doesn’t come into contact with the can’s contents. Upgrade to our best beer can chicken rack pick, the Sittin’ Chicken by Cook’s Choice, and safely flavor your beer can chicken with a wide variety of ingredients.

Thanks to its glazed ceramic construction, this beer can chicken holder is food-safe, dishwasher-safe, and durable. Its wide base gives good stability and allows you to add numerous ingredients, both liquid and solids to enhance the flavor of your bird. The wide-open top directly flavors your meat along with the four upper steam ports.

This beer can chicken rack is best used for chickens sized four to five pounds and under, as larger chickens can sit too low and slope forwards. There is, however, a larger Sittin’ Turkey model available that you may want to check out if you often grill six pounders and over.

Pros – Things we liked
Food-safe glazed ceramic construction
Wide base for stability
Open top with four steam ports
Cons – Things we didn’t like
A little small for large chickens
Best Meat Injector

SpitJack Magnum Meat Injector

Meat Injector Gun

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If you are serious about flavor, you need to check out our favorite meat injector – the SpitJack Magnum.

Made in the USA from high-quality nickel-plated brass and die cast zinc, this competition-grade BBQ injector is a class apart from your average cheap plastic meat injectors, albeit at a much higher purchase price.

With its 1.7 ounce capacity, adjust the patented dial to alter your marinade or seasoning mix from 1 to 5ml per shot. Suitable for injecting all types of seasoning mixes, even minced garlic, you’ll find a needle to suit your needs from the four commercial-grade needles, including over-sized, thin gauge, side perforated, and slanted tip versions.

Penetrate deep inside your meat for extra flavor with up to 5.5 inches reach, the extra-strong needles won’t break and the entire unit is guaranteed for one year with replacement parts and repair available.

You also get a sturdy nylon zippered storage case, plus three cleaning brushes. If you love flavorsome grilled meats, you’ll love this meat injector.

Pros – Things we liked
Penetrates up to 5.5”
Dose adjustment dial
Includes 4 different needles
Made in the USA
Comes with cleaning brushes & storage case
Cons – Things we didn’t like
Best Heat Resistant Grill Gloves

Grill Heat Aid BBQ Gloves

Grill Heat Aid BBQ Gloves

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Heat resistant grill gloves are a must to keep your hands protected when grilling and this set by Grill Heat Aid is both heat and cut resistant – a great choice for grilling, preparing your ingredients for your BBQ, and carving up your meat afterward. Unlike cheaper imitations, these grill gloves are certified EN407, giving you excellent heat protection at temperatures up to 1,472 degrees Fahrenheit and EN388 level 5 cut resistance.

Made from heavy-duty aramid synthetic fabric with high-performance heat-resistant properties, these grill gloves have a snug fit that allows for extra dexterity, essential when using your grill tongs and spatulas. For your comfort, the interior is fitted with a soft 100% cotton liner.

Bear in mind that these gloves are only designed to withstand extreme heat for seconds at a time, the hotter the temperature, the shorter the period before you will start to feel the heat. Also, given their aramid knit construction, you’ll need to make sure you keep them clean as any build-up of dirt will reduce their heat resistant properties.

Pros – Things we liked
Heavy-duty aramid external construction
Comfortable cotton liner
Withstand temperatures up to 1472℉
EN407 certified
Cut resistant – EN388 level 5
Cons – Things we didn’t like
Fast heat penetration
Need regular cleaning
Best Grilling Apron

Weber 6452 Barbecue Apron

Weber Barbecue Apron

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Thick, durable, and stylish, this high-quality grilling apron by Weber is an extremely popular model. Made from extra-thick cotton it will keep your clothes protected from spills and splatters, as well as getting grease stains from your grill itself.

Thanks to its rugged good looks, complete with suede-like accents, whether you are looking for the best grill apron for yourself or as a gift for a fellow BBQ enthusiast, the Weber 6453 barbecue apron will not disappoint.

The neck and back straps are the same continuous piece, allowing for complete adjustment so you can have your apron sit much higher or lower to better protect your clothing. Note that this apron is fairly generously sized, making it less suitable for smaller framed grillers.

This apron has three pockets, one dedicated for your thermometer probe on the chest, with two lower ones below the waist. The small lower pocket comes with a removable bottle opener attached to a narrow pocket that could accommodate a beer or sauce bottle.

The large front pocket is wide and would easily fit most grill gloves or small items you need to keep to hand. All in all, a really great choice, you’d struggle to find a better grilling apron.

Pros – Things we liked
Thick cotton fabric with suede-like accents
Dedicated probe thermometer pocket
Adjustable neck & waist straps
Removable bottle opener & pocket
Wide front pocket for grill gloves
Cons – Things we didn’t like
A little large for small framed grillers
Best Jalapeno Grill Rack

Cave Tools Jalapeno Rack & Pepper Corer

Cave Tools Jalapeno Rack

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Looking for an easy way to make cream cheese or bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers on your grill? This jalapeno rack and corer set by Cave Tools is one of the best on the market and can also be used to easily and evenly cook your chicken drumsticks.

Made from durable, food-grade stainless steel, the jalapeno rack has 24 evenly spaced holes to accommodate your peppers or drumsticks with enough clearance to prevent burning. The curved corer makes preparing your jalapenos easier than ever – simply slice off the tops with the serrated edge before pulling out the core.

Dishwasher-safe for an easy cleanup, this set comes complete with a downloadable book of 25 BBQ recipes. On the whole, this rack and corer set takes the hassle out of making jalapeno poppers.

However, if you grow your own, note that both the corer and rack are only suitable for use with large jalapenos, although you can get by using toothpicks to prop up smaller ones.

Pros – Things we liked
Stainless steel construction
24 jalapeno or chicken drumstick capacity
Includes stainless steel pepper corer
Comes with a downloadable book of 25 BBQ recipes
Cons – Things we didn’t like
Sharp edges
Corer and holes too large for small/medium peppers
Best Vegetable Grill Basket

Outset QN70 Round Grill Wok

Outset Round Grill Wok

Buy from Amazon

The QN70 Round Grill Wok could be just what you need if you are looking for a stylishly bright-colored vegetable grill basket for your next get-together around your BBQ. Thanks to its copper-colored non-stick coating it certainly stands out, while its built-in handles make it easy to take on and off your grill.

As the copper-color coating is silicone-based, there are no PTFE or PFOAs in contact with your food. However, bear in mind that with regular use, this product will discolor easily and the metal under the copper-colored upper layer is prone to corroding, so for regular use, you may prefer to opt for a more durable stainless steel version.

This grill basket measures 10.75 inches in diameter, so there’s plenty of space for your sides or vegetarian main courses. On the whole, for the price, this could be a good pick, provided you are looking for a vegetable grill basket for occasional use only.

Pros – Things we liked
Metal vegetable basket
Silicone-based copper-colored non-stick coating
Side handles
10.75-inch diameter
Cons – Things we didn’t like
Not stainless steel
Discolors very easily
Best Grill Grate Brush

Kona Safe/Clean Bristle-Free Grill Brush

Kona Safe Grill Brush

Buy from Amazon

If you are looking for an alternative to regular wire grill brushes or tin foil to clean your grill grate, then you may like to consider Kona’s Safe/Clean Bristle-Free Grill Brush. With its six-inch wide head, complete with three rows of stainless steel coils, follow the manufacturer’s special cleaning instructions to get your grill shiny clean.

Unlike nylon grill brushes, this model will not melt being specially designed for use with hot grills for better grease removal. The ergonomically shaped handle is comfortable to hold and the ideal length to keep your hands away from your hot grill while cleaning.

On the downside, while this bristle-free grill brush is suitable for use with all grill types, unfortunately, unless you have a regular grill grate, it is not very effective. For example with infrared accordion-style grills, it will struggle to get down into the deep “V” shapes as it’s designed for use with regular grill bars.

This is compounded by the fact that the wire coils are inflexible making it very difficult to get this brush to clean all around your grate in one go.

Pros – Things we liked
Ergonomically-shaped handle
Wide 6” head
3 rows of stainless steel coils
Cons – Things we didn’t like
Only works well on regular grates
Not flexible enough to fit around grill bars
Best Butane Stove Side Burner

Gas One GS-3000 Portable Gas Stove

Gas-One Portable Stove

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The Gas One GS-3000 Portable Gas Stove is an ideal side burner butane stove being inexpensive, portable, and easy to use.

Thanks to its 9,000 BTU heat output, it will heat up your sauces and cook your sides with ease, allowing you to stay outside and tend to your grill rather than having to run back and forth to your kitchen stovetop.

This portable side burner takes 8-ounce butane cartridges which last for several hours of continuous use depending on how high you have the heat. Simply turn the dial to increase or decrease your cooking temperature.

Safe to use, this side burner has a Piezo automatic ignition for easy lighting, an automatic safety shut-off, plus a cartridge ejection system. Simple, effective, and highly affordable, the only drawback is the flimsy plastic carry case although this doesn’t affect this stove’s performance.

Pros – Things we liked
9,000 BTU output
Automatic safety shut-off
Adjustable heat dial
Piezo automatic ignition
Cons – Things we didn’t like
Flimsy plastic case
Best Instant Read Thermometer

ThermoWorks Thermapen One

Thermapen One Instant Read Thermometer

Buy from Thermoworks

By far the best instant-read thermometer on the market, the Thermapen One gives you a highly accurate reading in just one second or under, accurate to plus or minus half of a degree Fahrenheit. This speed and precision allow you to instantly act on your temperature read out rather than having to wait around and retest.

Thanks to its newly designed, rugged case which is rated waterproof to IP67 standards, this instant-read thermometer will live up to heavy use outdoors. It takes a regular AAA battery and has a brighter automatic backlight compared to previous models with a more sensitive light sensor to ambient lighting conditions, perfect for use when grilling on overcast days or into the evening as the sun goes down.

The only real drawback to this impressive instant-read thermometer for grilling is its fairly high purchase price, however, it is a highly reliable model from a well-known reputable brand that stands by its products. So much so, it even comes complete with a five-year warranty.

Pros – Things we liked
Reads temperature in just 1 second
Highly accurate: ± 0.5°F
IP67-certified waterproof
Auto-rotating, backlit display
5-year warranty
Cons – Things we didn’t like
Best Multi Probe Thermometer

Signals BBQ Alarm Thermometer

Thermoworks Signals

Buy from Thermoworks

Whether you’ve got a large 6 burner, regularly cook for a crowd, or want to up your skills to mimic the pros, the Signals BBQ Alarm Thermometer makes an excellent buy as the best multi-probe thermometer and temperature monitoring system on the market.

With its four channels, you can monitor four individual probes either via the display or your smartphone – plus with its built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, you can share your cooking details with fellow pitmasters and friends online.

This splash-proof smart device features a magnetic backing for extra placement options. The backlit dashboard display complete with physical buttons allows you to track your temperatures, alarms, and minimum and maximum settings. Complete with a rechargeable battery and an included power adapter, you won’t have to spend money on batteries.

This sophisticated BBQ temperature monitoring system ships with four commercial-grade Pro-Series probes – three high-temperature cooking probes and one air temperature probe. Whether you are looking to use it with the Thermoworks app or as a standalone unit, this system is highly accurate and reliable.

While it is an expensive unit, the Signals BBQ Alarm Thermometer is definitely the best way to accurately keep track of your temperatures when grilling multiple items.

Pros – Things we liked
Built-in Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
4 channels & ships with 3 cooking & 1 air probes
Use as a standalone unit or via smartphone
Weather-resistant case
Large backlit dashboard display
Cons – Things we didn’t like
Best Temp Controller

BBQ Guru UltraQ

BBQ Guru Temperature Controller

Buy from Amazon

The UltraQ by BBQ Guru is a revolutionary way to eliminate the guesswork from grilling and smoking, giving you precise control over how hot you grill.

Designed for maximum compatibility with the vast majority of grills and smokers, the UltraQ is very easy to set up and use, giving you accurate temperature control for the entirety of each and every long cook.

Thanks to the included 10 CFM fan that is placed over your grill’s air vents, the UltraQ automatically increases or decreases your pit’s heat level to match your settings. With its innovative scanning feature, you get precise temperature readouts on the large LED screen for up to four probes, with one pit temperature and one food probe included with your purchase. The probes are dishwasher-safe for your convenience.

The Status Light Ring gives you at-a-glance confirmation if all is well or action is needed, plus you can also keep an eye on your cook directly from your smartphone thanks to the UltraQ’s built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Complete with a universal adaptor kit and a magnetic mount, the kit has everything you need to get started. On the downside, the lights are not quite bright enough to see clearly in direct sunlight and there can be some connectivity issues.

Pros – Things we liked
Bluetooth & Wi-Fi enabled
Includes dishwasher-safe pit & food probes
Status Light Ring cooking feedback
LED display with scanning feature
10 CFM fan & magnetic mount included
Cons – Things we didn’t like
Lights not bright enough in sunlight
Some connectivity issues

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Final Thoughts

From basic tools to technologically advanced grill monitoring systems, there’s no shortage of brilliant grilling accessories to make getting the very best out of your grill easier and more enjoyable than ever before. From the best grill table to the best grilling apron, you’re sure to have found just what your grill needs in our best grill accessories roundup.

For adding extra flavor or as an unbeatable grilling gift for a family member or friend, you can’t beat the professional-quality SpitJack Magnum Meat Injector, the very best BBQ meat injector on the market.

Looking for the best instant-read thermometer for your grill? You cannot go wrong with the excellent Thermapen One for instant results. Beer can chicken without the beer can? The Sittin’ Chicken comes highly recommended and allows you to experiment with more than just beer.

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