Best Burger Press – Sliders, Hamburgers and Stuffed Burger – Great for BBQ Parties

Best Burger Press – Sliders, Hamburgers and Stuffed Burger – Great for BBQ Parties

The burger. The humble burger. The humble, juicy, lip smacking, belly filling, trailblazing burger. The original BBQ staple can sometimes get overlooked in today’s world of 36 hour smoked hogs, beer can chicken and grilled fish which have all become highly fashionable but, personally, give me my granny’s closely guarded secret burger recipe, a quality burger press and a few cold beers and I would be as happy as one of those aforementioned hogs rolling in a field of hay.

Best Burger Press

The burger has a long and interesting history which goes back many centuries and I’m guessing that in the year 4018 we’ll still be tucking into beautiful mounds of ground meat sandwiched in between a grilled bun. Now, you might be wondering why you need a burger patty maker in the first place, you’ve always made your patties by hand and they turn out alright most of the time. I do have to admit that a handmade burger patty does have a nice rustic look to it but I find that it’s not always easy to cook perfectly. There’s inevitably some areas that are thicker than others and no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to achieve uniform flatness throughout the burger which will lead to an uneven cook.

Using a burger press eliminates this problem by providing a burger mold which allows you to cook the perfect burger every time. There are obviously other pitfalls that may await you in your quest to make your delicious burger but starting with a good quality burger press will set you off on the right foot.

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Best Burger Press

The Weston Burger Hamburger press is what we consider to be the best burger press. It has a heavy duty aluminum cast construction which makes burgers which range from 1/4 inch thickness up to an inch and a half. The burgers will measure 4 1/2 inches in diameter which, when all is said and done, will provide a great sized patty which you can cook to your own personal liking.

Weston burger press and patty ejector

There’s slightly different variations of the Weston Hamburger Press available should you feel the need to add a little pzazz when making burger patties. Personally, I’m a bit of a gadget guy (which guy isn’t?), so I liked the idea of having a hamburger press with an ejector. It’s actually a cool function of the Weston press which is not a feature that you will find on many of the other presses available. Also available is the double hamburger press which I think is a bit of overkill but if you do find yourself with a large party that you need to feed, it will save you some much needed valuable time.

As with all hamburger patty makers, and no matter how much the manufacturers bleat on about non stick properties, I would always advise using wax paper or patty paper. Not only will you guarantee to not have your patty meat stick to your burger press, it also makes everything that bit more hygienic. Maybe I’m just a bit too OCD but in my eyes, you can never take too few precautions. With the Weston burger press there are little crevices that patty meat can get lost in if you were having a not so observant day.

Best Burger Press Runner Up – Sometimes, it seems that things can be massively over engineered. It kind of always reminds me of Wyle E Coyote and his exploits when trying to catch the Road Runner. Instead of coming up with all those hair brained inventions he probably would have been better served with a shotgun or something equally as blunt. Making a burger patty can be thought of in the same terms as, essentially, it is a very simple thing to do which needs only the most basic of tools.

The Ultimate Burger Press by Chef Remi perfectly encapsulates the ethos that sometimes, the best burger press is the simplest one. It features a classic, basic design that you will find replicated by many other brands. Just put your patty meat into the base and form into a delicious burger with the press. Bish, bash, bosh. Job done.

Ultimate burger press large patty

So what separates The Ultimate Burger Press from its competitors? Well, for one, it comes with a 100% money back lifetime guarantee. To be safe in the knowledge that a company believes in their product so much that they are willing to make these kinds of promises is quite a feat. Of course, there’s not exactly a lot that can go wrong with this burger press but it’s still good to have a bit of insurance.

The Ultimate Burger Press is made from a heavy duty aluminum press and will make 1/3 and 1/4 pound burgers. It can also be used as a stuffed burger press but I think there are better options available if this is what you wanted so I would just use this for everyday burgers that can be slapped onto the grill at a moments notice.

Best Burger Press for Stuffed Burgers

Having a press which is good at being a burger patty maker is all well and good but there seems to be a new sheriff in town. The latest must-have item to own is a stuffed burger press. It’s not a new thing to have stuffed burgers obviously but they do seem to be absolutely everywhere you look nowadays and the fillings are starting to become a lot more varied and adventurous. Picking the best stuffed burger press is always going to be highly subjective but there’s a couple I’d like to suggest that are undeniably extremely good options.

Cuisinart is a massive name in the world of kitchen appliances and food products and is probably best known for their dough mixer. They also happen to make, in my opinion, the best stuffed burger press. The 3 in 1 stuffed burger press is made so you can easily achieve regular burgers, sliders and of course stuffed burgers. It is the latter of these where it truly excels however. Simply add meat into the burger mold and press down with the plunger to create a perfectly formed well that is ready to be filled with the stuffing of your choice. By covering over this filling with another layer of meat, you can use the plunger again to seal the burger and prevent leakages.

Again, simplicity is key here, there really is no need to over complicate the process of stuffing a burger. Add to this the fact that it provides more consistent results than trying to make stuffed burgers by hand whilst also being a lot more hygienic and it all adds up become a bit of a no brainer, especially when you consider that the cost of the Cuisinart is almost negligible.

Best Stuffed Burger Press Runner Up – You know the problem with a good design? It’s good, and so ultimately there will be a plethora of copycat designs. The best stuffed burger press will always feature the same basic design so it’s the little things that can distinguish one brand from another. What the stuffed burger press from Grillaholics has going for it is a small disk at the bottom of the base that makes extracting the burger from its mold that little bit easier. OK, so they haven’t reinvented the wheel here but as the saying goes, every little helps!

Grillaholics stuffed burger press

You may notice that with this press, as with the Chef Remi press above, there is a lifetime guarantee. There’s not too much that can go wrong here but you do hear stories such as the nonstick coating peeling away and materials cracking when left in direct sunlight for too long so to have the guarantee as a back up is nothing to be sniffed at.

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