Grill on a Salt Block

Last Updated September 4, 2020
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Salt has always been an integral part of our food. It not only adds flavor to our meals but is also very essential for our body as it regulates many body functions. But have you ever thought of another way to use salt?

Well, there is a more fun and interesting way to get the flavor and benefits of salt and that is to grill on a salt block. This is basically a block of Pink Himalayan salt. The salt is hand-mined from the beautiful Khewra salt mines in the northern region of Pakistan.

Miners excavate pink salt from mines using traditional methods. This ensures that the original form of this salt remains intact. Then big salt chunks are passed to the manufacturers who cut and shape them and make cooking salt blocks of different sizes and thickness.

These blocks have all the benefits of pink Himalayan salt which is said to be the purest, most chemical-free salt available. This salt has about 84 minerals and trace elements that are essential for the overall well-being of the human body. When you cook on these blocks, the minerals get added to your food and make it more flavorful and nutritious.

Grill on a salt block

Ways to Use a Salt Block

Cooking your food with a salt block is one of the most interesting ways to cook and serve a variety of dishes. This is a very fancy and unique way to serve food.

One of the first things I did when I first came into possession of a salt block was to cure my food. You can cure a variety of different foods which include hams, fish and beef. The curing process helps increase the shelf life which can prove extremely cost-effective.

Another brilliant use of this block is grilling your food on it. It imparts a very subtle but rich salt flavor to the food. It also adds a wow factor to your whole grilling and BBQ experience.

Grilling On Salt Blocks

Let’s break your usual routine by taking your grilling experience to the next level with the all-natural salt block. It will certainly make grilling more exciting and enjoyable.

It is a fun and easy way to grill a different variety of foods. It will add natural saltiness along with minerals that are very good for your body.

Just imagine how cool it would look to grill food on a gorgeous pink Himalayan salt block.

Tips to Grill Properly On Salt Blocks

You just need to follow some very easy and useful tricks to grill on these blocks. This will make your grilling using a salt block more memorable.

Choose the Right Salt Block:

First thing is to choose the right sized salt block as there are many different sizes and thicknesses of blocks available.

The thickness and strength of a salt block are extremely important. It makes the surface of the block very versatile. Once you heat the block, it holds temperature for quite a long time.

A 2-inch thick salt block is probably ideal for grilling. When used for grilling, it enhances the flavor of the food by adding smokiness and saltiness to it.

Temper the Salt Block

First of all, you need to temper the salt block before using it. This will ensure that your block is strong and its cooking surface is working at its best for a noticeably prolonged amount of time.

To temper your salt block, place it in the bottom rack of an oven and heat it slowly at the following temperatures:

30 minutes at 150°C

30 minutes at 200°C

Keep increasing the heat in increments of 50°C until the temperature of the salt block reaches 500°C. The best way to check is using an infrared thermometer but if you don’t own one, you could always splash some water on it. If it spits and sizzles, you’re probably good to go.

After that turn off the oven and leave the block inside until it cools down. Be aware though that this may take the best part of 16 – 24 hours.  Et voila, your block is all ready to be used for amazing grilling and cooking your food.

Heating the Block

Always pre-heat the salt block before using. This is the most important step when using a salt block. It is not a difficult thing to do but definitely needs a little attention and preparation beforehand.

How to Heat on the Grill

Salt blocks are very easy to use. You can either use them on gas or charcoal grills. While heating on a gas grill, make sure you heat it gradually and increase the temperature slowly.

This means using the same increments as advised when tempering the salt block. However, this time, as soon as your salt block reaches the next temperature milestone, give it 5 extra minutes and continue to increase the heat.

On a charcoal grill, put the salt block on one side and the charcoal on the other side and heat it slowly.

Cooking and Grilling On a Cooking Salt Block

The preheated block is now ready to grill a different variety of foods. You can grill meat of any kind on it but I find it is best to cook a steak or chicken.  Seafood such as fish, shrimps, scallops, is also very easy to cook on a salt block.

You can also grill different vegetables such as asparagus, bell peppers, tomatoes, and zucchini.

Cook Steak on a Salt Block

You will always get different opinions on how to cook steak on a salt block. And of course, a lot depends on the thickness of your steak.

For me, simplicity is always the best way to do anything. Bring your salt block up to temperature using the steps above. There is no need to traditionally season your steak because guess what? That big slab is made of salt! It will naturally infuse your steak to perfection. You just need a generous sprinkling of fresh ground pepper.

For a standard sized piece of steak, cook for 4 minutes on each side for a medium done steak. Adjust timings to suit your preferences.

The most important thing is to let that steak rest! This relaxes all the fibers and allows all the juices that have been produced by the cooking process to be reabsorbed into the meat. This saves you from what most people mistake for blood on your plate.

Maintaining the salt block

Salt blocks are very easy to maintain. For cleaning, you just need to cool it down after using and wipe with a damp cloth or sponge. After that allow it to air dry and store in a cool and dry place.

Himalayan salt blocks are notorious for the time it takes for them to cool. So always take care when handling a salt block which is cooling.

Being made from salt, you obviously have to store them in areas of low moisture.


Salt blocks are truly wonderful things. And when you introduce the grilling element to the equation, everything just gets that little bit cooler.

Grilling your food using a salt block imparts an extraordinary flavor that you don’t experience with any other technique. It draws out flavor from deep within your food and leaves you wondering how you have lived without it up till this point.

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Grill on a Salt Block

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