7 Best Smoker Thermometers 2022 – Perfect Temp for Low and Slow BBQ

Last Updated January 13, 2022
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If you are looking for the best smoker thermometer, look no further. We have researched the best smoker thermometers 2019 available and can tell you which are useful and reliable.

If you invest in a high-quality smoker and intend to rely on the built-in thermometer, you will soon discover that you have made a terrible mistake. Having an accurate thermometer is critical to cooking tender, juicy food that is safe to eat. Unfortunately, many manufacturers skimp on the quality of thermometer or place it in an inaccurate location.

We have compiled a comprehensive Buyer’s Guide so that you will know what to look for while shopping. You are sure to find the best smoker thermometer for you and avoid a lot of bad barbeque blunders.

Why should you buy a thermometer for your smoker?

Like we said before, built in thermometers tend to be very inaccurate. You just can’t trust them! Some people might also say you can tell “just by looking at it” or by poking and prodding the meat with your hands. This is inaccurate! Unless you really want overcooked/undercooked food, you are going to need an external thermometer.

The built-in thermometers will give you a reading of the air temperature around your food, but what you need is a reading of the food itself. The only way you are going to get that is with another thermometer.

A smoker thermometer can tell you an accurate reading of the temperature inside your meat, ensuring that it cooks to perfection. Digital thermometers, in particular, are much quicker and more accurate than the more familiar and common dial thermometers. Some even take as little as one second to provide an accurate reading of the meat’s temperature.

Best Smoker Thermometers

There are a wide variety of smoker thermometers available on the market today. Each of them has their own perks, so we have done plenty of research to tell you which are among the best of the best.

Thermoworks Smoke – Best Smoker Thermometer

Thermoworks Smoke
The Thermoworks Smoke thermometer product picture

Monitor your food and smoker temperatures from up to 300 feet away with the Thermoworks Smoke. You can track the two probes – one for meat and one for the smoker temp –independently. You can set independent high and low alarms for each probe.

One of my favorite things about this thermometer is that there is no setup required! The thermometer and receiver come pre-synchronized.

This is a very sturdy unit with molded-in seals for a splash-proof design. The probes are stainless steel, moisture resistant, and have a length of 47 inches. Temperature accuracy is plus or minus 1.8°F for temperatures up to 248°F and the read time is in the range of 4-5 seconds. This is one of the most accurate models available on the market today.

One of the best features is the large, backlit displays. They are easy to read and show both the max/min and high/low alarms.

While you can’t adjust the min and max temps anywhere other than the transmitter, it is impressive how easy it is to use this thermometer right out of the box. No complex instructions or necessary manual reading. Clear and simple, this smoker thermometer is easy to use and highly recommended.

It has a higher price tag than most other smoker thermometers, but that’s because a lot of research has gone into making this thermometer better than all of its competitors. The Thermoworks markets this thermometer as being for “competition BBQ teams and professional chefs”. If you want the thermometer the pros rely on, the Thermoworks Smoke is the thermometer for you.

ThermoPro TP08

ThermoPro TP08
The ThermoPro TP08 thermometer product picture

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Another top-rated thermometer is the ThermoPro TP08. One of the first things worth mentioning is the level of ThermoPro customer service. If you experience any temperature reading problems, ThermoPro will send you a brand new sensor probe free of charge. That’s outstanding!

The ThermoPro TP08 is easy to use directly out of the box. Insert the included batteries and you are ready to go! It comes already paired with its receiver, which functions up to 300 feet away from the transmitter. You can monitor your meat and smoker temps while you tend to other tasks. The high and low alarms will alert you if your smoker ever goes above or below your set range.

In regards to accuracy, the ThermoPro TP08 gives the Thermoworks Smoke a run for its money at a fraction of the price. Temperatures are accurate to within 1.8°F and easily readable on the large, backlit screen.

Probes included are the 8.5” food grade stainless steel food probe and 3” oven/bbq probe. The cable wire has a 40-inch length, and both the probes and wire are heavy duty, built to withstand temperatures up to 716°F.

This smoker thermometer can also double as an oven, grill, candy, or any other kind of thermometer. Its shockproof design and timer feature makes it a handy tool to have around any part of your kitchen or backyard barbeque.

The ThermoPro TP08 offers a great range of features at a budget-friendly price, cementing its spot as one of the best smoker thermometers.

Inkbird IBT-6X

Inkbird IBT-6X
The Inkbird thermometer product picture

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Talk about a multitasker! The Inkbird IBT-6X is capable of monitoring up to six items at the same time (if you buy the unit with six probes)! This is a Bluetooth device and the monitoring app is free.

So you can check the temperature of those six items all from the convenience of your phone. It is compatible with both Android (4.4 and above), with Bluetooth 4.0 module and Apple ISO. Bluetooth smart wireless range is 150 feet.

The LED screen is clear and easy to read. You can set your own temperatures and time settings manually or use the programmed preset temperatures available in the app. Alarms are programmable and will alert you directly on your phone. If you like your tools with a side of tech, this thermometer is a great match.

It comes with a twelve-month warranty to keep your thermometer in peak performance. One thing to note though is that the cable to the probe is not waterproof and should not be submerged in water during cleaning. This may damage the sensor and cause inaccurate readings.

Maverick ET-733

Maverick ET-733
The Maverick thermometer product picture

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One of the top rated and most popular smoker thermometers is the Maverick ET-733. It runs at the higher end of the price range, but with all of its incredible features, it has the most bang for your buck. The Maverick ET-733 features two multipurpose probes and a range of up to 300 feet. It is solidly constructed and provides excellent temperature accuracy.

The Maverick ET-733 is an extremely portable model. The wireless receiver can clip to your belt or fit in your pocket. That means you’ll be able to multitask around the house while monitoring the temperature of your smoker and your meat.

If you move too far from the transmitter, the receiver will even beep to let you know you’re outside of the range. Temperatures are updates in real time, and you can set alarms for desired temperatures and cook times.

Setting your target temperatures is even easier when you use the preset temperatures for fifteen different types of meat. You’ll find the usual suspects such as beef, chicken, and fish, but also included are presets for game meats such as elk, moose, duck, and more.

One other bonus is that this thermometer comes with a special set of high-heat resistant gloves. You can wear them to protect your hands when removing the probes, which have been built to withstand temperatures up to 716°F.

iGrill 3

iGrill 3
The iGrill 3 thermometer product picture

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Smarter than your average thermometer, the iGrill 3 is a standout Bluetooth smart thermometer. It has a four probe capacity and comes with two probes included. If you have the Genesis II, Genesis II LX, or Spirit II gas grill, this thermometer is designed to be permanently mounted to the side table. Don’t own any of these models? Feel free to use this thermometer with any and every unit you own.

Battery life lasts up to 250 hours. The programmable alarms and cook time can be set directly from your phone. The app is compatible with Apple iOS 9 or higher,iPhone 4S or later,iPad 3rd generation or later, iPad mini, iPod touch 6th generation or later, and most Android phones with Android 4.4 or higher and Bluetooth 4.0 or higher.

The iGrill 3 will also export all of the cooking data and full graphing so you can track the performance of your smoker with each use.

This is a very accurate smoker thermometer and we are especially impressed by its versatility. One downside is that does have to sync with each use, but this takes mere seconds, so it is a minor inconvenience.

It does have a less solid construction than some of the others on this list, but you can also say the same of most of the Bluetooth thermometers due to the extra technology.

Best Cheap Smoker Thermometer

If you are unsure about investing in a thermometer that comes in at the higher end of the price scale, there are some thermometers that get the job done at a fraction of the price.

They might not have all the bells and whistles of the more extravagant models, but they still rank among the best smoker thermometers.

ThermoPro TP17

ThermoPro TP17
The ThermoPro TP17 thermometer product picture

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One such thermometer that provides a great value at a low cost is the ThermoPro TP17. One of the most impressive features of this thermometer is its warranty. A one year warranty transforms into a three year warranty once you register your thermometer.

So although the two included sensor probes are expertly constructed, after long periods of use they may produce incorrect temperature readings. With this warranty, ThermoPro will send you free replacement probes up to three years after your initial purchase.

For a thermometer that costs under $30, the excellent warranty isn’t the only impressive feature of the ThermoPro TP17. This thermometer features a flip-out countertop stand for keeping the thermometer displayed upright or a magnetic back for attaching it to your smoker or grill. Temperature can be set manually or programmed with the preset temperatures for common types of meats.

The large LCD backlit display is easy to read, even in the dark. The display itself measures three inches and also includes a low battery indicator.

The probe cable is 40 inches long and rated for temperatures up to 716°F. Accuracy runs plus or minus 1.8°F from 32-212°F. This thermometer packs a lot of features into a small, affordable package.

Smoker Thermometer and Temperature Controller

If you really want to take your tech to the next level, what you should be looking for is a smoker thermometer that also functions as a temperature controller.

These controllers function over WiFi to allow you to adjust the temperature of your smoker from just the touch of your phone or tablet. This added convenience can come with an extra cost, but if you’re looking for the best smoker thermometer and temperature controller, look no further.

Flame Boss 300

Flame Boss 300
The Flame Boss 300 thermometer product picture

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When it comes to smoker thermometers and temperature controllers, the Flame Boss 300 is the cream of the crop. It fits a wide variety of charcoal grills and smokers.

Use it to monitor and maintain your desired temperature and control the blower to manage the air flow to the fire. The variable speed blower will run at the necessary speed required to quickly and efficiently reach the temperature you set.

It is WiFi enabled, meaning you can control the entire cooking process directly from your phone or tablet and receive a text message update when your meat has finished cooking.

You will find that it is capable of monitoring up to three probes at one time. The Flame Boss 300 is also incredibly easy to use. There’s not even an on/off button to worry about.

This model is fully automatic and setup is very straightforward and simple. After a time, the controller learns your smoker so well that it adapts to improve temperature control.

Why Trust Us

All of our reviews are compiled with a combination of expert input, years of hands-on testing of grilling products, curating the reviews of real-life buyers in a “wisdom of the crowd” system, and of course our own expertise. All the products listed are the ones we would buy if we were looking to purchase a new smoker thermometer.

Methodology Used to Pick the Best Smoker Thermometer

When picking the best smoker thermometer we looked at and then rated each thermometer on the following criteria. Price, number of probes, connectivity, alarms, apps, waterproof, backlighting, build quality, and battery life.

How We Selected the Best Smoker Thermometer

Now that you know you can’t depend on the built-in thermometer that came with your smoker, it is time to consider what you really need in a smoker thermometer.

There are a number of factors to consider, all of which add up to the best smoker thermometer for you.


Your budget is an important factor in any purchase. There are great smoker thermometers available whether you are looking in the low, medium, or high price range.

Do you need all of the bells and whistles in regards to the features of higher priced models? Lower price thermometers will not have the build quality nor the number of features of higher priced thermometers.

A good quality, medium price range thermometer will typically do the trick for what most people desire, but do your research and make sure your choice fits all of your needs, not just price.

Number of Probes

If you plan on monitoring multiple types of meat at one time or monitoring both the smoker temperature as well as the meat temperature, you are going to need more than one probe.

Some of the cheapest models only come with one probe included. Many include at least two, but as you may have seen from our list of the best smoker thermometers, other units can have upwards of four or six probes.

WiFi, Bluetooth and Radio Frequency

What are your desired wireless capabilities? If you want to spend time away from your smoker completing other tasks, convenience is key.

Wireless monitoring allows you to check on your cooking temperatures from the convenience of a receiver or your phone or tablet. An important factor to check is what the range is of your transmitter and how you receive that data, whether it is via WiFi, Bluetooth, or radio frequency.

Alarms for certain ranges

Smoking is never just a “set it and forget it” cooking process. You want to maintain a constant temperature.

Certain smoker thermometers will allow you to set alarms that will notify you if your temperature moves above or below the temperature range you have programmed.


Cleaning your thermometer can get tricky if certain parts aren’t waterproof. Exposure to water can damage some Bluetooth and WiFi enabled thermometers.

Thoroughly research how sensitive your sensors are to water prior to purchase to ensure that you know the proper care and handling techniques for your chosen model.

Backlighting for the digital display

Sometimes smoking meat can last you well into the dark hours of the night. Therefore, you will want a thermometer that is easy to use no matter the circumstances.

A backlit digital display makes for easy reading in low light conditions. Also helpful are large, easy to see numbers.

Build Quality

Pick a thermometer that is both durable and solidly built. It does not have to be indestructible, but to ensure that your thermometer lasts, it is important to look at the build quality.

Waterproofing and a shockproof design are desirable for heavy usage. You will also want to consider the warranty and whether or not replacement probes are available if your sensors become inaccurate from extended use.

Battery life

A cheaper thermometer can end up costing you more in the long run if you are constantly having to replace the battery. Be sure to note the type of batteries required, if they are included, and their expected lifespan.

Conclusion for Best Smoker Thermometer

There are several types of smoker thermometers on the market. Our suggestions include some of the best smoker thermometers available.

This list has a variety of different types and each might appeal to you differently. Carefully consider your options, as well as the advice above, and you are sure to make an educated decision. We hope you find the smoker thermometer that you can be fully satisfied with.

Interested in more research about the different types of thermometers that we’ve examined? You can check out our article on the Best Wireless Thermometers. Or if you are looking for an instant-read thermometer for your grilling needs, check out our article on the Best Instant Read Thermometer for Outdoor Grilling and BBQ.

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7 Best Smoker Thermometers 2022 – Perfect Temp for Low and Slow BBQ

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