Best Picnic Chairs – Portable, foldable, comfortable seating

I think at some point in time everyone has experienced what I like to call picnic elbow. You know the one – you can’t seem to get comfortable when sitting on the ground and so indecisiveness causes you to switch between sitting bolt upright, to leaning back on your two elbows, to laying on your side leaning on one elbow. This merry dance continues until every upper joint in your body hurts equally as bad. In the pursuit of comfort therefore, finding the best picnic chair is seen as a must by some. I have no official statistics but I would hazard a guess that the more mature amongst us crave the need for a bit more support when out and about on our shindigs.

Best Picnic Chairs

Thankfully there are a wide range of options available to us. Seating has developed into big business and the explosion of diversity in design and function of the best picnic chairs that is taking place at the moment reflects that. We are becoming a society that is savvier than ever before when it comes to our purchases, with research and reviews becoming ever more accessible. As you read on however it might highlight how sometimes the simplest options are sometimes the best.

We will showcase the best picnic chairs for almost any need ranging from higher seats most suitable for the elder members of the picnic fraternity to barely there chairs which provide the most basic of assistance. We have even thrown in a couple of options for the little ones.

Best Picnic Chairs

The dual lock folding chair by Kijaro starts us off with a traditional, sturdy offering which, at the price, represents great value for money. This picnic chair is suitable for all but especially useful for those who require being sat higher up. The ground clearance measures 20” which is considerably higher than your average folding picnic chair. It also features a lock technology that, with the aid of a button on the back, allows you to lock the chair in position whether in the open or closed position. It is suited to most terrains although it is probably designed more for grassy, solid locations.

Best Portable Picnic Chair

The portable deck chair with side table by Coleman is another foldable seating option which comes with pros and cons when compared to our last offering. As the name suggests, there is the bonus of a side table attached to the picnic chair. Although the Kijaro has cup holders you will always look favorably on some space to balance items with no fear of dropping them. The Coleman is also lighter to carry by around 2 Ibs but does suffer by only flattening down through the middle making it a bit more awkward than the flattened cylindrical Kijaro. Again, this is probably suited more to sturdier ground and at around 17” ground clearance it offers more than decent leg room.

Portable picnic chair

Best Lightweight Recliner Picnic Chair

The portable recreation recliner by Picnic Time is a seat designed for those who don’t mind being closer to the ground. If getting in and out of your seat is not an overriding issue for you then this picnic chair deserves a look at. It comes with a big padded seat and a backrest that reclines. The fact that you are so close to the ground also means your picnic snacks are not out of reach, assuming you have opted for a traditional picnic blanket. The passing does come at a cost with the seat weighing around 9Ibs but we feel this is still light enough for the demographic who would choose to buy the product.

Best Picnic Chair Mat

Another product from Picnic Time that gives you minimal ground clearance is the Beachcomber beach mat. As the name suggests it is primarily designed for lounging on the beach but due to the reclining properties it possesses, the Beachcomber is a viable choice if all you require on your shindig is a little back support. This is the kind of seating option I prefer when on picnics as you get the padding that relieves some of the uneven, hard ground you might encounter whilst letting you enjoy your day as picnics were meant to be enjoyed – at ground level at a relaxed angle. One of the great things that I also enjoy about this design is that it folds up neatly into a satchel so transporting it is a breeze.

Beach Picnic Seat

Best Picnic Chair with Lumbar Support

If you’ve read this far and thought to yourself, I need something that is somewhere in between everything that has been mentioned so far, then you are probably thinking of something along the lines of the low gravity beach chair by Strongback. Again, this can’t be thought of as merely a beach product. This chair offers elevated seating but at a height (around 4”) which gives the feeling of being ground level. There’s no need for a built-in table or anything similar as you are so close to the ground but at the same time your butt is not making physical contact with the ground thus alleviating any undue discomfort. It folds away easily and amongst its many great features it can boast frame integrated ergonomic lumbar support. Basically, it saves your back from dying.

Best Portable High Chair

Picnics, as I’m sure you all know, are a great occasion for bonding with the family. As I’m sure you also know, having a baby in tow can be problematic at the best of times. Using something like the portable high chair can at least take some of the stress away. It has a lightweight and flexible design and because it comprises of just one piece there is no unnecessary assembly times. Being made from vinyl it is very easy to wipe down when the inevitable happens and it comes to resemble a Jackson Pollock.

Best Picnic Chair for Kids

You don’t tend to think that you require a kids chair when going on a shindig as they will invariably be tearing around like the little pocket rockets that they are. In my experience though kids love to imitate what their elders are doing and heaven help you if you don’t provide them with a chair like mommy and daddy for when it’s time to serve some food. I’ve found that the choice of chair doesn’t seem to matter too much, the kids just want to feel as they are on roughly the same level as you. I’ve bought similar products to this patio chair by Paw Patrol before and it has more than sufficed.

Best Backpack Picnic Chair

You wouldn’t necessarily expect a backpack that doubles as a chair to have too much more going for it. However, we consider the innovative offering from Wacces to be the best backpack picnic chair because it also functions as a cooler. We have already covered some of the best coolers in an earlier article and we believe the Wacces could easily find a place in that list. This is simply because it takes two normally bulky / awkward picnic items that can be cumbersome to carry and combines them into one space saving, multi functional piece of equipment.

The Wacces backpack picnic chair high quality Oxford cloth with a PVC coating and features a high density shoulder strap. You get a pretty decent 15 inches of ground clearance when the chair is set up which, although not the best clearance for a picnic chair on this page, is still good when taking into account what else it functions as.

Make Your Own Picnic Chair

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Best Picnic Chairs – Portable, foldable, comfortable seating

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