The Best BBQ & Grilling Cookbooks

Last Updated January 13, 2023
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Gone are the days when outdoor cooking consists of a few brunt burgers and some undercooked chicken drumsticks. The passion, skill, and commitment that’s now demonstrated by many BBQ enthusiasts mean the bar for quality food expected from a backyard cookout is now higher than it’s ever been. And to meet these expectations you’ll be wise to take on the advice of some of the experts that have put in the hours behind a grill and have been nice enough to share their tips. Here is my opinion on the best BBQ & grilling cookbooks written by experts in the field of outdoor cooking.

My list of the best BBQ cookbooks is going to be a little different from how other people give their lists. I’m going to give a larger-than-normal selection as I’d like to recommend books for all skill levels, novice to pitmaster, and the widest array of skill sets and techniques.

Best BBQ Cookbooks

Best BBQ & Grilling Cookbooks

Before I give my list of the best barbecue cookbooks there is one quick point I’d like to express. I see many people complain or give a bad review about a book they buy, saying something silly like “there was nothing in the book I couldn’t get for free on the internet”. Yes, this is generally true. Fortunately, we live in an era where everything we could read in a book is available online for free. And if someone writes a book about a subject that’s not covered online, then as sure as eggs is eggs, that content will soon be copied by someone and put online.

So, don’t buy these books expecting them to be some sort of magic bullet. Yes, they are great books, the best written on the subject, but you will be able to find everything in them online. In fact, several of the authors started out as bloggers on their favorite subject and have converted these sites into a book (I’ll give their blogs and social media accounts in the reviews where possible). So if you’re hard up for money or maybe you’re expecting to find a hidden secret only available in these books, you might be better off sticking to online resources. Ok, rant over, I just hate to see amazing cookbooks with skilled authors getting called out for such ridiculous reasons.



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This best BBQ cookbook list is in no particular order, I’m just giving you what I believe to be the best book available on a number of different subjects surrounding outdoor cooking. What I will say though is if you’re only going to buy one book, this is the one to get – Meathead’s writing is essential reading.

Yes, it’s a recipe book, with all the classics such as ribs and briskets, but what makes this book essential reading is the science behind great cooking. Not only are you told what to do, but you are also told why and given myth-busting titbits along with it. When it comes to the food science of barbecue and grilling, Meathead is the go-to man.

For me, the author, Meathead Goldwyn is a legend in the BBQ world. His website Amazing Ribs is the best resource for grilling tips and techniques on the internet and his friendly and easy-to-follow writing style makes it feel like you’re not in a science class and somehow makes all the technical stuff make sense. You can follow Meathead on Twitter @Meathead for all the latest news from the great man himself.

This entertaining and thought-provoking work will alter the way you BBQ for the better by providing you with a solid scientific basis for a greater appreciation of the interplay between food, heat, fire, and smoke.

Learn the basics of grilling meats, try out a few different techniques, and get the lowdown on the equipment that will make all the difference in the world. Meathead also provides some helpful hints that will help you improve. This BBQ cookbook does a lot of explaining rather than just telling you what to do, unlike many other popular BBQ books.

This cookbook is not only an excellent way to increase your smoking capabilities but also a terrific source of inspiration, with over a hundred tried and tested recipes and hundreds of full-color images.

The bad news is that most of this data can be found elsewhere on the web and on the Amazing Ribs website. In spite of that, you should definitely pick up this book because of its superb presentation and simple reading.

Project Smoke: Seven Steps to Smoked Food Nirvana

Project Smoke

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Project Smoke, written by New York Times bestselling author Steven Raichlen, is the BBQ cookbook you should get if you can only buy one. Whether you’re just starting out or have been grilling for decades, you should absolutely check out this masterpiece.

This outstanding BBQ cookbook not only teaches you how to master the key grilling methods, but it also covers how to flavor your raw food before BBQing, the various tools you’ll need, fuels, and smoking woods. If you are thinking about starting to BBQ, you will also benefit greatly from Raichlen’s guidance on which grill is ideal for you.

This BBQ cookbook is both a necessary reference and a source of inspiration, with 100 recipes ranging from the traditional (brisket and pork shoulder) to the more daring and unique (cheese and cocktails). This book is a must-have because it has full-color photographs that will make your mouth water just looking at them.

Note, nevertheless, that this thrilling, comprehensive BBQ compendium may be a bit much for your needs if you tend to become overwhelmed easily and are instead seeking a simple recipe collection.

Planet Barbecue

Planet Barbecue

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I, like many people, fall into the trap of visualizing American dishes when thinking of barbecue and therefore assume it’s an American invention. This is silly considering there is evidence to show that barbecuing even pre-dates homo sapiens (us as we’re known today). It’s believed it was Homo Erectus that discovered cooking over fire and this is what advanced our evolution to become what we are today.

So it should come as no surprise that everywhere there are people, there is a history of barbecue (some more famous than others). Over the years many different regions developed their own signature style of barbecue and it’s these many styles that Planet Barbecue focuses on.

Where to start with the author of Planet Barbecue? An absolute giant in the BBQ world. I mentioned the author of the previous book was a legend to me, and this is because I love all the sciencey stuff behind outdoor cooking. but Steven Raichlen is an even bigger name.

I can’t think of anyone bigger or someone who has done more to advance outdoor cooking. He has numerous books and TV shows and he runs the Barbecue Bible and Steven Raichlen websites. You can also follow his latest endeavors on Twitter @sraichlen

Barbecue Sauces, Rubs And Marinades

Barbecue Sauces Rubs and Marinades

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From the Facebook groups I follow, I see a load of people splashing out rubs and sauces. There’s nothing wrong with that, many of the rubs and sauces they mention are made by BBQ competition winners so they are likely amazing products and save you time. But there will come a time when you taste a rub that is almost perfect, if only it had a little less salt or a bit more heat. That’s when learning to make your own is a great skill to have – of course your wallet will also feel a little heavier.

The best cookbook available to learn these skills is another book written by Steven Raichlen, called “Barbecue Sauces, Rubs, and Marinades. Bastes, Butters, and Glazes, Too.” You’d think this title tells you all you need to know about this book but it doesn’t. Because on top of that, it also covers salsas, relishes, chutneys, after-marinades, brines, and slather sauces. It has over 200 recipes and also has some great information if you decide you want to make your own signature rubs or sauces

Rodney Scott’s World of BBQ

Rodney Scott's World of BBQ

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Reading Rodney Scott’s World of BBQ is like taking a trip down memory lane; you’ll get to hear all about the hardships he overcame as a kid and the drive that led him to where he is now. This BBQ cookbook takes a straightforward, traditional approach to Carolina barbecue, giving Rodney’s dishes some much-needed soul.

The emphasis is on flavor and the pleasure of cooking, so the recipes are straightforward but satisfying. This grilling cookbook is focused primarily to Rodney’s life story, making it an excellent autobiographical read; however, it does include a wide range of recipes for things other than only meat.

The recipes are well-written and illustrated with beautiful photographs of the final dishes. This book is a must-have if you want to make some of Rodney’s most famous meals at home.

Those seeking a straightforward collection of BBQ recipes may be disappointed by the book’s focus on the author’s life story at the expense of more meat on the grill.

Michael Symon’s Playing with Fire

Michael Symon's Playing with Fire

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Playing with Fire, by Michael Symon, is required reading for every serious grill master. In this best-selling BBQ cookbook, Michael explains how he was moved to create his own unique brand of BBQ for his Cleveland-based restaurant Mabel’s by drawing on traditional recipes from around the United States, as well as from the area’s rich history and geographical setting.

This smoker cookbook features 72 original recipes that put a new spin on old standards, as well as helpful advice for using a variety of smokers and meats. Help is given in selecting aromatic woods for smoking, and suggestions are made for rubs, sauces, and sides that go well with specific meats.

This cookbook by a well-respected chef is an entertaining read, but rather than providing detailed instructions, it focuses on the big picture of grilling. Practical advice seekers may therefore find it lacking in comparison to other, more scientifically-oriented sources.

Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto

Franklin Barbecue Book

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Top pitmaster Aaron Franklin’s New York Times bestseller, A Meat-Smoking Manifesto, delves at the origins and evolution of Central Texas barbecue through the lens of Franklin’s own career as a pitmaster. In each section, Aaron details his life and his progress as a person and as a barbecuer, including the types of wood he uses and the methods he employs.

This book captures the essence of Texas barbecue and encourages the reader to go further into the finer points, as opposed to compiling a recipe-laden BBQ cookbook full of rights and wrongs. You will get the confidence to experiment with different techniques and improve your grilling after reading this.

This BBQ cookbook is not great for a meat-smoking newbie because it goes into great depth on all the basics. It is more of an introspective look into the author’s own journey to barbecue than a straightforward how-to.

This is why there aren’t many recipes: the author wants the reader to embark on their own journey toward a more nuanced understanding of barbecue, rather than just mimicking the author’s favorite techniques.

Pitmaster: Recipes, Techniques, and Barbecue Wisdom


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This wonderful barbecue cookbook delves into regional forms of barbeque and is sprinkled with tips from seasoned BBQ chefs to help you become a master of the grill. This BBQ and grilling cookbook is a step beyond the others with its comprehensive and extensive instructions for utilizing a wide variety of traditional smokers, from Kamado grills to Offsets smokers.

Pitmaster is a treasure trove of knowledge for aspiring and veteran barbecue enthusiasts alike, covering everything from the fundamentals of backyard grilling to advanced BBQ methods with dishes like Central Texas Beef Ribs. In addition to helpful guidelines for beginners, this BBQ cookbook is packed with delicious recipes for everything from appetizers to desserts, including regional sides, cocktails, and even drinks made with barbecued meat.

This insightful book features not just an examination of the latest developments in northern BBQ but also the rich traditions found in the Carolinas, Texas, and Kansas City, with additional advice from guest pitmasters from these regions.

This cookbook features beautiful photos and a wide variety of tantalizing dishes, but it veers so widely among genres and cooking methods that it periodically loses its way. Still, any barbecue enthusiast would be wise to add it to their cookbook collection.

Smokin’ with Myron Mixon

Smokin with Myron Mixon

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If you’re new to smoking and finding everything to be a bit complicated, take a page out of Smokin’ with Myron Mixon and get back to the basics.

This smoker cookbook will help you duplicate some of Mixon’s most classic meals, and his “keep it simple” philosophy has won him more awards, prize money, and admirers than anybody else in the world of competitive BBQ.

In this comprehensive guide to barbecuing, Mixon teaches you how to do it the old-fashioned way, beginning with the fundamentals like selecting the appropriate wood and grill. In addition to providing insightful explanations of his processes, Mixon provides 70 of his most cherished, award-winning recipes, such as his signature Cupcake Chicken.

Mixon comes across as somewhat cocky, which, given his enormous success, he has every right to be. Nevertheless, this BBQ cookbook is an excellent method to obtain some fantastic results. However, if you’re more of a seasoned smoker who’s searching for creative freedom in developing your own smoking style, this strategy may not be the best fit.

Pig Beach BBQ Cookbook

Pig Beach BBQ Cookbook

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A mouthwatering BBQ exploration from the renowned chefs of Pig Beach restaurants.

As young chefs, Matt Abdoo and Shane McBride learned their craft in the kitchens of three-star restaurants serving Italian and French fare, but it was barbecue that they truly enjoyed creating and devouring in their leisure time. They eventually gave up their Michelin-star kitchens in favor of a smoker and created their ideal restaurant, a casual joint that respects the history of American BBQ while remaining open to new ideas and cuisines.

You can now replicate Matt and Shane’s award-winning BBQ meats and sauces in the comfort of your own home. The Pig Beach BBQ Cookbook has more than fifty recipes for delicious barbecued meats, from old standards like buffalo wings and smoked beef brisket to innovative new dishes like Mojo-Marinated St. Louis Ribs and Secret Spice Pecan Candied Bacon.

Pig Beach BBQ Cookbook is the ultimate guide to American barbecue and a must-have for any aspiring backyard pitmaster. Experts from all over the country contribute their best tips and techniques so that you may make authentic North Carolina barbecue or Texas barbecue no matter where you live.

The Chili Cookbook

The Chili Cookbook

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Not sure there is a single person on our beautiful planet that doesn’t like at least one form of chili, and if there is I have never heard of him/her. Chili is a go-to dish when camping, using a dutch oven over an open fire but also great to cook with a cast iron pot or wok on a charcoal grill. People are never disappointed when they turn up to an outdoor shindig and see you have chucked together a big pot of chili, so having this book of the best chili recipes will be a great addition to any cookbook collection.

Traditionally, chili is a beef dish, and although the author of The Chili Cookbook has plenty of beef chili recipes he also gives recipes for pork, lamb, venison, turkey, chicken, and even seafood chili. This is great, because many people ask what to do with leftovers from their BBQing, and chili is normally the first answer they get. Now, with this book, you have great recipes, even some from chili competition winners, to turn any leftovers into an amazing meal all on its own.

Robb Walsh, the author of this cookbook, has won several awards such as the James Beard Foundation Award. He also has several other books which cover subjects like barbeque, tex-mex and hot sauce so is definitely a man that knows his spices, grilling, and outdoor cooking. You can find him on Twitter @RobWalsh or read some of his stuff from his website

Smoking Meat 101: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Smoking Meat 101

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If you’re new to barbecue and want some guidance and some simple recipes to get you started, Smoking Meat 101 is the book for you. Bill West, the author of numerous best-selling cookbooks, saves the day by providing expert guidance on selecting a smoker, wood, and cooking implements.

By the end of the book, you’ll know exactly how to season your meat, how long to smoke certain pieces, and how to fix common problems without ever calling in the experts again, all thanks to Bill.

You may impress your friends and family with the 75 recipes included in this smoking meat crash course manual. If you’ve never smoked a recipe before, you can use the five included step-by-step guides to master the fundamentals while you make your first BBQ meals.

This book has thorough instructions for new grillers, however, it would be much better if there were many more pictures. But if you’ve always wanted to give barbecuing a shot but have no idea where to start, this is an excellent cookbook with which to do it.

The Curry Guy

The Curry Guy

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You’ll be forgiven for thinking a cookbook on curry has no place on a best BBQ book list. For a second I questioned it myself but then came to my senses, of course, a curry book should be on the list – and particularly this book by the Curry Guy. Tandoori is one the world’s oldest and most unique barbecue pits and this alone should be enough for inclusion in a best BBQ cookbook list. Add to this the amount of great grilled meat and veg that has been given amazing rubs and sauces in popular curry dishes, then every aspiring grill master can learn a trick or two from this book.

The Curry Guy has added a whole chapter dedicated solely to BBQ and grilling. He mentions he has a home tandoori for naan bread and tandoori chicken but understands most people will not have this equipment so his recipes for naan bread are designed to be made in a pan. And for grilling, he uses a small German tabletop grill called Thuros T1, but of course, any grill that allows direct heat cooking will do.

The author, Dan Toombs, is an American living in Britain with his family, so his recipes and cooking techniques are what have been customized for a western audience, or as he calls it, British Indian Restaurant (BIR) style. Britain is where most traditional Indian dishes evolved to the tastes (mainly due to available ingredients) of a western restaurant goer due to the large Indian community that has made it their home.

Dan also runs a very popular and responsive Twitter account as @TheCurryGuy and posts great recipes on this website So if you’re looking to offer your family or guest amazing BBQ curry starters, mains, sides, or accompaniments then this is the cookbook for you.

Bludso’s BBQ Cookbook: A Family Affair in Smoke and Soul

Bludso's BBQ Cookbook

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Kevin Bludso is a two-time winner of the Steve Harvey Neighborhood Award in addition to being a chef and TV personality. As of 2018, Bludso’s BBQ had expanded to include a flagship location in Hollywood (Bludso’s Bar & Que), a concession stand at the LAFC soccer stadium, a location in Proud Bird by LAX, and a sprawling restaurant and bar called San Antone by Bludso’s BBQ in the Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia, all of which he opened after launching the business in Compton in 2008.

He has appeared on numerous television shows, including Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, Bong Appétit, and as a regular guest judge on Bar Rescue, and he will be returning for a second season as the star of Netflix’s famous BBQ competition show The American Barbecue Showdown. Kevin, who presently resides in Corsicana, Texas, frequently travels to other countries and states for his pop-up events and television appearances.

This is one of my favorite barbecue cookbooks, and I have a lot of them. You’ll find a wide variety of tasty recipes from a wide variety of cultures.

Many barbecue cookbooks cater only to purists (stick burners only, no gas! expensive Kamados only! salt and pepper only, let the meat do the speaking!), or alternatively, to those who aren’t particularly interested in learning how to barbecue but would still like to see some pretty images. This book strikes a balance between the two extremes without sacrificing the interests of either readership. If visuals are your thing, there are some great ones included.

The wording is simple and straightforward, and he does an excellent job of emphasizing which ingredients are necessary and which may be altered to suit personal taste or dietary restrictions. What I enjoy most, though, is how much character and friendliness can be felt while reading these pages.

If you love BBQ, soul food, and American cooking in general, or want a terrific grilling present for someone who does, look no further.

Master the Wood Pellet Grill

Master the Wood Pellet Grill

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This BBQ cookbook is a must-have for anyone who is just getting started with wood pellet barbecues. Andrew Koster, an expert on pellet grills, has written a book that is both easy to read and packed with information and recipes.

In the first section of this wood pellet barbecue cookbook, you will learn about the essential parts of your pellet grill. This will help you feel more at ease with your grill. The book continues with chapters on how to make your own marinades and rubs, as well as how to select, prepare, and rest various types of meat.

You can get your new pellet grill up and running with the help of the troubleshooting instructions if you run into any problems like losing fire or having the temperature jump around.

From barbecue standards like pulled pork and smoked spare ribs to more out-there creations like teriyaki beef jerky, the recipes section has something for everyone. Not enough images of the completed dishes are included, which would substantially increase the cookbook’s attractiveness.

Please be aware that this is a beginner-level smoker cookbook; if you’re an experienced griller, you may want to search elsewhere for inspiration.

Fire Food: The Ultimate BBQ Cookbook

Fire Food The Ultimate BBQ Cookbook

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DJ BBQ, real name Christian Stevenson, is an American live-fire chef who has made a reputation for himself in the barbecue industry. Now the second most popular BBQ cook in the world on YouTube, he is also a regular face on Jamie Oliver’s FoodTube channel after a successful career as a radio and TV presenter. Some of the companies he’s collaborated with are Hellmann’s and American Bad Ass Grill, as well as the Food Network,, and A&E Networks’ Blaze.

How to master the art of live fire and create out-of-this-world grilled, smoked, and slow-roasted meat, fish, and vegetables is the focus of this BBQ & grilling cookbook.

Pitmaster DJ BBQ teaches you the fundamentals of charcoal grilling and provides detailed instructions for making traditional barbecue dishes like grilled chicken with Alabama white sauce and tender rib-eye steak, as well as more unique fare like BBQ spaghetti Bolognese and poutine with bourbon and maple syrup spiked gravy.

There are enough fish entrees, vegetable grills, and outlandish barbecue creations to last you from summer through winter. DJ BBQ is influenced by the many Argentine barbecue cooks, gauchos, artisans, and pitmasters he has met on his travels.

An excellent BBQ book! This is a beautiful addition to my library of grilling and barbecuing books. His meals and techniques are interesting and innovative, and he uses several flavors and ingredients that I’ve never encountered before. The book includes instructions for both grilling and smoking. The author’s style is lighthearted and upbeat.

Throughout, you’ll find stunning, motivational photography. It has neat, recessed cover lettering and great, thick pages, making it an excellent gift.

Pizza Bible

The Pizza Bible

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In recent years there has been an explosion in the number of people owning outdoor wood-fired pizza ovens. A lot of this has to do with a few companies breaking the mold and developing more affordable models. On top of this, many grills now also have pizza-making attachments, so cooking pizza outside is now a very popular pass time. And if like me, you are someone that partakes in this pastime then why not be the best at it and learn from The Pizza Bible’s World Pizza Cup winning champion Tony Gemignani.

Every style of pizza you’ve ever eaten is covered in the Pizza Bible; Chicago, Sicilian, Napoletana, California, grilled, wrapped, and rolled – they are all in this book. It’s not your average pizza parlor chef giving away their tips and recipes either, it’s Tony Gemignani, 11-times World Pizza Cup champ. You can find Tony on Twitter @tonyspizza415

Best Barbecue Cookbooks Video

Stuck eating the same burned burgers, charred sausages, and scorched kebabs over and over again? That’s not lost on me. When summertime barbecues roll around, it’s easy to fall back on tired old recipes.

It’s time, though, to be proud of your outdoor cooking skills. Improve your grilling skills this summer with the guidance of the greatest barbecue cookbooks.

What to Look for When Buying a BBQ & Grilling Cookbook

Finding the best BBQ cookbook for your skill level and cooking style might be challenging with so many fantastic options available. But the finest grilling cookbook should have the following characteristics.


Cookbooks for grillers of good quality typically cost $20 to $30. There are some that are more affordable and some that are more expensive, but $25 is a reasonable range for a book that is well-bound, has excellent photographs, and is filled with lots of practical information.

Costs are typically much higher for larger hardback versions with better photos that also double as coffee table books. Don’t let the price deter you, though; there are still lots of affordable BBQ cookbooks available.

To select a grilling cookbook that will actually change the way you BBQ, pay attention to the other factors in our buyer’s guide.

What Is Included – Recipes, technical advice, and food science

You are looking for a BBQ cookbook to hone your skills? thus content is crucial. However, the many types of grilling cookbooks can differ greatly from one another. Before you purchase, if you are primarily looking for recipes, find out how many are offered.

Many smoker cookbooks written by well-known pitmasters include extensive autobiographical material, but not all readers find this to be interesting. Therefore, before making a purchase, I advise you to consider what you want from your BBQ cookbook.

If you want a simple, step-by-step tutorial on how to grill meats, don’t choose an inspirational history of barbecue book that is sprinkled with some recipes. A more personal version would be preferable if you already know the fundamentals and want to delve deeper into some of the sophisticated techniques and rich history of American BBQ.

Essentially, look for a BBQ book that addresses your demands. Beginners can benefit from step-by-step instructions, but more experienced users will benefit from the complexity of BBQing that is exposed through more personal tales of failure and success along with some general advice and pointers.

Content that has been supported by science can be beneficial to all levels of learners, including specialists and the merely curious. After choosing a cookbook that satisfies your overall content needs and areas of interest, you should perform a little background research on the author.

Status of the Author

Nowadays, almost anyone can publish a book. Who is to say that the author is any good, then? You might not even be familiar with some of the big BBQing personailities if you are new to BBQing in general. Here’s how to determine whether a BBQ & grilling cookbook was created by a person who is deserving of your time.

Are their website and YouTube channel of high quality? – Basically, can you find any videos or articles from the author about BBQing using a quick internet search? How helpful are they to you, if at all?

Is there an eatery that serves grilled meat with the author’s name above the door? Professional cooks may not always devote much time and effort to maintaining their web profile. However, the likelihood that the author truly understands the subject at hand increases if they own a well-known restaurant that specializes in BBQed meat.

Click here to visit the BBQ Hall of Fame and see if the author is mentioned.

Lastly, have they participated in and won any competitions? Visit the Kansas City BBQ Society to see some of the largest completion winner teams and team members.

If the author of your BBQ cookbook does not meet any of the aforementioned requirements but is still a best-selling author, they may still be worth reading, but it’s safer to stick to only buying books by people that meet one or more of the above requirements.

Generally won’t learn much from BBQ authors who don’t have a strong web presence or the credentials to support their claims, so stay away from them.

Size and Page Count of the Book

Quality, as the saying goes, is more significant than quantity. A shorter BBQ cookbook that is jam-packed with guidance, recipes, and ideas will be far more helpful than a lengthier one that contains less detailed material.

However, if you want a grilling cookbook with lots of in-depth recipes, you should get a copy that is several hundred pages long to allow for enough explanations and images, as well as general guidance and other helpful tips. In comparison to smaller formats, books with larger pages will have fewer pages.

Recipe Details & Variety

While some BBQ cookbooks include detailed cooking instructions, others only offer hazy ideas for where to start. Some will include the author’s most popular or effective dishes, while others will include a variety of recipes from other regions.

By reading the summary from your smoker cookbook’s back cover or sleeve, you can frequently get a better idea of the types of recipes that are contained. You may occasionally discover that some of the recipes are posted online as a sales incentive.

The Standard of the Food Photos

The majority of cookbooks for grilling & BBQ are also works of culinary art with stunning imagery. Nothing can motivate you to light up your grill like beautiful pictures of food. Images of finished dishes inspire confidence in addition to serving as a baseline for how your food should look.

A picture of how your recipe should look helps you know that it has been tried and tested. Additionally, if you like the way the results look, there is a good probability that you will like the way it tastes or at least want to try it.

Which Formats Are Offered

The majority of BBQ & grilling cookbooks are available for purchase in a variety of media, including electronic, paperback, and hardcover editions. Electronic ones are less expensive, but depending on your gadget and tastes, they may be less effective for following recipes outside.

While some people prefer a hard copy, others have a vast digital library. Hardback would probably be a suitable choice for most people if it’s a huge coffee table book with eye-catching illustrations. You could discover that a digital version is simpler to retain and bookmark if it comes in smaller, more common formats. Additionally, there are no delivery delays; you may start using it right away.

Your Type of Grill

Be careful to select a cookbook that is appropriate for your type of grill before making a decision. A cookbook for wood pellet grills will provide information and recipes that are substantially dissimilar from those found in an electric grill cookbook.

Although owners of charcoal smokers are the target audience for the majority of smoker cookbooks, electric, gas, pellet, and even open-fire books are also becoming more popular. It might be preferable to look for a cookbook designed for your specific type of grill.

Is the Book Designed for Novice or Experienced Pitmasters?

Make sure the BBQ cookbook is appropriate for your smoking experience and skill level. While some cookbooks for grilling are generic in nature and offer tips and techniques that are helpful to all skill levels, beginners will feel out of their element when using a BBQ cookbook designed for seasoned pitmasters.

A step-by-step manual for operating your grill can also leave you disappointed if you have been using one for a while and are hoping for some fresh difficulties. So research what you are buying before pressing the buy now button.

Final Thoughts

There are many top-notch BBQ & grilling cookbooks available. You can be sure to discover the finest cookbook for your grill in our extensive best-selling book selections, whether you’re searching for one to get started grilling or to hone your abilities.

Smokin’ with Myron Mixon has plenty of tips and multiple award-winning recipes from one of the most renowned pitmasters of all time if you’re grilling meat for the first time and need guidance on how to get started.

Meathead: The Science of Great Barbecue and Grilling is a great option for novice or intermediate pitmasters who want to learn more about how a smoker operates and how to create the ideal smoke ring. This BBQ cookbook includes various tried-and-true recipes with plenty of high-quality images in addition to dispelling common grilling fallacies.

Pitmaster: Recipes, Techniques, and Barbecue Wisdom is my top BBQ cookbook pick for learning about various styles and regions and is a requirement for any true BBQ enthusiast if you are interested in BBQing in general and want to discover more about how various regions have contributed to our country’s rich BBQing history.

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Brian Hamilton is a BBQ grilling enthusiast and has the expertise and knowledge to have created Brian specializes in all methods of grilling and bbq equipment and is a self-proclaimed backyard Pitmaster. Qualified at degree level he gained a BEng Degree in Engineering in the United Kingdom. Brian is a well-traveled and cultured individual and has lived and worked in several countries in Europe and has gained quite a reputation amongst peers for his skills and commitment on the grilling circuit.

The Best BBQ & Grilling Cookbooks

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