The Ultimate List of Grilling Gift Ideas for BBQ Lovers

Last Updated January 12, 2023
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I’m not an expert in buying gifts by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, I often struggle when it comes to buying presents for most people I know. But there is one subject I know and love, and that’s outdoor cooking. So when it comes to grilling gifts I know exactly what I’m doing. I simply pick something that I’d really like to unwrap at Christmas, on my birthday, or on father’s day.

Below I’ll list a selection of the best BBQ gift ideas that will suit all budgets and every occasion. Just be aware that many grillers are fanatical about their hobby and it’s likely they will already own a wide range of accessories, so if it’s possible to ask someone what equipment they already own then it’s probably wise to do so.

Grilling Gifts


Grilling Apparel Gifts Ideas

The safest gift for BBQ lovers is an item of clothing. This type of grilling gift doesn’t matter if they already have one as it’s very often the case that the person you’re giving a present to will welcome multiple items of clothing.

We’re obviously not talking about a nice shirt and tie here, as this would be of no use for a pitmaster. What you’ll be looking to buy is a BBQ apron, heat-resistant gloves or some branded grilling apparel.

Heat Resistant Grilling Gloves


Heat Resistant Grilling Gloves

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You’re buying a grilling gift for a loved one, so it’s safe for me to assume their well-being is paramount to you. And that’s what makes a pair of heat-resistant barbecue gloves a great present. It’s a lovely gift and it helps protect your loved one from being burnt.

Grill Heat Aid heat-resistant barbeque gloves are woven aramid gloves with a silicone lining. They are comprised of a composite material with three layers: a soft cotton inner liner, silicone outside touchpoints, and woven aramid for insulation.

They can easily grip big chunks of hot meat, hot metal, embers, and even burning bits of wood because they are rated to withstand 932°F. Even better, their design keeps them flexible without sacrificing comfort or durability.

To assist in shielding your forearms, the sleeve extends several inches over your wrist. Additionally, they come with a lifetime warranty against flaws.

I had no trouble turning over metal kebab skewers or scooping baked potatoes off a hot grill. Inside, my hands started to perspire a little, although that was more due to poor ventilation than any heat leaking through.

I recommend the Grill Heat Aid heat-resistant barbecue gloves if you’re seeking a very effective heat-resistant gloves that won’t impair your dexterity. These gloves are 100% a great grilling gift.

BBQ Aprons

Weber Style Barbecue Apron

BBQ Aprons

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Okay, I must admit that an apron isn’t a cool grilling gift, but it’s a present that will be well received. Grilling is a messy activity and one that normally takes place with friends or family around. And therefore it’ll be likely the cook will be wearing some of his nicer clothes to look good. The last thing they want is a BBQ sauce stain or black ash marks on their fancy threads.

I’ve recommended several of the best BBQ aprons in a previous article if you want to see the many different styles available, but for a gift, you can’t go wrong with the Weber BBQ apron.

I must admit that I am a devoted Weber supporter. Everything they produce will undoubtedly be of high quality. It’s the same with their effort at a BBQ apron. Compared to other aprons I’ve suggested, it has fewer functions but does include pockets, an adjustable neck strap, and a Weber bottle opener. It has a hefty, more masculine feel thanks to the sturdy cotton that it is made of. And for extra manliness, the black and gray colors make it resemble a mechanic’s apron. Making this an amazing Father’s Day gift.

Branded Hats and t-shirts

Weber T-Shirt – Navy

Branded BBQ gifts

Buy from Weber

As previously mentioned, grillers can be fanatical about the art of outdoor cooking, but also about the brands that fill this genre. For this reason, nearly any branded item will make a great gift. This can be grill manufacturers, BBQ teams or even companies that make rubs. It often doesn’t matter as long as they are a name fellow grill enthusiasts will recognize. Below is a list of five of the bigger names that sell branded apparel.

Branded BBQ gifts

Grilling Gift Stocking Stuffers

What sort of tiny smoker presents would you give to a pitmaster who has everything? The solution is clear. Even the most seasoned pitmaster would love any of these presents as a stocking stuffer.

Everyone enjoys opening the modest but perfectly practical gifts they find in their stockings that are hung by the fireplace. Everyone will find something here, and even though they are all little enough to fit in a stocking, the family member who is the grill master will be greatly impacted by them.

Keychain Thermometer

ThermoWorks Fun-Size Thermometer

Keychain Thermometer

Buy from ThermoWorks

Does the cook in your home have a passion for creating the perfect meal? If so, they should most likely always carry the proper instrument to swiftly and precisely measure the temperature of food. Thermoworks’ “fun-size” thermometer is the ideal device for measuring food temperatures anytime, anywhere.

It is precise to within three degrees, and it can adjust between Celsius and Fahrenheit. It might not be as accurate as the full-size thermometers offered by Thermoworks, but it would undoubtedly be useful in an emergency if the cook was away from their own kitchen or perhaps on a camping trip.

Grill Themed Bottle Opener

Weber Bottle Opener

Bottle Opener

Buy from Weber

Everyone is aware that you need a refreshing drink in your hand to stay hydrated when spending hours caring for your smoked meats. Of course, a bottle opener is occasionally necessary for that cold beverage.

And occasionally, there simply isn’t one available, in which case you have to leave your post and look for one. With this bottle opener decorated like a barbeque, Weber has you covered.

It can serve as the pitmaster’s designated opener and remain outside. It also makes a wonderful Christmas stocking stuffer for any household grilling aficionado.

Keychain Hot Sauce Bottle

Sriracha Mini Keychain Combo Pack

Keychain Hot Sauce Bottle

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Everyone is aware that adding spicy sauce instantly improves the flavor of everything. But not just any hot sauce. Sriracha, the reigning hot sauce champion, must be added.

But sometimes you can’t get Sriracha when you need it. With these Sriracha keychains, you won’t ever have to be concerned about missing out on the heat again, which may be a real drag. 1 to 1.7 ounces of sauce can fit in each bottle, which is just enough to cover any bland meal emergency. These bottles are BPA-free and tiny enough to pass through TSA security.

Pocket Knife Sharpener

Smith’s Abrasives knife sharpener

Pocket Knife Sharpener

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One of the most recognizable knife sharpeners in the world is the Smith’s Pocket Pal Sharpener. It is quite little, measuring only 3.5 inches long and weighing just one ounce.

It accomplishes a few things exceptionally well, making up for the lack of extensive capability. It contains a diamond-grit sharpening rod as well as carbide and ceramic slot sharpeners. This enables you to sharpen a knife blade to a razor edge using ceramic after rapidly giving it a rough edge.

The diamond rod makes it simple to sharpen each whorl and wave on serrated blades. The Smith’s Pocket Pal is famous for a reason: it’s affordable, sturdy, and fulfills all your requirements for a field pocket sharpener. An all-around great stocking stuffer gift.

Meat Shredder Claws

Bear Paws Meat Claws

Bear Paws

Buy from Amazon

Although pulled pork or chicken tacos with finely chopped meat are wonderful, shredding the meat can be time-consuming and annoying, especially when using larger chunks of meat. These shredder claws, as opposed to the double-fork technique, quickly demolish any flesh they come into contact with, be it a single chicken breast or an entire slow-smoked pork butt.

They are also excellent for holding bulky foods—like a 20-pound watermelon or a full turkey—in position during chopping. The claws are made of durable nylon and can withstand heat, making them ideal for shredding food as soon as it is taken off the grill. These Bear Claws are an amazing budget-friendly grilling gift.

Grilling Accessories Gifts

Anyone who enjoys grilling meat will find several products online that will increase their enthusiasm for cooking.

Some folks merely stick to the dry rub recipes they have printed off the internet and store-bought sauces. But there are so many helpful tools available that may improve anyone’s meat by a factor of a hundred in terms of flavor, juiciness, and satisfaction.

What would be the ideal grilling accessory present for the family member who is the pitmaster and seems to have it all figured out? Check out any of these weapons that belong in the armory of any legendary pitmaster.

Grill Mats

Kona Best BBQ Grill Mat

Kona Best BBQ Grill Mats

Buy from Amazon

For those of you that aren’t familiar with what a grill mat is, it’s a mat made from fiberglass cloth and PTFE that you place on the grill grate that allows for a mess-free cooking experience. And as no one likes cleaning, this is what makes a grill mat such a wonderful present.

Before buying a grill mat as a gift be sure to find out whether you need to buy a rectangular or circular mat. It’s still possible to use the wrong shape on a grill but it just looks nicer having the correct shape.

The thickest mat you’ll find is the Kona grill mat, measuring 0.39mm. This is not to argue that thicker is better, but it does help with the product’s durability. This non-stick grill mat has a 7-year guarantee, which on paper seems to cover practically all unfortunate events, to support the idea of durability.

You receive two 16″ x 13″ BBQ grill mats with this purchase, and the manufacturer claims that they may be used 1000 times on each side. However, I haven’t been able to independently verify this claim. I’m confident that I will be able to confirm these assertions at some point in the near future, but 1000 usage is a lot of barbecue.

At 600 degrees Fahrenheit, these grill mats also provide the maximum grilling temperature restrictions. I can attest that this is a true statement. While a really close friend seared his steak at these temperatures, I personally have not.

Grill Lights

Zeust Sirius 2.0 Barbecue Grill Light

Grill Lights

Buy from Amazon

A nice simple grill gift that you can’t get wrong with is a BBQ light and they are relatively cheap. The inevitable cooking in the dark will happen, even if BBQing is seen as a nice sunny day activity. So having a light available will come in handy. One that has a clamp is best for grillers as it gives the ability to have both hands free to deal with the food. I recommend the Zeust grill light.

For grilling and smoking, the Zeust Sirius 2.0 Barbecue Grill Light is a small yet incredibly brilliant light. It is made to attach to the grill handle and cast a brilliant, white light downward onto the cooking area.

This is accomplished via 10 LED lamps that are powered by three AAA batteries. You may use them for up to 18 hours at a time on a single set of batteries, which is sufficient for numerous nocturnal grilling sessions.

Simply place the C-mount over the grill’s handle and tighten it to secure it to the grill. When finished, it may be removed with ease and without the use of any tools.

The plastic’s quality was one aspect that really struck me. Numerous grill lights that resemble the Zeust greatly are built of inexpensive composites without heat treatment.

During testing, the Zeust actually brushed up against the blazing hot bottom part of my grill and had no negative effects. The manufacturer claims that it can resist temperatures of up to 550°F.

It’s difficult to go wrong with the Zeust Sirius 2.0 Barbecue Grill Light if you’re seeking the gift of a grill light that you can “fix it and forget it.”

Meat Injector Kit

Premiala Awesome Meat Injector

Meat Injector Kit

Buy from Amazon

Every meat expert is aware that using a food injector is the best option if you want to add more taste to each bite. So why not choose one of the top products available if you’re going to give one of these things as a gift?

The best meat injector available is this one from Premiala. Three separate needles, one for each injector kit, are ideal for whatever kind of internal marinating a cook could wish to conduct.

The injector comes in a pretty gift box and is simple to clean with the provided brushes. Anyone wishing to enhance their cuisine with a little more flavor will love receiving this grill accessory gift.

Grill Utensils

Weber 3-Piece Tool Set

Grill Utensils

Buy from Amazon

Of course, no grill expert is complete without his go-to tools. A fork, spatula, and set of tongs are necessities for every cook working at the grill.

This makes the Weber three-piece set a fantastic grill gift set for any experienced cook. These travel-friendly stainless steel utensils are the ideal size for packing.

They also have plush grips that are cozy. Additionally, they are dishwasher safe, making cleanup simple. What more could you possibly ask for in a set of utensils? Additionally, Weber has a solid reputation for expertise in the grilling industry. So you can be sure that these tools are reliable.

They are also the ideal size to bring camping with you! These small grilling accessories, which are 18 inches in length, are simple to stow away and store when not in use.

The BBQ tool set includes the three pieces of grilling equipment I use the most. A fork, a spatula, and a set of locking tongs are included.

Beer Can Chicken Holder

Sittin’ Chicken Ceramic Beer Can Chicken Roaster

Beer Can Chicken

Buy from Amazon

This ceramic roaster is the ideal gift for individuals who want to cook beer can chicken but don’t want to use a metal vertical holder (like a can of beer). Imagine it as a ceramic beer can with a broad base.

You won’t have to worry about pollutants or chemicals leaking into your meat thanks to the glazed ceramic construction. This straightforward roaster fits a chicken of ordinary size and may be filled with any beverage of your choice. For larger birds, you may even buy a roaster the size of a turkey.

The foundation is sturdy and extremely stable, and the wide-mouth aperture features built-in steam vents. There won’t be any issues if your chicken accidentally topples over.

If you use a drip tray to collect the grease, you can use this roaster on the grill or in the oven. It is fine to put it through the dishwasher. But occasionally a thorough hand washing may be necessary to remove the crusts.

Burger Press

Grillaholics Stuffed Burger Press

Burger Press

Buy from Amazon

Nothing pulls people together more than a large quantity of nicely grilled hamburgers.

However, hand-forming those patties may become very taxing, and soon the patties begin to lose their shape. A burger press is a fantastic item to keep on hand, especially for individuals who enjoy preparing numerous burgers.

A cheap and simple-to-use burger press for stuffing burgers is the Grillaholics Stuffed Burger Press. With each press, you can create the ideal packed burger thanks to the combination of an indented press and a bigger flat press.

It is composed of light plastic and completely disassembles for simple cleaning. After using the press to make a few burgers, I’m certain that it would be impossible to overuse it.

Although it takes a little longer to make stuffed burgers than regular ones, I was still able to produce them quickly. If you enjoy a fully packed burger but don’t want to pay restaurant prices, this burger press is fantastic.

Overall, I found the Grillaholics Stuffed Burger Press to be cost-effective and functional for its intended use and would be a great inexpensive grilling fathers day gift.

Grill Skewer Set

Bear Moo Kabob Skewers

Grill Skewer Set

Buy from Amazon

Stop playing around with single-use wooden skewers that require soaking and could splinter into your food. The best skewers for kabobs are these stainless steel ones.

They have plenty of area for meat and veggies because they are 17 inches long. In addition to being easier to manage than a standard loop circle, the skewer’s waving handle also makes holding and rotating hot skewers more pleasant and secure.

The skewers come with a canvas bag for storage and are simple to clean.

Rib Rack

Weber Original Rib And Roast Holder

Rib Rack

Buy from Amazon

The crowd always enjoys ribs. However, they might take up a lot of room in your smoker or on your grill if you have to create a lot of them at once.

With this Weber rib rack, you can smoke or grill your ribs vertically, solving the issue.

A stainless steel rib rack with a conventional hoop construction is the Weber Premium Rib and Roast Holder. It includes five racks of rib storage space, two sizable handles on either end and is simple to put in and take out of your smoker.

It is constructed of brushed stainless steel, is safe for the dishwasher, and serves as a roasting tray as well. You can arrange a variety of delectable roasts, whole chickens, or items like Boston butts by flipping it over.

It makes it much simpler to check that your ribs are cooked through and helps shield them from being burned by the heat of the hot metal grill grate.

Overall, it’s a cheap, reliable, and durable rib rack that allows you to smoke enough mouthwatering, fall-off-the-bone tender ribs for the entire family, making this a gift for more than just one person.

BBQ Prep Station

Keter Unity XL Portable Outdoor Table

Keter Unity XL Outdoor Table

Buy from Amazon

All the grilling gift ideas until now have all been pretty cheap or midrange products. If you’re looking to get something a little more special then you might consider getting a BBQ prep station.

When cooking in the backyard food preparation space is often at a premium. Which means plates or food must be put on the floor or balanced precariously on top of each other. This doesn’t have to be the case if you have a well-designed BBQ table. And there is a clear favorite among BBQ fans, the Keter table.

The best-selling Keter Unity XL comes in two colors: espresso brown and dark grey. It can hold a total of 78 gallons, of which 24 gallons can be kept open and 54 gallons can be kept closed. Also, there are two side shelves with S-shaped hooks where you can hang your grilling tools or put paper towels, as well as a spice rack for rubs and sauces. I like how much storage there is and how the extra storage makes up for the fact that there are no shelves.

The rest of the table is made of resin and polypropylene that can withstand the weather, but the top is made of 201-grade stainless steel. It also keeps rust and peeling from happening.

The inside storage is a good place to keep propane tanks, grilling tools and utensils, as well as packs of charcoal or briquettes. Since the door locks with a plastic piece that snaps into the frame, you might want to use a padlock for extra security.

The 50-pound portable grill table has two wheels that make it easy to move, and its legs can be adjusted to make it level on uneven surfaces. The Keter is made for barbecuing, but it is so versatile that you can also use it as a DIY table for your garage or as a potting table.

Customers love how durable, flexible, roomy, and full of storage options it is. It can hold up to 110 pounds.

Backpack Cooler

YETI Hopper Backflip Backpack Cooler

Backpack Cooler

Buy from Amazon

YETI is one of the most well-known brands on the market, and their outdoor products have a great reputation. The YETI Hopper Backflip 24 Soft-Sided Cooler Backpack is no different and would make a great gift to the griller in your life that likes to take his BBQ on the road – grilling at a picnic, tailgate, or campsite.

This backpack cooler can hold up to 20 cans and has high-tech cold-cell insulation, so it can keep ice for up to 24 hours. This makes it great for day trips to the beach and family picnics. The ergonomic design makes it comfortable to wear, and the padded shoulder straps spread the weight evenly, so even when it’s full, your back won’t hurt.

This soft backpack cooler is made from strong materials that can handle the rough conditions of the outdoors. The outer shell is resistant to mildew and completely waterproof, so even if it starts to rain, water won’t get into the inner compartments. The durable design is also scratch-resistant, so it will always look as good as new on your trips. The inner liner and zippers are 100% leakproof to keep any spills from getting messy.

I also like that this backpack cooler has a wide opening that makes it easy to put things in and take things out. The grid of hitchpoints on the front panel is also useful because it lets you hook up extra gear so you can carry more without using your hands.

Overall, the YETI Hopper BackFlip 24 is a great, high-quality choice for keeping your food and drinks ice cold all day long. It’s easy to carry, made to last, and has enough room for the whole family.

The only bad thing about this model is how much it costs. As a top maker of high-end products, this backpack cooler is at the high end of the price range. If you’re on a tight budget, it might not be a good choice for a gift. If this is the case check my best backpack coolers guide with cheaper options.

Cedar Grilling Planks

Grill Gourmet Grilling Planks

Cedar Grilling Planks

Buy from Amazon

A flickering flame, bright blazing coals, and the gratifying sizzle of meat. These are frequently regarded as indicators that a grilling session is in full swing. However, residents of the Pacific Northwest will tell you there’s another indicator: the aroma of burnt cedar.

The technique of plank grilling, commonly referred to as planking, involves placing food on a wooden board that has been placed over indirect heat on a grill. The best approach to guarantee that your dish has a rich, wood-smoked flavor is to do this. Because the skin of your fish (or chicken, or vegetables) immediately contacts the charred plank, plank grilling completely outperforms the conventional woodchip method. Consequently, the flavor will differ depending on the kind of wood you select.

Fish is the most popular food to barbecue on cedar planks, so if you are gifting for someone that loves fish this is ideal, but you can use a plank to grill almost any protein or vegetable. Consider grilling some steaks, chicken, pig, tofu, or vegetables. Make sure that various types of meat are kept on separate planks. All varieties of vegetables can share a plank, but don’t let vegetables and meats do so.

Grill Smoker Box

Cave Tools Grill Smoker Box

Grill Smoker Box

Buy from Amazon

This stainless steel smoker box is the ideal grilling gift if you have a cook in your family who enjoys smoking meat but doesn’t have access to a smoker.

Any gas or charcoal grill can become a lean, mean, smoking machine by using this sturdy smoker box. If extra wood chips are required, access is made simple by the movable lid.

The size of this smoker box also allows it to fit easily between grill grates or directly on top of coals while holding a substantial amount of wood chips.

Because there are no holes in the bottom, the wood chips will smolder rather than burn, giving the grill a lovely, evenly heated smoke. A recipe book is also included with this smoker kit.

Grill Press

Lodge Rectangular Cast Iron Grill Press

Grill Press

Buy from Amazon

The grandfather of American cast iron producers, Lodge Cast Iron, offers a heavyweight rectangular grill press called the Lodge Cast Iron Grill Press. It is 6.75 inches by 4.5 inches and pre-seasoned for cooking ready right out of the box.

It has a gorgeously textured top surface and a smooth bottom to give the meat the most surface area possible to press a sear into. It boasts a stay-cool spiral handle that provides a secure grip for significantly ratcheting down pressure while also helping to protect your fingers from the heat.

I’ll face it; I have a soft spot for vintage cast iron. And this rectangular grill press from Lodge, the pinnacle of Americana cast iron cookware, really proves it.

It works well and is long-lasting and simple to maintain. The Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Rectangular Grill Press is the grill press to buy if you want one to last long enough to give to your grandchildren.

Basting Brush

Weber Grill Basting Brush

Basting Brush

Buy from Amazon

Basting brushes can have a significant impact on your grilling abilities and outcomes, despite being a modest addition to your grill equipment and appearing to be superfluous. Fish, vegetables, meat, and even baked goods and grilled food can all be basted with brushes.

Basting brushes often come in two pieces. The head of the brush has silicone or nylon bristles, and the handle has an ergonomic grip design. But there are a lot of factors to take into account while choosing a reliable and effective brush. These factors include the brush size, bristle type, brush material, and handle length.

And to support you in that I’ve done the research and recommend the Weber basting bush as the best you can get for someone that loves to BBQ.

Insect Killer


Insect Killer

Buy from Amazon

From my understanding, very few people like insects, but around food even them few crazy people will not tolerate them. The problem with outdoor cooking is insects seem to think you have given them an invite and freely help themselves. So give a gift that helps solve this problem and is entertaining at the same time – the bug-a-salt.

By far, the most fun way to kill insects is with a machine, as long as your guests don’t mind you killing bugs. And some clever tools have been made just for this purpose. For me, one of these tools is the Bug-A-Salt 3.0. I don’t know if this was made to have fun or to get rid of insects. Either way, it does both things and looks macho cool on top of that.

Bug-A-Salt is basically a gun that you can fill with salt. You get 80 shots before you have to reload, and you can kill almost any bug from 1 to 3 feet away. If you want to see this gun in action, there are many videos of it on YouTube, including one where someone shoots their hand to show how safe it is. But I would strongly suggest that you don’t do this and that you use it in a smart and safe way.

I’m sure the Bug-A-Salt is too much for some people to use to get rid of bugs outside, but I’m not one of them. I love the gun. I think this is a great gift for people who like to BBQ.

Meat Tenderizer

Jaccard 48-Blade Meat Tenderizer

Meat Tenderizer

Buy from Amazon

Everyone desires delicate meat. And a meat tenderizer is unquestionably the greatest instrument for the job of making meat delicate.

But how can anyone know which choice is the best when there are so many? The conventional hammer-style tenderizers are widely available for purchase. However, if used improperly, these might be a bit hefty and even spoil a good piece of meat.

The Jaccard Supertendermatic 48-Blade Tenderizer is a fantastic grilling gift for anyone who is passionate about preparing tender and delectable meat. The flesh is pierced by 48 tiny blades on this fantastic, simple-to-use instrument, resulting in faster cooking times and better marinade penetration. The ideal tool to have on hand when working with tough and awkward cuts of meat is this one.

Jalapeno Grill Rack

Cave Tools Jalapeno Corer Tool

Jalapeno Grill Rack

Buy from Amazon

Before the main course, every grilling or smoking session requires some delectable appetizers. And what better starter than some delectable jalapeno poppers that have been cooked on a grill?

This jalapeño grill rack is the ideal grill gift for anyone who like their food hot and flavorful. The rack accommodates 24 peppers, and a useful pepper coring tool is included so you may hollow out your peppers before filling them with anything you like.

The rack also features 25 recipes for barbecuing and is ideal for chicken drumsticks. This jalapeno pepper rack works well in a smoker, regular oven, or grill.


PETZL NAO+ Programmable Rechargeable Headlamp


Buy from Amazon

A headlamp with 750 lumens, the PETZL NAO+ is ideal for usage by professionals and in high-intensity outdoor activities, but also makes a great gift for grillers that need some light and also need to keep their hands free. It has a three-part strap mechanism that firmly fastens to your head and weighs 6.5 ounces.

Actually, the NAO+ has three separate light sources integrated into a single headlamp. Flood and spotlight lighting is provided by two on the front, while a red signaling light is mounted on the strap system’s back. It contains a 3100 mAh lithium-ion battery that provides up to 15 hours of autonomy or 6 hours of light in maximum power mode.

One of the most intelligent headlamps on the market right now is the PETZL. It incorporates a reactive lighting system in addition to being programmable via a smartphone app. Either steady light or light-reactive mode can be selected.

It emits a consistent quantity of light for the duration of the battery’s life. Depending on the weather outside, it reactively adjusts the lighting. The button is entirely functional even when wearing gloves, as befits its high-end design.

The high-end PETZL NAO+ headlamp is cozy, unbelievably brilliant, IPX4 certified and produces a ton of light. Even though it is pricey, it is definitely worth the cost if you engage in nighttime outdoor activities like skiing, trail jogging, or nighttime backyard BBQing.

Soft Sided Cooler

YETI Hopper Flip 12 Portable Soft Cooler

Soft Sided Cooler

Buy from Amazon

The Yeti Hopper Flip 12 Portable Cooler is my first recommendation for a soft-sided cooler gift – see my other soft-sided cooler suggestions here. This well-liked model is a great option for keeping drinks cool on camping trips, picnics, and BBQs.

The Yeti Hopper Flip is great for weekend trips because it can keep ice frozen for at least 12 hours and cold for up to three days. This is because it has high-quality, closed-cell foam insulation that works better than the foams in cheaper models.

This soft cooler is easy to carry to your favorite beauty spot because it is light, cube-shaped, and has an ergonomic shoulder strap. The waterproof “HydroLok” zipper and the outer DryHide shell keep your gear from getting wet in bad weather or when you’re on the water. It is also very strong and won’t get holes or mildew, so you can take this cooler with you wherever your adventures take you.

I love that this soft cooler has a big opening that makes it easy to put drinks and snacks in and grab them on the go. It can hold up to 12 standard-sized cans or a mix of cans and food, so there’s plenty of room to bring drinks for a lot of people. The handy grid of hitch points on the front can also be used to attach bottle openers or carabiners, so you can carry extra gear without using your hands.

Overall, the Yeti Hopper Flip 12 Portable Cooler is a great way to keep your food and drinks cold and fresh when you’re enjoying the outdoors in rough conditions.

Grilling Subscription Box

Grill Masters Club Gift Subscription Box

Grilling Subscription Box

Buy from Grill Masters Club

Each monthly package has five or more excellent grilling and BBQ products that have been carefully selected. These products include sauces, rubs, marinades, spices, equipment, and other grilling surprises that I know you’ll enjoy.

Every provider and item they recommend has been thoroughly investigated, taste-tested, and approved by their team. If the item doesn’t meet their criteria, it won’t be included in the box! I grilling subscription box is one of the best gifts you can give to someone that loves to BBQ.

BBQ Sauce Making Kit

Artisan DIY BBQ Sauce Making Kit

BBQ Sauce Making Kit

Buy from Amazon

Anyone who is a chef worth their salt should be able to make everything from scratch. That also entails preparing a handmade sauce to go nicely with the meat that is being gently cooked on the grill.

There are various excellent sauces available in stores. However, a lot of them contain additional components that you might not want in your cuisine.

Why not use this artisan DIY BBQ sauce-making kit to customize the flavor of your dinner? It comes with everything you need to prepare three delectable sauces at home. Ingredients, glass bottles, and even labels that are customizable are all included.

Anyone could start preparing their own sauce frequently with the help of this equipment. They might never buy a sauce from the store again! This makes a nice, fun learning gift.

Hot Sauce Making Gift Kits

DIY Gift Kits Standard Hot Sauce

DIY Hot Sauce Making Gift Kits

Buy from Amazon

Why stop with developing only barbecue sauce? Any pitmaster who is sincere about wanting to spice things up will constantly go for a bottle of their preferred hot sauce to boost the ante.

Even if they have a preferred brand if they’re the adventurous type that likes to try new things and go even hotter than before, why not give them this hot sauce kit as a gift?

Each kit contains all the ingredients a home cook needs to prepare their own scorchingly spicy sauce in the kitchen. It contains Chipotle, Habanero, and Ghost peppers farmed by a fifth-generation pepper farmer, as well as glass containers. Of course, gloves are also necessary.

This shouldn’t be something that anyone touches with their own hands!

Vegetable Grill Basket

Outset Round Grill Wok

Vegetable Grill Basket

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This veggie grill basket immediately catches your attention due to its appearance. A gorgeous copper-colored spherical basket with neatly spaced holes. But despite its appearance, this grill basket is not constructed of copper. It’s composed of steel and has a fancy-sounding nonstick copper-colored porcelain-enamel double coating.

The wok grill basket is a product of Outset Inc.’s nonstick professional grilling line. It has been made to be both able to endure very high temperatures from heat or an open flame while also being simple to clean. The nonstick coating is safer and healthier for cooking equipment because it doesn’t include any PTFE or PFOA.

The body of the wok heats slowly because of the materials used to make it, enabling the entire surface to heat evenly and preventing hot spots from overcooking your food. Additionally, because the handles have been spot welded on rather than being a part of the main body, they do not conduct all of the heat from the wok, keeping them cooler and making it possible to move the basket with ease – though I do advise buying a good pair of BBQ gloves. To economize on storage space, you can hang the grill basket using the looped handles.

A circular wok grill basket’s only drawback is that, in comparison to a square grill basket, it has less surface area across the bottom. This implies that you won’t be able to prepare as much food using the grill basket for grilling fish as you would be able to with the square basket. If you want a square basket as a gift check out my vegetable grill basket guide.

Himalayan Pink Salt Block

Cameron’s Himalayan Pink Salt Block for Grilling

Himalayan Pink Salt Block

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Making ensuring your meat is appropriately seasoned is just as crucial as maintaining the ideal temperature while grilling or smoking.

However, a lot of specialists will agree that you shouldn’t use salt in dry rubs. How can you therefore enhance the flavor of your meat while also bringing out the full flavor of those spices?

Using one of these Himalayan Pink Salt Slabs for cooking. To give your meat additional flavor, you may immediately grill these sturdy, reusable slabs of mineral-rich salt. Additionally, they can be refrigerated and used to serve cold canapés like fish and shrimp.

Each slab has received FDA approval and is inherently resistant to bacterial development.

Flavored Wood Chips

Weber Cherry Wood Chips

Wood Chips

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Without wood chips, smoking wouldn’t be complete for the day. Fortunately, Weber has the flavorful wood chips your pitmaster friend needs for each type of meat they are cooking.

There are various types of these wood chips to pick from, and they add depth of flavor to any cut of meat. There are pecan chips that are ideal for anything, cherry wood for poultry, and apple wood for cuts of pork.

The cost of these bags of wood chips is affordable, so purchasing more than one variety is a fantastic choice for the serious smoker.

Wheeled Cooler

YETI Tundra Haul Portable Wheeled Cooler

Wheeled Cooler

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The YETI Tundra Haul Portable Wheeled Cooler is close to the top of my list of super cool grilling gifts. This wheeled cooler is very popular, and for good reason. It has a lot of features and is made by a well-known brand.

The YETI Tundra is made to handle the dangers of the Great Outdoors. It comes in different colors and has a 55-quart capacity. It is made of thick, rotomoulded plastic that is very strong and durable, so you can be sure that this cooler can handle anything.

Its “Neverflat” wheels are made of a single piece of rubber that can’t be punctured. This makes it perfect for bumpy trails that lead to your favorite camping spot. When it’s full, it can be hard to lift, but the “StrongArm” handle is made of welded aluminum and has soft, ergonomic grips that are comfortable to hold. It’s also curved so that you don’t catch your heels when you’re pulling.

This wheeled cooler will keep your food and drinks cool and fresh for up to five days because it holds ice well. The lid and walls are made of polyurethane foam that has been injected under pressure. The lid is kept shut with a freezer-quality gasket and heavy-duty latches, so the temperature inside is never affected.

The YETI Tundra Haul Portable Wheeled Cooler is the best choice if you like to enjoy wild open spaces away from the beaten path. It is very tough, works well, and is reliable. It’s not cheap, but I think that’s reasonable given how well-made and long-lasting it is.

Grilling Thermometer Gifts

A thermometer is a piece of crucial culinary equipment and one of the greatest grilling gifts you can give anyone. What makes a thermometer so crucial? Because no one likes to offer meat that is either overcooked or undercooked.

The quickest and most precise way to make sure that anything on the grill has achieved the ideal temperature is with a thermometer. The family pitmaster will then guarantee that the meat they serve is always the juiciest, tastiest, and most tender anyone has ever encountered. So let’s look at some of the best grill thermometers you can buy that will make a great gift.

Thermometers make for a great present but are a tricky purchase if you don’t know what you’re looking for because there are several different types of thermometers and also a lot of rubbish brands. Thankfully I’ve got you covered with my series on all the best outdoor thermometers currently available. But if reading all this information is too much effort, or you’re still left confused, then I’ve made some recommendations below that will make super gifts.

Instant Read Thermometer

ThermoWorks Thermapen One

Thermoworks Thermapen One

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Thermapen, made by ThermoWorks, is thought to be one of the best food thermometers on the market. Both home cooks and chefs in restaurants like it. The brand’s newest model, Thermapen One, is their most advanced thermometer to date. So if you want to buy a gift that is also the latest bit of kit, the Thermapen One could be the ideal gift. Check my article for other instant-read thermometer ideas.

The Thermapen One has a built-in accelerometer that can tell how the thermometer is being held and rotate the LCD display to make it easy to read the temperature without having to tilt your head. The display is also lit up, so you can see it no matter how bright it is outside. This is great for low and slow overnight cooking.

When not in use, the stainless steel food probe folds back 180 degrees into the side of the device, keeping it as small as earlier versions of the Thermapen. But it is different from earlier Thermapen models in that it only takes one second to get a temperature reading, while earlier models took two or three seconds.

The Thermapen One is an expensive food thermometer, but it’s well worth the price if you want to know how long to cook food to make it safe to eat but still succulent. It’s also great for cooking steak just right. Thermapen One can help bakers make sweet treats like fudge, home cooks check the temperature of their sausages, and BBQers check the temperature of big chunks of meat in their grills.

The ThermoWorks Thermapen One is a very small food thermometer that you can put in a kitchen drawer or even your pocket when you go camping or to a picnic with your family and want to grill. When the thermometer is not in use, the stainless steel probe can be folded back 180 degrees into the thermometer’s plastic body.

The LCD screen rotates automatically based on how the thermometer is held, so no matter what angle you look at it from, the reading will always be right side up. When there isn’t enough light, a sensor on the front of the thermometer turns on the light to make it easier to read. The screen is also lit from behind. The thermometer is rated IP67, which means it can be briefly submerged in water. However, you shouldn’t do this. But that does mean the thermometer will not break if you leave it out in the rain by accident.

The ThermoWorks Thermapen One costs a lot and comes in 10 different colors. It can be bought on the ThermoWorks website in the US, on the Thermapen website and on Amazon in the UK.

I would also recommend keeping an eye out for deals on older models of ThermoWorks instant-read thermometers, which are still great thermometers and better than most of the competition. The thermometer also has a redesigned battery compartment that is easy to open and is held in place with only one screw. It also comes with a five-year warranty.

ThermoWorks’ Thermapen One is easy to use. The LCD screen will show the temperature of your meat in about a second after you pull out the food probe from the side of the thermometer body and put it in the meat. If you want to give the give of a fast thermometer, this is the one for you.

Wireless Thermometer

Meater Block Thermometer

Meater Block Thermometer

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The Meater Block is without a doubt one of the best wireless thermometers on the market. So far as I know, it is the only business that sells a WiFi temperature probe with no wires. Everyone else has wires attached to their temperature probes or uses Bluetooth instead of WiFi. Meater can send data from the probe to the Meater Block, which then sends it over WiFi because the probe has Bluetooth connectivity built-in.

Their wire-free temperature sensors stand out because they can measure both the temperature outside and the temperature inside the meat. The flat end measures the temperature of the air, while the sharp end measures the temperature of food. This is a great feature because it tells you exactly how hot or cold your food is.

The Meater Block comes with four of these dual temperature reading probes and can also be used as a charging station. It also has the electronics and controllers needed to connect the probes to your phone’s WiFi or Bluetooth. The Block also comes with a useful stand that raises it so it can be put on any flat surface. Be aware that if you get the Meater Plus as a gift, which is a single-probe version of the Meater Block, it only works with Bluetooth and not WiFi.

There are a number of important things that make the Meater Block stand out. These things set the Meater Block apart from its competitors and give backyard pitmasters real value.

Meater has four temperature probes, bet as I said before, what makes the Meater probes different is that they measure two different temperatures at the same time: the temperature inside your food and the temperature of the rest of the cooker. To compete with the Meater Block, you would need 8 probes from other companies, since their probes only measure one temperature, either the internal temperature or the temperature of the environment.

When I first heard about these probes without wires, I thought they were a bit of a trick. But there are many good things about having no wires at all. A lot of grills and smokers don’t have a hole for temperature probes to go through. If you keep closing the lid of your grill over the probe wiring, you will eventually lose continuity and have to replace the probes. With the Meater probes, you won’t have to worry about this.

When using a rotisserie on your grill, probes that don’t have wires are an added bonus. Probes with wires would be hard to use on your rotisserie cooks. Most people think it’s impossible. I have an article that shows you it is possible, but it is hard and requires extra tools. Check out this page for instructions on how to use wired thermometers on a rotisserie.

You will get an app for your phone to use to talk to the thermometer, just like with any high-end multi-probe WiFi thermometer system. The Meater app works perfectly and has everything you need, such as internal food temperatures, ambient temperatures, estimated cooking times, expected completion times, suggested finishing temperatures for different types of food, and recipes.

Even though a charging station that is built in is a simple addition, it is a very useful and well-thought-out feature. The “block” itself is also a place to charge probes. Your probes can be stored in the block’s grooves. When you click your probes into place to make a circuit, they start to charge. You’ll notice that the middle and blunt ends of the probe make electrical contact with the two contact points on the block. When they are clicked in, the circuit is complete, and they start to charge.

WiFi Thermometer

ThermoWorks Signals

Wifi Thermometer

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Thermoworks is the first company that comes to mind when you think of a company with a long history of making high-quality, cutting-edge thermometers. If you watch cooking competition shows, you’ve probably seen some of their products without knowing it. Thermoworks is known for making the best products, so serious chefs go to them first.

But before you close this article and go buy the Thermoworks Signals, you should know that this level of quality and brand trust comes at a very high price. Obviously, this is the best Wifi thermometer if you don’t care about money. But if you’re like most people who read this article, you grill as a hobby in your backyard and don’t have a lot of money to spend on it. So check out what’s good about the Signals and compare it to what the competition has to offer before making your final decision. Since the competition isn’t too far behind.

Why are the Thermoworks Signals so great? Its best selling point is how well it works. It says that it will be right within 1.8F. Which doesn’t leave much room for error. It also has four probes, three for food and one for the air temperature (which means the temp of the surrounding area in the grill). It can be used as a thermometer on its own or linked to an app through Bluetooth or WiFi. The screen has a lot of information but is still easy to read. They also added some nice touches, like a magnet on the back to hold the thermometer in place.

As if all of those features weren’t enough, one of the best things about the Signals is that it works with the Thermoworks Bellows temperature control fan. Yes, this will cost you more, but compared to most temperature control fans, the Signals and Billows combination is actually one of the cheaper options out there. So, if you were going to buy a temperature control fan, what used to be an expensive Wi-Fi thermometer is now a temperature control fan with a top-of-the-line Wi-Fi thermometer that costs less.

Read my full review if you think the ThermoWorks Signals is the WiFi thermometer is the ideal gift for your loved one.

Bluetooth Thermometer

ThermoPro TP930

Bluetooth Thermometer

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ThermoPro has been in business for a long time and is proud of the fact that not only do they make great thermometers, but they also have the best prices, which is great if you are looking to buy a budget-friendly grilling gift. Their low prices are clear across all of their thermometers, which is why many grillers who want to save money love their thermometers.

Since there are so many thermometer companies trying to get your money, you can now shop around to find the right one for you, one that has all the important features you need. Let’s look at what this ThermoPro thermometer has to offer and see if it’s the gift you’re looking for.

ThermoPro has given you a nice, small screen with all the basic information you need on it. The screen is divided into four quarters, and the temperature of the probe whose port is closest to each quarter is shown in that quarter. Then, across the top of the screen, there is a battery indicator, followed by icons that show if you are connected to Bluetooth, if the alarms are on or off, and if the backlighting is on. Lastly, there is a symbol that shows whether the temperature is set to Fahrenheit or Celsius.

The ThermoPro TP930 is a wireless thermometer that works with Bluetooth version 5. ThermoPro says it has a range of 500 feet, but Bluetooth 5 specs call for a range of 800 feet, so I think this is a low estimate.

I’ve tested in a few different kinds of weather and with walls, trees, and fences in the way, and I’ve always been able to get farther than 500ft. Which, unless you live in a castle, is probably a lot more than you need.

ThermoPro went all out on the alarms for this model. They have added a pre-target temperature alarm on top of the usual high/low alarms that have become standard on quality thermometers. If the target temperature for your chicken is set to 165, you can set a warning at 155 to start getting ready for your chicken.

Another great alarm is the Bluetooth disconnect alert. People have yelled at their Bluetooth thermometers because they thought they were stuck but had just lost connection.

The ThermoPro TP930 also has an alarm feature that I don’t use but that you might like: you can set each probe to make a different alarm sound. That is, the music should let you know which probe’s alarm is going off.

The first thing I look for in a thermometer app is the main screen. I want it to clearly show the temperatures of all the probes because that’s all you really need to know. Everything else is a bonus. I’m glad the ThermoPro TP930 is able to do this.

First of all, I don’t mind putting this thermometer on its back because it’s easy to read that way on both my side shelves and my BBQ prep table. But if you need it, this thermometer comes with a cute little kickstand to keep the screen standing up and a small hook holder if you want to hang it from something.

This unit, which is quickly becoming a favorite among grillers, doesn’t have a magnetic holder, which seems like a mistake. If you’re used to using a magnetic holder, be careful. When I tried to attach this thermometer to my table, I almost dropped it a few times.

If you’ve done a lot of low and slow cooking, you know that it’s common to start a cook early in the morning while it’s still dark or to finish it late in the evening after the sun has gone down. So being able to read the temperature in the dark is a big plus. The backlighting on ThermoPro is beautiful and easy to turn on and off with the front button.

On some other thermometers, you can also use an app to change how bright the light is. The ThermoPro doesn’t have this feature, but it’s not a big deal. If I’m going to open the app to turn on the backlighting, I might as well look at the temperatures while I’m there.

Read my in-depth review of the ThermoPro TP930 Bluetooth thermometer if you think it might be the right gift for you.

Infrared Thermometer

Etekcity Infrared Thermometer 774 & 1080

Infrared Thermometer Gift

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The Etekcity 1080 and 774 are similar devices with prices that are usually in the same price range. Most of the time, you can find these thermometers for less than $20. Which is the perfect price range for most gifting situations.

Both models have backlit digital screens, molded grips, and rubber buttons. The bodies are made of black plastic with bright yellow accents. When they are sitting next to each other it can be hard to tell them apart. These thermometers have the following features:

  • Fixed emissivity, so you can’t adjust the thermometer for different surfaces.
  • Distance to spot ratio of 12:1.
  • Single-laser guide.

The range of temperatures that each device can measure is what makes them different from one another. The 774 can measure temperatures between -50°C and 380°C (-58°F to 716°F +/-2%). The 1080 can reach higher temperatures, with a range of -50°C to 550°C (+/-2%).

Any of these Etekcity models would be a great addition to a backyard pitmaster’s collection. If you only want to use a temperature gun with your smoker or grill, the 774 is a good choice. The ratio of distance to spot is big enough to give you enough room inside your cooker to get a good measurement.

The 1080 is better for cooking at higher temperatures, like in a wood-burning pizza oven or on a griddle, because it can measure temperatures above 1000°F.

Temp Controller Thermometer

Inkbird Smoker Thermometer ISC-007BW

Inkbird Smoker Thermometer

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This Inkbird thermometer is meant to turn your grill into a set-it-and-forget-it oven by blowing air into the cooking chamber. It’s made for ceramic grills like the Kamado Joe, but Inkbird does sell an adaptor for the Weber Smokey Mountain, Napoleon grills, and many other grills with vents.

When installing the Inkbird on a water smoker, the brackets on the vents make things a little tricky. However, it is much easier to use on a Kamado-style vent. Depending on your grill, you might need to use aluminum foil to cover any extra bottom vents to stop any extra airflow and make the Inkbird work better. After the brackets are set up, you just need to connect the hose. Everything seems pretty simple.

Between the fan and the charcoal, you should use some kind of defuser, which is good advice for all temperature controllers. Air shouldn’t be blown directly onto the coals. As a defuser, you can use a charcoal ring, a charcoal basket, or just some foil.

Overall, the Inkbird thermometer makes your ceramic or water smoker a device that you can set and forget. Compared to the competition, it’s not too expensive which is why I have recommended this temp controller as a gift, Inkbird is a reliable brand, and this temperature controller is easy to set up and use.

BBQ Books

Personally, I love books. I know many people ask, why do you buy a book when everything is on the internet? But with books I find I learn stuff I didn’t even know I needed to learn and would therefore not be searching for it on the internet – and that’s why a book is a great gift for BBQ lovers. There are many options available for BBQ, smoking, or grill recipe books, however, my top recommendation is a book all about the science of cooking from Meathead (the writer behind

Meathead: The Science of Great Barbecue and Grilling

The Science of Great Barbecue and Grilling

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In this outstanding scientific smoker cookbook, Meathead, the web’s foremost authority on all things BBQ, dispels some of the most prevalent smoking and BBQ fallacies.

The way you BBQ will change for the better after reading this highly engaging and thought-provoking book, which uses scientific evidence to enhance your understanding of how food, heat, fire, and smoke interact to create the perfect smoke.

Discover the principles underlying smoking meats, experiment with various techniques, and read about the gear and accessories that can actually improve your performance. Meathead also offers some priceless advice that will help you improve. This smoker cookbook does a lot to explain rather than just tell you what to do, unlike many other best-selling BBQ books and is why this is the perfect grilling gift.

This BBQ book is both a fantastic method to expand your smoking options and a genuine source of inspiration with over 100 tested recipes and hundreds of full-color images.

The drawback is that a lot of this knowledge is already accessible online. However, this book is highly recommended considering its superb presentation and straightforward writing.

Project Smoke

Project Smoke

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If you only purchase one smoker cookbook, Project Smoke by one of the New York Times bestselling writers Steven Raichlen should be it. Everyone who likes to smoke should check out this masterpiece, whether they are just starting out or have been smoking for decades.

This outstanding smoker cookbook not only teaches you how to master all of the key skills, but it also discusses the many tools you’ll need, as well as fuels, and smoking woods. If you’re thinking about starting to smoke, you’ll find Raichlen’s advice on how to pick the ideal smoker to be priceless.

With 100 recipes, this smoker cookbook serves as both a reference and an inspiration, ranging from traditional fare like brisket and hog shoulder to more daring, cutting-edge fare like cheese and even cocktails. This book is a definite must-buy because it includes full-color photographs that will make your mouth water with anticipation. It just makes for an around amazing gift.

Just be aware that this thrilling, comprehensive smoking compilation might be a little too in-depth for your needs if you are easily overwhelmed and are searching for a simple recipe compilation.

Rodney Scott’s World of BBQ

Rodney Scott's World of BBQ

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You’ll travel back in time with Rodney Scott’s World of BBQ as you learn about his upbringing and tenacity, which have shaped who he is now. This BBQ cookbook takes a traditional, basic approach to Carolina barbecue, giving Rodney’s final dishes character and soul.

The dishes are easy to make and delicious, with an emphasis on flavor and the fun of cooking excellent cuisine. Although Rodney’s past occupies most of this cookbook, making it a great autobiographical read, there are also a range of recipes for snacks, salads, desserts, and vegetables in addition to classic meat entrees.

The recipes are simple to follow, and the completed dishes are beautifully photographed. This book is a wonderful present if you want to make some of Rodney’s most well-liked meals at home.

Otherwise, you might find it a little too heavy on autobiographical content and lacking in the actual number of recipes if you’re just looking for a smoker cookbook without the soul.

BBQ Fire Lighters Gifts

It’s often advised not to use an accelerant when lighting your BBQ coals as it’s dangerous and can give a chemical taste to your food. Unfortunately, without fire-lighting fluid many people struggle to get their coals going.

There are several options for this problem that you can see in our BBQ fire lighter article, but I’ll outline the options that make excellent BBQ gifts here to make it easy for you to select the perfect present for your loved one.

Charcoal Chimney

Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter

Charcoal Chimney

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There’s a reason the Weber Rapidfire is a classic! It consistently ranks as one of the top barbecue starters available. The Weber Rapidfire will keep you cooking over hot coals for years to come thanks to its sturdy construction and premium materials. What more can you ask for in a great grilling gift.

This Weber offers lots of ventilation to feed the charcoal and has a cone-shaped inner grate that aids in lighting your coals. The body is made of aluminized steel, which prevents rust and makes it durable. A large heat shield and an ergonomic, heat-resistant plastic grip are also included. The hot charcoal can be easily poured into your barbecue or smoker box thanks to the metal help handle.

Any kettle grill is the ideal size for the Weber Rapidfire. A charcoal chimney is one of the best ways to fire a BBQ and can store 60 to 100 briquettes at once.

Electric Blow Lighter

Looft Lighter All-Electric Charcoal Starter

Electric Blow Lighter

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If your mom’s curling iron and hair dryer had an illegitimate child, it would look and work just like the electric blow lighters you can buy now. A lot of people call these “Loftlighters.” This is a brand name, and there are others like the many you’ll find on Amazon. However, most companies have made their products look so much like the Looftlighter that the name has become a generic name.

Blow lighters work like the hair dryer I just talked about, except that they blow out a lot more heat. So hot that sparks could fly off of coals in just a few minutes.

I adore this unit’s dependability beyond all else. I’ve tried various “knock offs” before, but those didn’t last very long (Looftlighter is the patient holder on this idea). Even after using it well over 50 times, the lighter continues to function flawlessly.

Lighter Cubes

Camerons All Natural Firestarters

Lighter Cubes

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Firestarter cubes are a vintage favorite. Put a few of these on the grill, set them on fire, and then start cooking. Now all you have to do is wait.

Being a classic has its benefits since it’s withstood the test of time. They’re obviously not a gimmick, and people keep using them because they fulfill their purpose.

The only issue with firestarter cubes is that the heat may be distributed unevenly. But once you’ve used them a few times, you’ll have that figured out.

If I were to suggest a cube, I’d say Camerons All Natural Firestarters are a safe bet and would make a great Xmas stocking filler.

Propane Gun

GRILLBLAZER GrillGun Basic Grill Torch

Propane Gun

Buy from Amazon

I always make the most of the time I get to spend outside in the yard with my loved ones. Top of my list surely includes weekends spent by the grill or an evening spent by the fire pit. I have more time with them if I can light the charcoal or start a fire quickly. So to find out if the GrillBlazer GrillGun lives up to the hype, I brought one.

A truly useful grilling item to have in your toolbox is the GrillBlazer GrillGun. Although I love cooking on a charcoal grill, I detest having to wait while the coals are getting ready. Without using lighter fluid or starting cubes, you can have active coals ready in a matter of minutes with the GrillGun. By using propane, which is similarly quick and convenient, you may achieve the flavor you adore.

The GrillBlazer GrillGun has been on my wish list ever since I first saw it, and for that reason, I know it will be a great present. I can start my charcoal barbecue, smoker, and backyard fires much faster now. It’s useful for burning pesky weeds that grow around fences and other landscaping. For weekend warriors who want to get ready quickly and then go right into the fun, this item is a must-have grilling gift.

Charcoal Starter Fan

BBQ Dragon Electric Charcoal Starter Fan

Charcoal Starter Fan

Buy from Amazon

This is a small, portable fan that can be used to hasten the ignition of charcoal. You only need to clamp it to the edge of your grill, point it towards the embers, and turn it on to quickly start a roaring fire.

It is incredibly adaptable due to the clamp and flexible arm combo. It can even be combined with the aforementioned chimney starter for added speed. It also operates for chimeneas, fire pits, and fireplaces – anywhere you want to start a fire.

Because it runs on batteries, you are not constrained by the length of your cord. The rechargeable batteries can be recharged using a USB connection.

Anything that brings us a little bit closer to savoring some tasty barbeque is a cool gift in my book.

Great Knives for Grilling

A good knife is undoubtedly the most crucial kitchen utensil. Anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen, particularly when cooking with meat, is aware of the significant difference a good knife with a sturdy blade can make in the culinary outcome.

Therefore, a gift of a new knife for the holidays would make every home cook pleased. Whether it’s something robust like a superb chef’s knife or something more specialized like a paring or boning knife, it should be suitable for the work at hand. Simply put, nothing will be more helpful in daily cooking than fine, sharp steel. So give an amazing BBQ knife or the tools to keep knives sharp as a gift and it’ll be greatly appreciated by the griller in your life.

Chef’s Knife

Dalstrong Chef Knife Shogun Series X

Chefs Knife

Buy from Amazon

The start of any great meal starts with a good chef’s knife. It must be balanced, robust, and razor-sharp. The Dalstrong Shogun Series X Chef’s Knife possesses these characteristics. But if you were to buy any Dalstrong knife as a gift I’m sure it’d be the best present sitting under the Christmas tree.

With 67 layers of steel and a scalpel-sharp edge, this chef’s knife is incredibly beautiful and of the highest caliber.

Professional chefs strongly endorse it and it has a lifetime warranty against defects. A chef’s knife made by Dalstrong with its award-winning design slices flawlessly each time and feels comfortable in anyone’s hands.

Each knife has its own sheath, which helps to keep the blade’s razor-sharp edge. This quality of knife ought to be available to all budding pitmasters.

Paring Knife

Wusthof Classic Paring Knife

Paring Knife

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Even while a chef’s knife is excellent for cutting practically everything in the kitchen, some tasks call for a softer touch.

In any kitchen, a sharp paring knife is a necessity. Any cook would benefit from having the Wusthof Classic 3-1/2-Inch Paring Knife in their collection.

It works well for all tiny and accurate cutting tasks because of the small sharp blade. It is excellent for vegetable peeling as well. The blade is made of high-grade stainless steel and is perfectly honed to complete any task quickly. This knife has a lifetime warranty and is dishwasher safe.

Boning Knife

Wusthof Classic Boning Knife

Boning Knife

Buy from Amazon

A sturdy boning knife is another specialized tool that every pitmaster’s toolbox should contain.

Working with large chunks of meat on the bone requires a boning knife, which is a terrific tool to have on hand. It works well for separating meat from the bone and slicing through joints, such as those on a whole chicken, thanks to its tapered and sharp blade.

Additionally ideal for fish. The thin blade is ideal for removing the skin and fileting a whole fish. An avid hunter or fisherman should unquestionably use this knife.

Slicing Knife

Victorinox Cutlery Fibrox Pro Slicing Knife

Slicing Knife

Buy from Amazon

Nothing beats a fantastic slicing knife when it’s time to serve that properly smoked brisket or even a roasted bird.

There is no better model than the Victorinox 12 Inch Fibrox Pro Slicing Knife with Granton Blade for a knife that performs flawlessly on meat and anything else that needs to be neatly sliced and served.

This knife is excellent for cutting cakes or warm loaves of bread in addition to cutting substantial foods like beef, pig, or fowl.

To avoid food sticking, the Granton blade is made with ridges that form air pockets. Additionally, a lifetime guarantee against flaws is included with this knife. Anyone who appreciates serving large gatherings of people ought to have this on hand.

Meat Clever

Dalstrong Obliterator Meat Cleaver

Meat Clever

Buy from Amazon

Dalstrong produces premium knives in Yangjiang, China, a region with a long history of producing knives. If you’re searching for a visually attractive cleaver for occasional use, the Obliterator Meat Cleaver from their Gladiator Series R is a popular option.

This meat cleaver is serious business with its full tang, nine-inch blade. The blade is 5.11 inches tall, made of high-carbon 7cr17mov steel, heat-treated to 60HRC, and hand-sharpened to provide simple knuckle clearance and meat transfer from your cutting board to your grill.

The ergonomic G-10 resin grip is cozy to the touch and has three rivets for increased control and security. However, this knife is less agile than lighter models due to its amazing 2.9-pound weight and might use some finger grooves to assist you to maintain a better grip with sweaty fingers.

This meat cleaver, which also doubles as a conversation starter and comes with an acacia presentation stand and a protective sheath for transportation, is a terrific option for butchering large chunks for smoking or grilling. It’s a really good option if you need to cut through strong bones and broad shoulders.

Honing Steel

Wusthof 10″ Sharpening Steel

Honing Steel

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This 10-Inch Knife Sharpening Steel by master knife makers Wüsthof is a terrific investment if you’re looking for a great honing steel deal.

Given its 10-inch length, it can fit comfortably in most knife blocks, or, after sharpening your knives and getting ready to tackle your smoked meats, you can hang it up in your outdoor kitchen next to your grill using the hanging loop.

You can maintain a firm grip while protecting your fingertips from the blade thanks to the slip-resistant plastic handle. You won’t need to wipe up as many microscopic pieces after using this honing steel because it is constructed of a magnetic steel alloy that draws metal fibers towards it, but you still need to clean it thoroughly after each and every usage.

Along with realigning your knife’s edge, this honing steel’s fine grit level enables you to eliminate and even out any minor nicks that may have formed during your cutting.

This 10-inch honing blade is my best-value honing steel gift option due to its affordable pricing, good quality, and the fact that it is made by one of the most well-known companies in the knife-making industry.

Whetstone Knife Sharpener

Sharp Pebble Premium Whetstone Knife Sharpening Stone

Whetstone Knife Sharpener

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If you’re a hands-on pitmaster, you might want to use a sharpening stone to get your knives razor-sharp. Both beginners and specialists in tool sharpening can benefit from using this premium whetstone from Sharp Pebble!

This approach is for you if sharpening stones have ever made you feel afraid. It includes comprehensive instructions and even an e-book with advice.

Any type of metal knife can be sharpened with a two-sided water stone. Knives for cooking, pocket knives, even razors, axes, and knives for hunting can be sharpened. This stone can easily complete every task.

With a layer of silicon, the non-slip bamboo base retains your stone firmly. This stone won’t move as you sharpen a knife, and cleanup is simple because it doesn’t require oil.

The fact that this sharpening stone has a movable angle guide is one of my favorite features. The right angle can never be determined by eye alone. The guide makes sure you’re constantly employing the exact angle required to sharpen your knife to a razor’s edge.

The combination is perfect for all steel-based Western and Eastern-style blades, however, this stone is too soft to sharpen ceramic knives. When you purchase this whetstone, you have nothing to lose because it comes with a 30-day warranty against manufacturing flaws.

Quality Cutting Board

John Boos Block Maple Wood Cutting Board

Cutting Board

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For chopping up your grilled meats, the John Boos RA02-GRV Maple Cutting Board with Juice Moat is ideal. This end grain block has a gorgeous appearance and a sturdy, heavy-duty construction for many years of usage. It is manufactured from sustainably harvested Northern Rock Maple.

It is simple to swap from one side to the other because of its reversible design with indented finger grips, whether you want to use it to display your perfect smoke ring or to move to chop fresh vegetables for your BBQ side dishes. You can use this natural wood cutting board with complete confidence because it is NSF-certified.

Your newly cooked meats can drain to one side via the substantial juice “moat” for simpler slicing. This serious chopping block weighs more than 20 pounds and measures a robust 2.25 inches thick. However, some individuals might find it a little too hefty to carry to the BBQ or use as a serving platter.

Christmas Coal Gift

If it’s Christmas and you’ve been naughty then it’s highly likely that Santa will just fill your stocking with coal. Well, if you’re a BBQ lover the joke is on him. People that like to grill or smoke food love good quality charcoal. I’d still say coal is a bit of a strange gift, but I’d still much prefer some restaurant-grade lump charcoal or some flavored wood like Whiskey barrel oak or cherry wood than the multi-pack of socks that many family members seem to think I love.

Lump Charcoal

Fogo Super Premium Oak Restaurant Quality Charcoal

Lump Charcoal

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Fogo’s all-natural restaurant-quality charcoal is made entirely from quality hardwood and matches up very well with a ceramic-style grill, like a Kamado Joe or a Big Green Egg. 

White oak is the principal wood in the mix that Fogo uses, it is blended with other woods to create a charcoal that is quick to light, burns for longer, and produces enough heat to sear a steak with.

Fogo is renowned for providing large chunks of charcoal in their bags, so you don’t have to worry about paying for a bag of charcoal chips, and their size and uniformity make it easier to get a consistent temperature when cooking.

Charcoal Briquettes

Weber Briquettes

Weber Charcoal Briquettes

Buy from Amazon

Weber has always been at the forefront of BBQ innovation and high-quality products, like the Kettle grill made by the company’s founder, George Stephen. Even though many competitors have tried to knock Weber off the top spot, Weber has refused to give up their position as the best. Is this true, though, when it comes to who makes the best charcoal briquettes?

This charcoal briquette, like all the other good products I recommend in my charcoal briquettes article, does not have any extra chemicals. Also, because Weber briquettes are a little bigger than those from most other brands, you don’t need as many of them to start your grill. So, when you fill your charcoal chimney starter, you don’t need as many.

Weber briquettes are great for people who have used charcoal grills before because they stay hot for a very long time. These charcoal briquettes are among the best in terms of value. Even though these briquettes aren’t the cheapest, they are consistent and of good quality.

They also come in packaging that is waterproof, can be recycled, and can be used more than once. This is great if you want to reduce your carbon footprint. The biggest problem is that Weber briquettes aren’t easy to find in the US, but if your local store does sell them, you should buy a few packs.

Grill Cleaning Equipment

Every skilled pitmaster is aware that maintaining a clean smoker is essential. But nobody enjoys having to do that; it’s not always an easy process.

There may be a lot of accumulation on the grates and other sections of the smoker after a long day of smoking. This means that after a good evening in the backyard, it might be a very hefty job to tackle.

Therefore, one of the finest gifts for BBQ lovers would be a tool that makes the work simpler. Any one of these cleaning items would make a wonderful addition to the equipment collection of any home cook. But be warned, make sure you know the person you are giving the gift to wants grill cleaning gear, as cleaning products don’t always make a welcome present.

Grill Brush

Kona 360 Clean Grill Brush

Grill Brush

Buy from Amazon

The 360° Clean Grill Brush from Kona might be the one for you if you want a barbecue brush that can clean any kind of grill grate. This grill brush is my choice for the best grill brush overall. The wire bristles clean underneath your grates as well as between them!

Every stroke from the Kona’s special design elements eliminates as much debris as three from lesser grill brushes. As you clean each grate, the brush’s head separates into three distinct portions.

The heavy-duty wire brush bristles are fastened to the brush by the twisted steel-rod brush head. No bristles will fall into your meal from this BBQ scrubber. This brush is simple to use with round grill grates or kettle-style grills thanks to its angled head.

With its 4-inch-wide head, the 18-inch handle is easily long enough to reach the back of any grill. With each stroke, this brush covers a huge area. It also has a hanging loop for added convenience and weighs only 12 ounces.

This cleaning tool is easy to use and has a pleasant grip on the weather-resistant handle. Infrared grates, porcelain-enameled grates, or ceramic grates won’t be harmed by the strong stainless steel wire. Any kind of barbecue grate can be cleaned with the Kona.

There is a 5-year warranty and a satisfaction guarantee for this grill brush. If you’re not satisfied with your brush, the maker will make things right without any trouble.

Grill Scraper

Sage Owl Stainless Steel Grill Scraper Tool

Grill Scraper

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Perhaps the home cook in your life is sick of brushes since they never seem to be able to complete the task. This stainless steel grate cleaner is a fantastic smoker gift idea if they’re searching for something different to clean their barbecue.

This cleaner has four slots that can accommodate grills of any size and is made to scrape out any residue. It works with grates that are rounded and V-shaped.

From Kamado to Weber, this cleaner is made to suit practically every grill type. A hook and chain are also included so you can hang it from your barbecue. As a result, you always know where to find it when you need it.

Grill Stone

Earth Stone Grill Cleaning Block

Grill Stone

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Look no further than this cutting-edge cleaning block for the best non-bristle cleaning option.

Compared to a typical grill brush, this porous stone cleans a grate more rapidly and effectively. Any grill surface can be safely used with it, and unlike a brush, the naturally antibacterial block won’t trap any food debris within it.

The block is completely chemical-free and works on both hot and cold grill surfaces. Additionally, it is an environmentally beneficial option for cleaning the grill because it is created with 95% recycled materials.

Grill Robot

GRILLBOT Automatic Grill Brush

Grill Robot

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What would happen if you wanted to clean your grill while dining? You’d conclude that’s impossible – but it’s not – with the help of the Grillbot Automatic Grill Scrubber and Cleaner you can do just that. This cutting-edge, futuristic equipment can clean a grill while you unwind.

The cleaning cycles for the Grillbot can be set for 10, 20, or 30 minutes. Additionally, the heavy-duty brushes are dishwasher-safe and detachable. The Grillbot has a lithium-ion rechargeable battery and is ideal for all grill sizes.

The Grillbot also comes with a useful carrying case for simple transportation and secure storage. Because the Grillbot has internal sensors that allow it to change direction and pace, you never have to watch it while it works. You only need to touch one button to finish.

Grill Cleaning Set

Weber Grill Cleaning Kit

Grill Cleaning Set

Buy from Weber

Weber is among the most reputable brands in the grilling industry, as was previously mentioned. There is no better alternative than this fully packed Weber Barbecue Cleaning Kit when your grill needs a thorough cleaning.

An enamel cleaner, grate cleaner and non-stick spray are included in each set. It also comes with two Sponges, a microfibre cloth, and a barbecue brush to help remove stubborn stains.

The staff at Weber are the best people to ask about how difficult it may be to clean a grill properly. With this cleaning set, you can see they have implemented all their grill cleaning knowledge.

BBQ Gift Set

Grilling gift sets are also decent go-to gifts for BBQ lovers. I’d say they aren’t as good as the individual items mentioned above but they are a safe well-received present. Normally, bbq gift sets comprise either a selection of different sauces and rubs or several different cooking utensils.

Grilling Sauce Gift Set

Stonewall Kitchen Grilling Favorites Gift Crate

Grilling Sauce Gift Set

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The best of Stonewall Kitchen’s gourmet spices and sauces for grilling are included in this gift box, along with a butcher-themed tea towel and a silicone basting brush with a wood handle.

This kit, which includes barbecue sauces in delicious flavors like maple chipotle, roasted apple, and bourbon molasses, as well as rubs for chicken, pig, and shellfish from Maine and Texas, is suitable for grillers of all skill levels even without the accessories.

BBQ Rub Gift Set

Spiceology Global Flavors BBQ Rubs

BBQ Rubs Gift

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Any skilled pitmaster understands the value of a quality spice rub. The meat’s flavor can be greatly influenced by the spice.

This set of rubs is the perfect gift for the obsessive spice nut in your home who is always searching for the perfect taste combination.

Every rub has a distinct flavor and symbolizes a different location. Each of these delectable rubs is a regional award-winning recipe, and on top of that, they are gluten-free and MSG-free.

Best Grilling Gifts Video

There are many meals to grill, many ways to grill them, and many gadgets to assist, whether using propane, charcoal, or wood. Therefore, there are a ton of gift possibilities available for grillers. What are the best choices, though? Have a look at the below video to get some bbq gift ideas.

Best Portable Grill Gifts

Do you need some ideas for your favorite grillhead’s birthday or Christmas present? Here are several of this year’s top portable cooking presents for barbecue enthusiasts.

BBQ enthusiasts are notoriously tough to purchase for (although they are a lot of fun to buy for), and this chore is made even more challenging when they refuse to provide any assistance or tips. But if you know someone that loves to grill and also loves to go camping, picnics or tailgates then these tiny grills will make the perfect present as they can combine both loves with one gift.

Portable Charcoal Grill

Weber Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill

Portable Charcoal Grill

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The Weber Go-Anywhere Portable Charcoal Barbecue is a great option if you’re searching for a grill that is incredibly portable for camping or tailgating. This feature-rich grill is ideal for cooking off the grid because it is portable, lightweight, and has strong side handles.

The 160 square-inch cooking surface of this model allows you to prepare enough chicken breasts or hamburgers to feed up to six people. The fold-out legs have a curved design that keeps this grill sturdy on uneven ground. The cooking grate is made of highly durable, heat-retaining plated steel, which ensures that your food cooks evenly.

You can start cooking anytime hunger strikes thanks to the quick setup and ease of use of the Weber Go-Anywhere grill. This style is excellent for novices because the upper grate for your food simply slides in over the bottom grate, which has a tight mesh design to contain your charcoal.

Once lit, the built-in dampers in the lid let you regulate the heat produced by the coals. Close them to reduce heat and avoid flare-ups, or open them to let more oxygen in and raise the temperature.

I appreciate the lid’s porcelain-enameled construction, which makes it rust-resistant. No matter how often you use it, the waterproof exterior guarantees that it won’t peel or fade with time.

Additionally, this model has a grease drip tray that can be removed from the base and easily emptied for cleaning. The grill must first totally cool down before you can remove the ashes and pack it away, and the process is a little untidy.

As a result, this tiny grill is a superb gift for outdoor activities like camping, road vacations, and days at the beach or on the trail. Its small size makes it quite portable, and its simplicity of use makes it ideal for both novice and experienced grillers.

Portable Gas Grill

Coleman RoadTrip 285 Stand-Up Propane Grill

Portable Gas Grill

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This Coleman gas grill is a good option to consider if you enjoy camping or tailgating with friends and family.

With 285 square inches of grill space, the Coleman RoadTrip Gas Grill allows you to cook up to 10-15 burgers simultaneously. The freestanding design allows you to cater to your food without stooping, and the locking lid, side handles, and folding legs make transporting it a breeze. For easy towing, it even features wheels and built-in handles in the legs.

High-heat cooking is a breeze with this portable gas grill. It has three burners with individually controlled temperature settings and built-in ignition. This gas grill produces 20,000 BTU in total when utilized, allowing for quick heating and cooking. The front panel’s movable dials make it easy to control the heat, allowing you to quickly raise or lower the temperature with a flick of the wrist.

The cast iron grill grates have a porcelain coating for excellent heat retention and dispersion with no hot or cold areas. Because the grates on this grill are so strong, you may transport them without fearing that you’ll break them.

Despite the entire unit’s excellent construction and durability, its 50 pounds still makes it quite lightweight. Its fold-out side tables for more prep and serving room, as well as the capability of using other compatible cooktops, are features we enjoy.

Overall, it’s challenging to identify any flaws with this model. It’s well-made, portable, and powerful enough to prepare all of your favorite foods. With all these qualities I know this grill will make an amazing gift.

Portable Electric Grill

Weber Q2400 Electric Grill

Portable Electric Grill

Buy from Amazon

The Weber Q 2400 Portable Electric Grill, with its ultra-compact design and strong 1560-watt heating element, is a fantastic option for your outdoor activities.

There is plenty of room to grill all of your favorites on this model’s 280-square-inch cooking surface, which can accommodate 12 burgers at once. Fast heating and even heat distribution provided by the cast-iron grates ensure properly cooked food without bothersome cold patches. The porcelain coating on the grates, which boosts their endurance and guarantees their rust resistance, is another feature I enjoy.

A modern design, the Weber Q 2400 is low to the ground. This variant is portable and only measures 31.5 by 14.5 inches, making it simple to transport on your next camping trip. It may be used securely on a tabletop or on the floor, but if you prefer, with the Weber Q stand you can turn it into a freestanding barbecue (sold separately).

Because it only weighs 42 pounds, it is simple to carry with one hand and is comfortable to transport to your cooking site thanks to the ergonomic side handles. Although this model is compact, it is durable enough to withstand the demands of outdoor cooking. The lid and body are made of scratch-resistant cast aluminum, making them easily resilient to any unintentional bumps or knocks.

The Weber Q 2400 requires zero setup and is ready to use right out of the box. It is therefore perfect for impromptu gatherings because all you need to do is plug it in, turn it on, and start cooking. And thanks to the removable grease pan, you can quickly clean up when your meal is over so you can resume talking to people or taking in the scenery.

Portable Pellet Grill

Traeger Grills Tailgater

Portable Pellet Grill

Buy from Amazon

The Traeger Tailgater is a great option for grilled cuisine on the go. This grill has a small footprint and is foldable, with wheeled legs for simple mobility. It can be used either with the legs extended or folded up. This makes it particularly suitable for tailgating events.

With 300 square inches of grill capacity, the Traeger Tailgater has enough room to simultaneously cook 12 burgers, 3 racks of ribs, or 2 full chickens. With the 8-pound hopper, you may cook for 2.5 to 5 hours, depending on the temperature you choose.

The temperature controls are extremely accurate because of the “digital arc” controller, letting you regulate the heat in 5-degree increments up to 450°F for flawlessly cooked products. Even if you’re a newbie, this model is quite easy to operate. Simply settle in and let it cook for a few hours, and you and your guests will be able to savor tender meats with a mild smoked flavor.

I appreciate that this model features a keep-warm setting so your food doesn’t go cold if you’re not yet ready to eat, as well as the built-in meat probe, which is useful if you’re not sure your meat is sufficiently cooked.

This portable pellet grill is strong and simple to clean because of the porcelain coating on the grill surface. All you need to do to clean the grill after cooking is tip the grease management bucket out. Extra fat flows through the grill grates and into it.

This model’s only flaw is that despite its small size, it is quite hefty. Although it’s not a deal-breaker, this indicates you won’t likely be able to handle it by yourself.

Overall, this grill is excellent for cooking outside with loved ones. It is well-made, easy to use, and has folding legs that are smartly constructed to make transporting it simple.

Portable Smoker

Kamado Joe Joe Jr.

Portable Smoker

Buy from Amazon

A well-known company offering a premium portable smoker with the Kamado Joe Jr. This portable grill/smoker is small yet packed with features, and it has everything you need to prepare delectable meals away from home.

You can prepare enough food for groups of up to 7 people with this model because it features a wide, 148 square-inch cooking space and a 14-inch ceramic grill plate. The grate is made of 304 stainless steel, which is extremely sturdy and can withstand high temperatures without rusting or peeling over time.

Since the heavy-duty cover seals the container tightly, neither heat nor smoke may escape. The internal ceramic heat deflector, which improves heat retention so you can cook at high temperatures, enhances this. Additionally, the lid features an integrated temperature indicator that makes it simple for you to keep an eye on the temperature for precisely cooked food.

Despite being composed of ceramic, this model is nonetheless fairly lightweight. You should be able to carry it effortlessly to your preferred beauty place because it only weighs 68 pounds. Its modular construction also makes transporting it easier. The cast iron stand that comes with the Kamado holds the grill safely off the ground while it is in operation, making it simple to stow in your car.

This model’s deep charcoal bin, which you can fill with flavorful woods for succulently smoked meats and seafood, is something we like. Additionally, you may quickly lower the temperature by adjusting the air vents in the base and lid if you need to alter the heat for low-and-slow cooking.

Overall, this premium model is a great option for smoking off the grid. Although it is somewhat pricey, it is effective, long-lasting, and equipped with everything you need for mobile grilling and smoking. And no grill-head will complain about a Kamado Joe grill as a gift.

Portable Griddle

Blackstone Tabletop Griddle

Portable Griddle

Buy from Amazon

This Blackstone model could be ideal if you’re searching for a portable griddle to bring camping, tailgating, or RVing.

Although it is relatively small, the Blackstone 22-inch tabletop gas griddle provides enough cooking area for you and your friends. If you frequently go camping with large groups of friends or extended family, the 339 square-inch griddle space is more than plenty to grill hamburgers for 12 people.

Despite its small size, it boasts two H-style gas burners that produce 24,000 BTU, making it highly powerful. By controlling each burner separately with the two huge knobs on the front, you may increase the heat on one side while maintaining a lower temperature on the other to keep food warm. A built-in igniting feature is also available, which is excellent if you frequently forget to pack your lighter.

I like that this portable griddle weighs just 32 pounds, making it the ideal lightweight option for camping and trekking outings. It can be used with a 1-pound propane tank, but it can also be used with a 20-pound standard-sized tank with an adaptor, allowing you to extend the duration of the party.

Even though it is a tabletop grill, its low profile and rectangular design ensure that it will remain perfectly sturdy. As a result, you can use it without being concerned that it will topple over on the grass, sand, or rough ground. Cleanup is simple thanks to the integrated rear grease drain, and the cold-rolled steel griddle’s surface can be dusted with a damp cloth or paper towel once you’re done.

Overall, this device is a great option for rapid, effective cooking while on the go. Its small size and low weight make transportation a cinch, and its ample power can handle all of your favorite recipes.

Portable Butane Stove

GAS ONE Portable Gas Stove

Portable Butane Stove

Buy from Amazon

Looking for a cheap portable butane stove for your upcoming outdoor barbecue? If you require a side burner for your sauces and accompaniments on a tight budget, the Gas One GS-3000 is an excellent option. Despite being inexpensive, it produces an amazing 9,000 BTUs, is simple to use, and uses 8 oz. butane canisters.

With a metal body, enamel-coated drip pan, and light weight of only 3.3 lbs, it’s also simple to pick up and set up. You won’t need to look for your matches or lighter to start it because of its Piezo ignition method, and the accompanying case makes storing simple.

Automatic safety cut-off, a safety lever, and a built-in cartridge ejection system are the three key safety features of this product. The device shuts down and the cartridge is ejected if abnormal gas flow or pressure is detected. You cannot connect your butane cylinder without turning the dial to the off position, thanks to the safety lever.

While the case isn’t very sturdy, this compact butane stove is amazing value for the money and ideal for giving as a gift. If you’re looking for a budget model, you won’t find a more capable or portable model for such a low cost.

Portable Electric Stove

Cusimax Hot Plate Electric Burner

Portable Electric Stove

Buy from Amazon

The Cusimax Hot Plate Electric Single Burner is a fantastic option if you’re searching for a cast iron portable electric burner to use in your outdoor kitchen because it’s strong, reliable, and affordable. All pan types can be used with its cast-iron hot plate, which retains the maximum amount of heat to keep your BBQ sides or sauces warm long after you turn it off.

You won’t have to worry about this appliance breaking during your backyard cooking sessions because it has a sturdy, simple-to-clean stainless steel body. It is also simple to transport to your cook station because of its light weight of 5.83lbs, and it is small enough to store easily. Just keep in mind that the body will naturally become very hot while being used, so make sure it cools down fully before storing.

This electric single burner stove boasts a 1500W power output, making it a fantastic option for quick heating. It is very easy to operate and includes a front temperature dial with seven pre-set power levels. This stove has a distinct chemical smell when initially turned on, but it soon goes away and is scarcely detectable when used as a side burner for a BBQ outside.

What to Look for in a Great Grilling Gift

There are all different types of grillers in the globe, from homeowners with Webers in their backyards to city residents who carry coolers of meat to the park. Whatever their setup, the pitmaster in your life will value a present that helps them pursue their passion. The sole issue? There are numerous tools available. So, whether you are looking for grilling gifts for men or women, luxury bbq gifts, or cheap bbq gifts, what are the things you should look out for?

Durability & Quality

You want something that endures being used and time if you’re presenting grilling equipment, gadgets, or generally anything that isn’t intended to be consumed. It won’t make a fantastic gift if it breaks apart after just a few grilling sessions. Look for things that are waterproof, dishwasher-safe, and scratch-resistant.

Compatible With Users Grills

There are many different barbecues, and not all accessories will fit all barbecues. The essential factor to take into account is if your recipient owns a charcoal or gas grill. A charcoal grill’s higher temperatures and smoke output may be too much for a gas grill’s designed tool, and charcoal grills have a variety of fire-starting and fire-control mechanisms that gas grillers don’t need. Size is also taken into account: A small or round kettle-style grill won’t accommodate large grill plates or items like pizza oven inserts.


Don’t pass up the chance to customize your present! Many of the aforementioned products are made to last for many years, so it would be well worth spending a few extra dollars to personalize them with a name or monogram.


Overnight or expedited shipping is frequently needed when ordering anything perishable, such as frozen steaks or burgers, which can significantly increase the cost. It costs more to ship grill tools and accessories because they are typically quite heavy-duty as they are intended to withstand high heat, and heavy goods cost more to ship. When comparing prices, keep in mind that some retailers include shipping costs while others don’t include them until the final step of the checkout process.

Grilling Gifts Final Thoughts

People who enjoy grilling make great people to buy gifts for, because there are so many various supplies, pieces of equipment, and consumables available, such as rubs, tongs, and fire starters. However, if you are unfamiliar with grilling, it easily becomes an endless sea of meat deals, BBQ sauces, charcoal, and portable grills.

I searched the internet for unusual grilling presents for all the barbecue fans in your life and had each one evaluated. So you can be sure if you buy one of the grilling gift ideas from this list you’ll be getting a great product. I’ve called this article “The Ultimate List of Grilling Gift Ideas” as I think I give more great ideas than anyone else. But I know this article can get better, so if you have any ideas for unique barbecue gifts you think I have missed let me know in the comments section and I’ll add them to this guide.

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The Ultimate List of Grilling Gift Ideas for BBQ Lovers

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