Best BBQ Gloves for Safe Grilling – Burns, Cuts and Germs Begone

Best BBQ Gloves for Safe Grilling – Burns, Cuts and Germs Begone

When most people think of gloves it’s to keep their hand’s warm. Not so with BBQ gloves. In fact, one type of barbecue glove is designed to do the exact opposite and stop your hands from getting too warm or even burnt. Heat resistant gloves are what you’ll typically associate with grilling, but I’ll also cover food preparation and cut resistant mitts in this article on best BBQ gloves.

Best BBQ Gloves

Best BBQ Heat Resistant Gloves

Just to be sure you don’t get any crazy ideas, please note these gloves are heat resistant. They do not give you superpowers, so you can’t pour a chimney starter full of red-hot briquettes into your gloved hand to carry to the grill. These sort of escapades have a high likely hood of landing you in the emergency room of your local hospital. So play it safe until you work out what you can and can’t handle with heat resistant gloves.

Grill Heat Aid BBQ Gloves

With my safety talk over, and with you understanding that you can’t dip your hands in molten lava, what are the best BBQ gloves for heat resistance? A lot of guys I know swear by their welder’s gloves. And although I’d never talk you out of getting these as they handle heat well and are normally pretty cheap, I don’t think they are as dexterous or comfortable as gloves specifically made for grilling. For this reason, my vote for best BBQ gloves goes to Grill Heat Aid and their Extreme Heat Resistant Grill Gloves

BBQ Gloves and Chimney Starter

Heat Resistance

So what’s so great about Grill Heat Aid gloves? These gloves are sold worldwide, which in its self is nothing special, but it does mean they have to meet the standards expected everywhere it’s sold. Which includes the Europen Union, and the EU sets a high bar. In Europe, these gloves have been given an EN 407 Certificate, which means they have been tested and rated for the following.

  • Resistance to flammability
  • Resistance to contact heat
  • Resistance to convective heat
  • Resistance to radiant heat
  • Resistance to small splashes of molten metal
  • Resistance to large splashes of molten metal

But what does all this testing mean to the BBQ gloves user? The claim is that these BBQ gloves are good to handle temperatures of up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit. Which is amazingly high. Most BBQ gloves on the market don’t get anywhere near this temperature. Just don’t fool yourself into thinking this headline-grabbing figure means you’re free to carry pots or grates at 932F to your heart’s content.

There is a sliding scale with BBQ gloves where the hotter the object you’re lifting, the shorter the time frame you can hold it for. You’re not able to carry something at a temp of 932F all day long, but one degree more and you spontaneously combust. That’s not how it works. How GrillHeat Aid gloves can claim their product is capable of withstanding such heat is that they have been independently tested for contact heat.

After the tests, a temperature with a time before an object becomes too uncomfortable to hold is awarded. And below is a table of how long you can expect to hold something with these gloves at certain temperature points:

  • 932F (500C) 12 to 14 Seconds
  • 662F (350C) 16 to 18 Seconds
  • 482F (250C) 21 to 23 Seconds
  • 212F (100C) 55 to 61 Seconds

It might seem I have waffled on about one particular point from one brand of BBQ glove a bit much, but it is an important point for any heat resistant glove that you buy. The headline figure is there just to grab your attention. Yes, it does mean the glove has been tested to that temperature, but it doesn’t mean you’ll be comfortable going that high.

I always find the tester for gloves must have a higher pain threshold than me, as I can hold pots, pans or grates for the sort of times they claim. My advice is always err on the side of caution with a new pair of gloves – you’re not a fire juggler, you’re a pitmaster, there is no need to be risking your safety at these crazy temps.

Gloves Material

A few years ago, silicon barbecue gloves were all the rage but now there’s a new material for top of the line grilling gloves – Aramid.

Aramid is used by the military, firefighters and astronauts for its amazing properties for equipment such as body armor. If you want to find out more about this material then have a look at the Aramid Wikipedia page. But the short version that applies to BBQ gloves is that Aramid has no melting point, low flammability and has good fabric integrity at elevated temps.

Along with all these great temperature related properties, Aramid is also incredibly strong. Five times stronger than steel at the same weight. Which is perfect for BBQ gloves.

Grill Heat Aid haven’t completely done away with silicon on their gloves. Knowing one of the major plus points of silicon BBQ gloves is the grip it gives you, they have added silicon strips across all over the gloves so that you still have that amazing grip.

As with all successful products, there isn’t going to be only one manufacturer vying for top spot. So here is a list of best BBQ gloves made with Aramid

Best BBQ Gloves list

  1. Grill Heat Aid
  2. Grill Armor Gloves
  3. Bruella Spiderman BBQ Gloves
  4. Grill Beast

Grill Armor BBQ Gloves

And here are the best of the rest made of other materials

Best BBQ Food Preparation Gloves

I’m sure if you’re reading this article you’ve seen plenty of BBQ videos and seen people preparing food using disposable food preparation gloves. What benefits, if any, these gloves offer for hygiene and safety for food that you plan to cook is up for debate. But at worse, they will do no harm, may reassure your guest you know what your doing, and will help keep your hands clean.

At best, these gloves will prevent the spread of gems on your BBQ prep station along with the benefits already mentioned. So what should you look for in a pair of disposable food preparation gloves?

Powdered or not powdered – I recommend non powdered gloves. The powder is like a baby powder and all it does is absorb sweat from your hands, making the glove easier to take off. A great idea in principle, especially if you have sweaty hands. Fortunately I don’t, but even if I did, I wouldn’t want to risk talcum powder getting on my food.

Latex or Latex-free – Go for latex-free gloves. The simple reason is that many people are allergic to latex, so no point taking a risk

Should they be sterile – Sterile gloves are more for the medical profession, you 100% don’t need these type of gloves. But if that is all you have available then they are definitely good enough for food preparation.

As there isn’t much to differentiate one glove from another, as long as they are powder and latex free, here is a list of Amazon’s best sellers.

Disposable BBQ Gloves

Best Cut Resistant Gloves – Chainmail Gloves

We have now covered heat resistance BBQ gloves and disposable food prep gloves. The only other type of glove you’ll need to complete the set is a chain mail glove (cut resistant glove, also spelled chainmaille as it’s a French word for mesh). So now you won’t get burnt, cut or messy.

Chainmail is a material made from stainless steel rings welded together to form a strong, cut resistant, flexible mesh.

The glove I’m recommending is made by a company named No Cry, for obvious reasons. Their glove has an EN 388 certificate, with a level 5 cut resistance performance. The tests carried out to get this certificate are resistance to abrasion, blade cut resistance, tear resistance and puncture resistance.

Cut Resistant BBQ Gloves

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