Picnic Supplies and Accessories – What to bring to a picnic

Last Updated December 3, 2021
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At the core of any great picnic is fantastic food. But if you wish to take picnicking to the next level you’ll also need quality picnic supplies. Some picnic supplies and accessories are classics, and if brought along they’ll give the occasion a pleasant quintessential picnic feel, the sort you see in old romantic movies. A lovely wicker basket and a tartan blanket just screams traditional picnic.

As beautiful as an old school picnic is, we have been blessed with some innovative advancements in the world of outdoor entertaining and it’d be particularly silly not to take advantage of this. We have light weight portable barbecues and stoves, pop-up tents for shade and a vast amount of electrical products for entertainment. So when the question of what picnic supplies should I bring is fast becoming how much can I carry and what should I leave at home.

Picnic Supplies

What to bring to a picnic

Below is a list of items you might want to bring to a picnic. No item is essential, but each of these picnic supplies will either make you live easier or add comfort and beauty to the party.

Best Picnic Baskets
Picnic Basket

For the quintessential picnic look add a basket to your supplies

Picnic Backpack

Whether using a basket or a backpack you’ll need something to carry all your picnic goodies. And a backpack is a great bit of kit to have if you like picnicking in remote beauty spots.

Picnic Blankets

One item everyone should have in their picnic supplies is a red and white tartan blanket. Simply beautiful!

Picnic Table
Picnic Table

The unmistakable style of a picnic table will bring a little extra beauty to any outdoor function.

Picnic Chairs

Not everyone is cut out for sitting on the floor, so add some foldable chairs to your picnic equipment.

Best picnic coolers

There is nothing better than a cold drink on a hot day.

Picnic Plates
Picnic Plates

You don’t want to ruin your finest china so it’s a great idea to invest in some plates just for picnicking

Picnic Flasks

If you’re a fan of soups or other hot drinks then adding a good quality flasks to your picnic arsenal is a must.

Portable BBQ Grills
Portable BBQ Grill

BBQ equipment has come a long way in recent years and now there is nothing holding you back from having hot food at a picnic.

Best portable picnic stoves
Portable Stove

A favorite bit of kit for campers and festival goers. But now a portable stove is often seen amongst serious picnickers supplies

Best Picnic pop up tents
Pop Up Tent

Sitting in the sun is nice, but remember some people need the shade.

Picnic cheeses
Cheese board

Every buffet can be improved by adding some cheese. So be sure to have a good cheese board and knives available to use.

Picnic Condiments - Add a little extra flavor

You could just bring a salt and pepper shaker to your picnic or you could go the extra mile.

Picnic food storage containers
Food Storage Containers

Keeping food fresh and preventing it from mixing together is the job of a nice set of food containers.

Mason Jar
Mason Jars

Mason jars never cease to amaze me, they can do pretty much everything.

Pocket Ashtray
Outdoor Ashtray

Be respectful and take your butts home.

Best Picnic Mat
Picnic Mats

Buy a picnic mat that repels sand and is waterproof if you’re going down the beach

Inflatable Buffet
Inflatable Buffet

A great idea for keeping food and drink cool.

Picnic Tablecloths
Picnic Table Covers

For extra style and to make spills easier to clean get yourself a nice table cover.

Best Wine Bags
Wine Bags

Some people will say this should be top of the list of picnic supplies.

Vintage Picnic Basket
Vintage Picnic Baskets

Picnics do have that old classical feel about them, so vintage supplies will always give you extra cool points.

Mesh Food Cover
Food Covers

Only a crazy person would want bugs in their food, so if you’re not crazy, have a look at our recommended food covers.

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Picnic Supplies and Accessories – What to bring to a picnic

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